Adventure: Delivery of Death (DM: Luinnar, Judge: renau1g) - Page 11
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    OOC Let Dorn go first

    Going to try and set up some flanking - turn post coming

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    Dorn pools his arcane power into a tiny space inside, and then, with a mental flick of the wrist, lets it explode outward. AWAY he thinks. And indeed, the croc is blasted away from the party. Dorn takes the opportunity to move himself away, standing back-to-back with Ingot.

    "Hey - where did RAM TIGER go?" Dorn asks, having not seen what just happened.


    Bedevilling burst hits croc, misses frog. Croc is hit for 12 psychic damage plus an additional 4 from bedevilling burst (16 total). The cros is pushed four squares diagonally away.

    Dorn moves to E10.

    Dorn Stat Block

    Dorn, Half-Orc Sorcerer 5
    Passive Perception 11, Passive Insight 11
    AC 19, Fort 14, Reflex 17, Will 19 (base defenses)
    HP 42/42 Bloodied 21 Surge Value 10, Surges 7/7
    Speed 6, Initiative +9
    Action Points: 1

    Current Effects
    Wild Soul: thunder (Resist 5 thunder and ignore first 5 thunder resistance)

    Encounter Resources
    USED Bedeviling Burst
    Ice Dragon's Teeth
    USED Furious Assault
    Half-Orc Resilience
    Goblin Stompers
    Second Wind
    Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    USED Ice Javelins
    Moon and the Stars
    Deep Shroud
    Deathstalker Dagger
    Repulsion Leather Armor

    2x potion of healing

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    So much for setting up flanking...

    Needed to hit one of my two targets with an even roll. Oh well, maybe next time.

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    Block Antithetist

    Sighing in disgust as her chosen quarry hops nonchalantly away to safety, Kasha sets her eyes on a new frog - RAM TIGER's devourer - and yells to Jax as she moves behind it, motioning frantically to the kobold to close in on its other side. "Come on shorty, this one's asking for it!"

    Move to F13 (via E14, avoiding OAs)

    Standard: Ready action - Sly Flourish on giantfrog2 if and when Jax (or anybody else) flanks it from the other side.

    1d20+11=17 (I mistakenly put +10 in the roller, +11 is right... missing by one. )

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    Block Sanzuo


    Takes 5 ongoing damage. Saving Throw Fail(1d20=7)

    RAM TIGER, Male Gnoll Fighter 2
    Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 12
    AC: 19, Fort:19, Reflex:15, Will:12 -- Speed:7
    HP:34/40, Bloodied:20, Surge Value:10, Surges left:8/11
    Initiative: +4, Action Points: 0
    Powers: Grappling Strike, Cleave, Combat Challenge, Takedown Attack, Ferocious Charge, Forceful Drag, Second Wind, Seize and Stab

    Opportunity Attack: +10 vs. AC; 1d6+5 damage, and the target is grabbed, marked and ends their movement for that action.

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    Jax swipes at the frog that lept onto him, but it has already retreated by the time he strikes. With Kasha's direction, he gives up any idea of a chase and then instead dashes through the muck to the engorged frog.

    "Right! Stick with me, and we'll end this fight."

    His stabs into frog's enlarged belly, finding it an easy target.

    Jax stat block/actions
    Move: walk to F11.

    Standard: Piercing Strike vs giantfrog 2 hits Reflex 31 for 27 damage. Since the frog is swallowing a gnoll, I'm guessing it is at least medium size. So I applied the damage bonus from Jax's dagger.
    PC:Jax (Dekana) - L4W Wiki- Male Kobold Rogue 4
    Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 18
    AC:19, Fort:16, Reflex:20, Will:14 -- Speed:6, 7 while not bloodied
    HP:36/43, Bloodied:21, Surge Value:10, Surges left:9/9
    Initiative +6
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind


    Shifty, Clever Strike, Piercing Strike
    Low Slash, Sly Lunge, Sneak in the Attack
    Press the Advantage

    Combat notes: +2 damage vs bloodied targets; +1 damage vs medium+ targets

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    GM: All the frogs are medium.

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    Block ryryguy

    OOC: Ingot was swallowed by a frog in a previous adventure and stayed swallowed for like 4 rounds. Let's not let that happen to RAM TIGER!

    Ingot splashes through the water after the frog that swallowed the gnoll, mindless of the opening it grants to the other frog nearby. The hammer symbol mounted on its chest rotates a half-turn and clicks into place. Radiant light flows out of its hands and covers its blade. "Do not eat RAM TIGER. It is not pleasant to be eaten!" Ingot says sternly, and swings the fullblade, slicing into the amphibian's skin, carving a glowing hole which RAM TIGER pops out of. Healing energy splashes back from the sword, repairing the warforged and cleansing it of muck until its chassis glows.

    Move: To E12 (provokes OA from B1, +1 defense from armor still in effect)
    Minor (conditional): If the OA hits and does enough damage to bloody Ingot, it'll use Warforged Resolve (heal 5 and get 5 temp HP) before proceeding with the attack.
    Standard: Healing Strike vs. Frog 2 Healing Strike (veteran's armor) vs frog 2 (1d20+11+1=24, 2d12+5=14) Hit and exactly enough to kill it if my math is right! (If my math is wrong, Ingot will activate the acidic weapon power to add 5 ongoing acid, which ought to do it.)
    Ingot spends a surge and gets back 15 HP.

    Ingot stat block
    Ingot- Neuter Warforged Cleric 5
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 15
    AC:20, Fort:17, Reflex:15, Will:19 -- Speed:5
    HP:46/47, Bloodied:23, Surge Value:11, Surges left: 8/9
    Initiative +1
    Action Points: 1, Daily Item Uses: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    Powers: Sacred Flame, Righteous Brand,
    Healing Word(x2)
    Healing Strike, Split the Sky, Warforged Resolve, Channel Divinity (Divine Fortune/Turn Undead)
    Avenging Flame, Shield of Faith, Hallowed Advance
    Acidic Fullblade, Acidic Fullblade, Flame Bracers

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    Block Sanzuo

    OOC: Your math is wrong! The frog 2 has 3/44 hp left.

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    GM: Looks like the acid from the weapon will kill it on its turn. Will update when I can

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