Adventure: Food of the Gods - Part 2 (DM: ryryguy, Judge:renau1g)
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    Adventure: Food of the Gods - Part 2 (DM: ryryguy, Judge:renau1g)

    Food of the Gods - Part 2

    The adventure continues as the heroes struggle to protect an innocent cow from vicious snake-insect things and eerie, gross mud men...

    (Player list and vital statistics can be found in the first post of Part 1.)
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    School round 3

    Kaeysari grunts and stands up from the pile of mud she was thrown into. Seeing another of these mud creatures menacing Jynxx, she yells "Look out!" and charges the viscous monstrosity. Her glaive carves a glop of mud out of the thing.

    "Don't worry," Papolstaanas says to the cow in what he hopes is a reassuring tone. "Just get ready to run, all right?" A couple of muddy leaves fly up and stick to the broodlings as he skips lightly over the mud to attack the newly appeared mud-monster. Unfortunately his hammer swing is so clumsy that he almost overbalances again.

    ooc: nice move, too bad it was spoiled by the miss.

    Azryah stands up slowly. The attacks clearly weakened her, and she looks a bit wobbly. She eventually finds her footing, but all efforts to move seem thwarted. In desperation she casts a glare at the mud creature in front of her and light surrounds them both before being absorbed into the mud creature in a way quickly becoming familiar to her allies. The light seems to leave a thin shell around her, though. She says nothing, as she tries to free her feet from the deep, sucking, mud.

    Chaku breaks for the surface as the acid continues to boil across him, sliding beneath the cow as he does. The small insectoids snap and claw, but to no avail as the goliath's toughened hide repels the blows. Squirming over to the "mother", the barbarian spins like a top, crashing into the beast with a ferocious blow, shattering chitin and muscle alike.

    Hey guys, I might need some help over here... a small bit of hope shines down however, as the amount of mud he climbed through has removed most of the acid.

    Jynxx twirls away from the mud flinging creature. "Chaku, do come! We are saving the cattle!" He sends an errant spell at the big snake thing, but it has no apparent effect.

    Kaeysari pulls her glaive out of the mud creature's body.
    "Cattle? I thought I was saving you!" she says.

    "If you think the cattle are the most important things to save here, then we need to speak about your priorities," Azryah calls over her shoulder.

    The huge snake-insect seems enraged by yet another powerful blow from the barbarian. It lowers its head to spitting distance - and then spits, a thick spray of smoking acid! Chaku throws up an arm to protect his face but still takes a pretty good helping of the spray, setting his skin burning again. Behind him, the cow screams out in pain as it too catches a good amount of the acid. It falls and thrashes feebly in the mud, dying.

    The large creature hisses like a demonic teakettle - could it be laughing? - and drops back down in the tunnel, slithering rapidly out of sight.

    OA for Chaku
    This draws an opportunity attack from Chaku... Mezegis, please go ahead and roll it!

    Creature hidden...
    The creature is out of sight and has made a stealth check. If anyone (Chaku) wants to chase it down in the tunnel, he'll need to make a perception check (minor action) to figure out which way it went... or make light so it loses concealment... or guess. (Or not follow it into the tunnel? )
    Perception DC 24 (minor action)
    The creature is at O6/P7.

    The broodlings pop up out of the ground. One immediately buries its mandibles in the side of the dying cow, while the other tries to snap at Chaku., but it doesn't seem to have pulled its hind portion fully out of the ground, and it can't stretch enough to reach him.

    The other cow keeps frantically kicking at the broodling that are menacing it. The two which Papolstaanas stuck with leaves seem more interested at him, and they try to skitter across the mud after him. One gets stuck in the muck; frustrated, it lets out a high-pitched hiss and burrows down under the ground, disappearing. Papolstaanas can hear it digging through the ground just to his west.

    The other finds traction and builds speed to charge the kobold, slamming into him with a fair bit of force, but he squirms and turns the attack aside.

    The small, spinning mud creature turns its attention to Papolstaanas. Psuedopods of muck spin and send a flurry of gunk into his face. They don't hurt very much, but several clumps cover his nose and mouth, starting to choke him. The creature seems to still have control over the bits of mud that were just part of itself, and the warden feels them tug him a few steps to the south, back into the mud patch.

