you are onboard the Jenivere, on the long voyage to Sargava. On deck is the captain, a stern man named Alizandru Kovack, The first mate Alton Devers, and the ships cook Rambar Terillo, the ships cook. Various other passengers are onboard the ship, The half-Elven Woman Aerys Mavato stays in her cabin except for meals, The gnome Gelik Aberwhinge, hailing from Magnimar, boasts to whoever will listen about past journeys and joke about anything that has his attention. The Varisian scholar Iena keeps to herself for the most part and is rarely seen on deck. The quiet man Ishrou spends most of his time on the ratlines, feeling the ocean wind in his face and hair. In the ships brig is a captive, a cleric named Jask Derindi, and the beautiful woman Sasha Nevah, always happy, is chatting with other members of the crew, those who notice her missing pinki finger never ask her about it.

There, you guys can RP for a bit, when you guys are ready I'll start the interesting actiony stuff.