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    After dispatching the last of the frogs, Jax spots a treasure chest half sunk in the water nearby, not far from the wheel tracks you were following. It must of been dropped from travelers in the past.

    GM: Great job everyone!

    Treasure! (you can pass it out however you like (besides RAM TIGER's equipment of course )
    2 Potions of healing
    360 GP
    1 moonstone (worth 100gp)
    Agile Scale Armor +1 (RAM TIGER wish list)

    GM: XP:
    Since the time xp rules changed, I'll hand xp out so we can start fresh time xp wise.
    (175*2 + 150 * 2 + 125 * 2)* 2 = 1800/5 = 360

    ((21 + (6 * 2)) = 33 days gold/time xp.

    Rounded up:
    RAM TIGER & Kasha: 115 + 360 = 475 xp, 98 gp
    Jax: 160 + 360 = 520 xp, 193 gp
    Dorn & Ingot: 183 + 360 = 543 xp, 257 gp

    I don't believe anyone leveled up. Let me know if you did.

    I'll wait on my DM credits



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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanzuo View Post
    OOC: I went ahead and divided up the treasure into equal shares based on gp value.
    • Share 1: 112gp
    • Share 2: 112gp RAM TIGER
    • Share 3: Potion of Healing and 62gp
    • Share 4: Potion of Healing and 62gp
    • Share 5: moonstone and 12gp Dorn

    I've already got a potion, so if it's okay I'll just take cash.

    Edit: Took off my and Dorn's shares off.
    OOC: Looks good to me if everyone else is OK with it.

    By the way, I want to give everyone at least 1 item from their wishlist in the adventure. So please make one if you don't have one already or at least give me an idea of what you would like, if not I'll just have to guess .

    And I know Mythra needs a wishlist Antithetist :P
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    Jax stands hunched over the treasure chest beside Kasha and picks out the cleanest selection of coins. Without taking his eyes off the loot, he asks Kasha,

    "You okay now?"

    Jax is relatively unharmed for his part. He suffered a few bruises from the leaping frogs, but the sting fades after a few minutes.

    OOC: Jax has a potion as well, so I will opt for Share 1 if that is okay.
    Jax spends a healing surge to get to full health.
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    "Hmmm? Sure!" Kasha replies chirpily, apparently having entirely forgotten about her dejection of a few moments ago now that she has some shiny coinsw to pocket. "Nice knifework, by the way. You and me are gonna make a pretty good team, I reckon, if nothing swallows me next time."

    OOC: Kasha also has a healing potion already, but if nobody wants the potions then I don't mind taking a second one. I'm sure it won't go to waste. I'll hold off on updating her sheet till I know for sure.

    Also, she had a wishlist at some point but maybe I posted it in her last adventure thread without adding it to her character sheet since it doesn't seem to be there now. I'll dig that up.

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    GM: So it is:
    • Share 1: 112gp Kax
    • Share 2: 112gp RAM TIGER
    • Share 3: Potion of Healing and 62gp Kasha
    • Share 4: Potion of Healing and 62gp Ingot
    • Share 5: moonstone and 12gp Dorn

    Is that OK with you ryryguy?

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    After the shinies are distributed and RAM TIGER has finished licking the frog-juice off of himself, the gnoll decides to try and re-acquire the trail and lead the group to its destination.


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    I'm fine with the share including potion.
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    RAM TIGER soon picks up the trail and follows it to the nearby island in the middle of the swamp. Twilight is nigh... the storm is still threatening the area. You are tired from today's exhausting journey, it would be wise to find a place to sleep soon.

    After following the trail a ways you see a light in the distance. Getting closer you see that the light comes from a fire that forms the center of a small camp. In the flickering light, you can clearly see a colorful gypsy wagon, two old mares, three children, and an old woman. This must be what you were tracking.

    A moment later, two men step into view. One is old and thin, the other young and strong. They settle themselves beside the fire. Then the old man looks up, directing the gaze of his good eye upon you. The other eye is milky and blank. The man smiles and motions with his withered hand, inviting you to join his group.
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    RAM TIGER giggles at the two men and looks up at his companions.


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    Words of the man who gave you the quest echo in your mind:

    "If you try that on one of the innocent villagers, I will hunt you down and kill you."

    You are unsure if these people count as innocent villagers... but you still ache from your wounds earlier this morning.
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