    The first mud lasher forms another mudball which it hurls at the deva, but it sails harmlessly over her head. Then it rolls across the muddy ground to a spot next to Papolstaanas, who seems to have gathered a lot of company.

    The last mud creature thickens its arms and tries to hammer Kaeysari, but her new enchanted armor turns aside the blow. It tries to move around her, closer to Jynxx. But the shifter's focus on her opponent allows her to make a quick strike with her glaive. The sharp blade cuts through the middle of the creature in a spray of muck. For a moment, it appears that Kaeysari has cut the thing clean in half! But the two pieces of the creature rejoin almost immediately, flowing quickly deeper into the pasture and away from the shifter and the kalashtar.

    Papolstaanas is now surrounded by four opponents - five counting the one underground! It's getting hard to see the kobold, especially since he's covered with mud himself, blending in quite well with the mud creatures.

    But the warden's efforts have provided the surviving cow the opening it needed. Fending off the attacks of the remaining broodling with a brave moo of defiance, it backs away, then turns and runs toward the corner of the pasture.

    Just a thought... Az might want to wait for Jynxx to use either moment of escape, or perhaps a majestic word to slide her out of the mud before her turn starts... and then if others wait for her attack, she might be able to trigger that cold vulnerability on one of the mud guys...
    In fact, Jynxx still had a minor left last round. It'd be fine with me if you want to use that for majestic word retroactively. It wouldn't have changed anything significant for the monsters' turn, and it would make sense as Az was the most injured at the time.


    Snake Creature
    • Standard: Acid Spray vs. Chaku, Cow (1d20+8=17, 1d20+8=15, 1d8+5=8) Hits reflex 17 for 8 acid, plus Chaku is slowed and ongoing 5 acid (save ends both). The cow's luck has run out.
    • Move: Drop back into tunnel and out of sight... Draws AoO from Chaku. (I'll let Mezegis roll it, no need to resolve it immediately!)

    Broodlings 1 and 2 (in tunnel)

    Broodlings 3, 5,
  3. Broodling 3 charges to K5
  • Standard: Claw (charging) vs. Papolstanaas (1d20+5+1=15) Not bad for a minion! but not good enough - misses AC 15.

  • Broodling 6

    Mud Lasher 1

    Mud Lasher 2
  • Immediate Reaction (trigger: hit by melee attack): Amorphous Body. The mud lasher shifts 3 squares.
  • Lasher ends up at J5.

  • Mud Vortex

    Shift, then run away!


    18 Chaku - Q10 - 16/40 (9/10) AP: 0 - ongoing 5 acid and slowed (save ends both), bloodied
    17 --- ENEMIES ---
    Large Snake Creature - ??? - 47 damage (OA pending) - underground, hidden, total concealment; AP, Acid Spray used
    Broodling 1 - P10
    Broodling 2 - Q12
    Broodling 3 - K5 - marked by Papol
    Broodling 5 - J5 - marked by Papol, underground
    Broodling 6 - Q2 - frustrated by cow
    Mud Lasher 1 - L7 - 20 damage - oathed; Drowing Slam used
    Mud Lasher 2 - J5 - 16 damage - marked by Kaeysari; Drowning Slam, Amorphous Body used
    Mud Vortex - K7 - no damage - Whelm used
    17 Papolstaanas - N2 40/40 (12/12) AP: 1 - ongoing 5 (save ends)
    6 Jynxx - F7 - 24/29 (8/8) AP: 1
    4 Kaeysari - F6 - 28/39 (10/10) AP: 1
    2 Azryah - H11 - 17/34 (9/9) AP: 1 - enduring spirit (+4 defenses), bloodied


    Pasture Fence This low wooden fence provides cover to creatures behind it. It takes a DC 10 Athletics check to climb or hurdle it. (There are gaps in it as well.)

    Deep Mud The entire pasture is fairly muddy, but the brown areas are especially deep mud. When a character enters or starts his turn in an area of deep mud, he is slowed until the end of his turn, unless he succeeds at a DC 15 athletics check. (You only must make the check once per turn - if you succeed, you can move normally in the mud for the rest of the turn.)

    Stream difficult terrain

    Rocks/Boulders - difficult terrain, and provide cover.

    Tunnel Entrance - The large snake creature leaves tunnels behind it when it burrows. Tunnel entrances are marked by craters on the map. (e.g., P10) Treat the crater as difficult terrain if you just want to enter the square but not the tunnel. Stunt attacks to create new entrances may be possible if you know where the tunnel is - or are inside and want to make an exit.

