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    You need not take everything to the village and then upriver. But I will need an equipment list for what everyone does take with them in their mini stats.


    Looking back to see about the Scriber's Kit I have a few questions.

    First WD when you took Invisibility for a spell did you roll the Spellcraft check because it was from the captured book? DC 15 + spell lvl. No biggie as you didn't use it but please make any rolls like that when you prepare spells please.

    I have the kit now at 152.5gp - Although you didn't state the lvl of the Invisibility scroll I figured it would have been your lvl at the time (3rd)

    100gp to start
    -10gp transcribe Stand the Heat
    -12.5gp made Mage Armor scroll(CL1)
    -75gp made Invisibility scroll(CL3)
    +150gp items found in tower

    Question is did Spirit wish to take and scribe a scroll before bed? He did have all his spells left for the day I believe, and watching Fantalass doing so may have prompted him.

    Spirits spell list - (0-level) Resistance, Detect Magic, Daze; (1st level) Gravity Bow, Mage Armour, Burning Hands

    OK gang just need updated status do to new lvl, spells for the day, and most importantly equipment you are taking with you. I am writing an update and will try and have it up MON night or so.

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    HM... Everything okay? Have not seen any updates in the last few days.

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    I've heard a rumour that @HolyMan has left Enworld. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour?
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    The only one who can confirm or deny is HM himself, really. Until he legitimately announces his status, it will remain rumor.

    I know he's had a lot of trouble getting on this site recently, which is no doubt a contributing factor.

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