WotBS (conversion to Pathfinder) OOC

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    WotBS (conversion to Pathfinder) OOC

    As this seems to be the one everyone is waiting for I will post this up for interest checks. But really not going to go through any character gene rules or house rules or anything like that just yet.

    The day after I get my copy of the Advanced Players Guide, we will start with some character gene. For now just want to know who is interested and what you think you would like to play. Please page through the Player's Guide PDF. This will be a start at 1st lvl and climb up the ladder all the way to 20+ so lot's of fun to be had.

    And I know it looks like I'm starting way to many games, it is all ok as more than half are modules so more than 2/3 the work already done for me. Just need that HM touch LOL.

    Thread is all yours EnWorlders


    EDIT: Houserule
    I have seen where DM's have stated that they will wait a few days for a post before saying a character is delaying. It looks like a good way to keep combat flowing, so I will implement it in most of my games.

    Since this is a medium speed game, I will say everyone has 4 days after I post up a recap to get their actions posted. It should be enough time and if you think you can't for an upcoming round go ahead and post some upcoming alternate actions I could use. If you post nothing then you will be delaying till you re-post.
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