    Tunnels Tunnels are indicated by reddish brown lines on the map. (Not all tunnels are shown, only those that a PC has entered or seen.) There is bright light in the entrance square, dim light in areas within 1 or 2 squares of an entrance, and darkness farther in.

    Medium creatures (and the snake thing of course) can enter these tunnels and move through them. Entering the tunnel at an entrance is automatic and no movement cost beyond entering the entrance square; leaving the tunnel and going back on the surface at an entrance requires a DC 10 Athletics check (this moves you from underground to the surface of the entrance square at a cost of 1 movement; failure ends the move action).

    (If it isn't obvious, there is no line of sight or effect between creatures that are underground and creatures on the surface, except at the entrance squares... creatures at the entrance squares have cover against each other if they are on opposite sides of the surface)


    Huge snakey creature
    HP ??, bloodied ??
    AC 17, Fort 14, Ref 16, Will ??
    Basic Attack: Claw +8 vs AC; 1d8+5 damage

    Snakey broodlings
    HP 1 (minion)
    AC 15, Fort 12, Ref 14, Will 12
    Basic Attack: Claw +5 (+9 if grabbed by big snakey) vs AC; 4 damage

    Mud Lasher
    HP ??, bloodied ??
    AC 15, Fort ??, Ref ??, Will ?? (Immune disease, poison)
    Basic Attack: Slam +6 (+8 vs slowed or immobilized creatures) vs AC; 2d6+3 damage
    Sensitive to Cold: Whenever the mud lasher takes cold damage, it gains vulnerable 5 against the next attack that hits it before the end of its next turn.

    Mud Vortex
    HP ??, bloodied ??
    AC ??, Fort ??, Ref ??, Will ?? (Immune disease, poison)
    Basic Attack: Slam +4 vs Reflex; 1d6 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
    Sensitive to Cold: Whenever the mud vortex takes cold damage, it gains vulnerable 5 against the next attack that hits it before the end of its next turn.

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    As the snakething dives underground, the boiling barbarian cries out and slams his maul agin into it's chitinous form. Shifting around, he lines up the two nearest broodlings for a thunderous blast, but the acid distracts him and his blow is errant yet again, at least the gust of wind from his horrendous wiff has blown away most of the acid, and allows Chaku to focus on the fight.

    OA on snakething: 1d20+8=24 2d6+7=15 hit for 15 damage!
    Move: Shift to Q9
    Standard: Howl of Fury:
    1d20+8=11, Oy, big thing I can hit on my back with my eyes closed, while dancing a jig. Broodlings, I can't hit when my life depends on it.
    Save: 1d20=17 nifty!

    Chaku's stats
    Chaku - Goliath Barbarian 2
    Passive Perception 11, Passive Insight 11
    AC 18, Fort 16, Reflex 12, Will 13
    HP 11/40, Bloodied 20, Surge Value 10, Surges 9/10
    Speed 6, Initiative +1
    Action Points: 0, Second wind
    At-Will Powers: Howling Strike, Howl of Fury
    Encounter Powers: Avalanche Strike, Swift Charge, Stone's Endurance, Shrug it Off
    Daily Powers: Swift Panther Rage
    Racial Features: Mountain's Tenacity, Powerful Athlete, Stone's Endurance
    Class Features: Barbarian Agility, Feral Might, Rageblood Vigor, Rampage

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    oh, how I miss having at-will AoE
    I'm wondering whether it's worth blowing dailies on the mud things while they're all gathered up like this. If I Form of Winters Herald and then take second wind I can have them all gathered up in a nice little formation for Azryah to blow apart with Argent Mantle, and they'll be vulnerable from the cold. Kind of a huge use of resources, though.

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    I don't think I could possibly hit more than 2 of them with Argent Mantle anyway, so that's probably not a good way to go.

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    OK. Jynxx should slide Azryah out of the mud and heal her, I guess. I'd like to concentrate on the vortex, but Azryah may want to stick to her oath target.

    At any rate, I'm planning on shifting to L5 and pulling the vortex into the square that P currently occupies. That way, Azryah and Kaeysari should be able to come in and hack at mud creatures without being in the same blast zone for the vortex.

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