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    If you've got minis you want to use, then yeah, it's something to miss.


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    Quote Originally Posted by thalmin View Post
    Following has been added to first post:

    This took a bit of digging.
    • Dwarf: CON and (STR or WIS)
    • Elf: DEX and (INT or WIS)
    • Halfling: DEX and (CHA or CON)
    • Human: one choice
    Are you sure about the elf stats? There seems to be some confusion here.

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    Magic Missile: Ranged 20, auto-hit, target 1 or 2 creatures, 2+INT mod force damage.

    ....... 1 or 2 targets?

    The post errata we have only hits 1 target.

    Are they errata-ing it again?

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    I think I actually agree with the melee training change. It helps to give a little bit of meaning back to STR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thalmin View Post
    • Stone Blood: Area burst 1 in 10 sq, target all in burst, vs FORT, d6+INT and target is slowed
    • Leaden Transformation: Range 10, vs FORT, 2d8+INT, Effect target slowed and no shift
    • Slimy Transmutation: range 10, vs FORT, Target turns into tiny toad (save ends), Miss: target is toad 1 turn, Effect: target dazed can only move or shift, damage ends.
    At-will, encounter AND daily transmutation spells? I smell a transmuter build! And I absolutely approve!
    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny3D3D View Post
    I think I actually agree with the melee training change. It helps to give a little bit of meaning back to STR.
    Ditto on that. I liked about melee training that it opened up decent melee attacks to all characters, but there was always something off about it - since everybody could take it, it made Strength feel arbitrary.

    Cheers, LT.
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    Excellent stuff. I'm enjoying how the design team have teased out differences between the classes whilst remaining within the core mechanical framework.

    And Slimy Transmutation? Genius. It's just the right blend of evocative and silly. Reminds me very much of earlier editions.

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    The Guys at The Totally Rad Show did an unboxing video of the Red Box, with a bit of character creation, check it out:
    Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kit Unboxing - Rear Shot - StarCraft 2, D&D, and Comic Con wrap-up with The... - The Totally Rad Show

    (it should start at 26:06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thalmin View Post
    No need for the percentile die any more anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSnow View Post
    Guess the newbs just have to roll % old school, like we did: ones first, then tens.

    Or they could use the d20 for the 10s.
    Or, like one of my friends did until we caught him, roll a d12 and a d10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UngeheuerLich View Post
    Are you sure about the elf stats? There seems to be some confusion here.
    I am sure, just double-checked. Why the confusion?

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    I like most of the changes that seem to be inbound.

    The race-specific feats for some classes may get a bit problematic but I doubt it will be a common problem (only Dwarf Fighter seems likely to need a fix tbh).

    Melee Training changes seem oks but a bummer for my 'Wizard Of The Spiral Tower' who took Melee Training as he is "insanely melee oriented" for roleplay reasons - hence WotST versus all the other more punchy PP choices. They may want to change Intelligent Blademaster to be Swordmage or WotST optional as they are both the "melee wizards" in the game, as WotST encourages a melee positioning with its Enc and Daily powers - but worse case I lose 4 damage on my MBA (my party will probably be happy to see me less inclined to go into melee and "mix it up").

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