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    Adventure: Delivery of Death (DM: Luinnar, Judge: renau1g)

    Delivery of Death


    • Ram Tiger, Level 2 Gnoll Fighter (Sanzuo)
    • Kasha, Level 2 Half-Orc Rogue (Antithetist)
    • Kax, Level 4 Kobold Rogue (Dekana)
    • Dorn Level 5 Half-Orc Sorcerer (nerdytenor)
    • Ingot Level 5 Warforged Cleric (ryryguy)

    In a corner of the Hangman:
    Bob shepherds everyone to a table in a far corner of the tavern. As you take your seat, you notice that this "mysterious man" does not seem to be here. He will be here shortly, mentioned something about renting a boat. Bob explains while he waddles back and forth from the table, serving food and drink to everyone. Would be a good chance to get to know each other he said. Bob says, before wandering off to serve other patrons.


    I will post the main "briefing" late Saturday or Sunday, to give everyone enough chance to level up their character. If you need more time let me know. Feel free to role play until then.

    Please make sure your wishlist and plot hooks are updated as well. Include at least level-1 to level +2 items for your wish list.

    Please post your stat block, and your character portraitwhen you can.


    -Please use grey text or spoilers blocks "sblocks" for ooc discussion.

    -Please use Invisible Castle for dice rolling (be sure to register), if you can't use it for whatever reason post a link to the dice roller you want to use and I will OK it.

    -If you know you will be unable to post for a couple days because you will be out of town, or whatever, please say so and me or someone will NPC your character until you come back if there is a skill challenge or battle encounter.

    -I will be using the honor system for skill checks. If I post a sblock that says "Arcana 18" that is the DC you have to roll to be able to read it. (please don't click on it unless you succeed the roll!) If it lists a character's name, only they can read it. If it is directed at a specific person anyone can read it. You can share the information with other people, but don't just copy and paste it directly. You of course can do other skill checks that I do not post.

    -Take 10. You can't take a 10 in skill challenges or battles, or under pressure. When meeting someone for the first time you can't take 10 on social skills. You are welcome to ask at anytime if you are unsure if you can take 10.

    -Monsters will all go together in encounters. PC that have a higher initiative will go before the monsters. After the monsters go the entire party will take their turn. Turns will be resolved in order posted.

    -I will be trying a new system for end of next turn status aliments/bonuses. Say if someone stuns the monsters , it will not take effect until the monsters next turn and will continue until the end of the entire party's next turn. This way will hopefully be easier to track who has what condition and people will not need to post last for maximum benefit. If this does not work out I will switch to a different way,

    -Please always post what the attack or ability does in its entirety, even if it is for the 100th time. I have all the class books but I don't have every ability memorized.

    -I will be posting the defense stats and (after you know the monster is not a minion) the HP of monsters. This way you know right away if an attack hit.

    -I will pass out xp once enough people have gained a level.

    -You can distribute treasure however you like, but items marked as on someone wishlist will go to that player.

    -Please post your speech and thoughts in your character's color, using italics for the latter.

    -I will always be happy to answer any questions, comments an concerns.

    -Last but not least, have fun!
    Last edited by Luinnar; Saturday, 28th August, 2010 at 10:10 PM.

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