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    Having succesfully evaded the mage's attack, Ianward tries to force his power to teleport next to the man, to no avail.

    Angered at himself for missing such a great opportunity, Ianward moves towards the stairs and engages the strange dog like creature.

    Combat Stats
    Ian Milner, Human Battlemind 1
    Speaks in Sienna
    HP 34/35 Temp HP
    Initiative +1
    AC 19, Fort 16, Reflex 14, Will 14
    AP 1, Surges 11/14
    Power Points 2/2
    Persistent Harrier [X]
    Aspect of Bitter Ice [ ]

    Marked Halberdier at E-8
    L4W: Shrakk| L4W: Ianward Milner| LEB: Garrick d'Orien| LEB: Kaelan| LFP: Xan Millstone


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    OOC: Sorry, I read the long jump rules and didn't read on to the high jumps.

    Instead, I'll move to I11, I can get there without any AoO (my speed is seven)

    Then, I'll use 5 storms to attack both the Halbardier and the dog.

    Five Storms, Halbardier then Dog. (1d20+5=22, 1d8+5=11, 1d20+5=10, 1d8+5=13)

    H: 22vsR Hit for 11 Damage

    D: 10 vs R, miss

    I'll use free flurry of blows on the Halbardier for 4 damage, and slide him to J11

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    OOC: just checking (important for my turn), but if I move to E5 (which I think I can get to with one move action, right?) I can hit C10 with a ranged 5 power by counting squares that are both on a diagonal and up 1, since they are adjacent. This is all correct, right? I cant seem to find any rules on vertical range in any books I have, but I may just be overlooking them.

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    Artemis rushes from the stairwell, "I feel like I got caught with my pants down! Come on Mercurial! There's a fight going on!" He gives Mercurial a wink to let him know he is joking.

    As Artemis moves forward, he's shouting encouragement to his friends, "Go get 'em Ian! Nice throw Bones! Yeah, claw his eyes out Sound!"

    But he stops when he sees the arrows fly and hit his allies. In a voice an octave lower, "Feel my wrath archer!" His eyes flare with intense light and the archer reels in pain.

    Move: to E6 or E7 (depends on if Someone says I can move diagonally from D3 to E2 or if I have to move to D2 then to D3).
    Free: Cheer for allies!
    Minor: Warlock's Curse on Archer 1
    Standard: Spiteful Glamor at Archer 1: 1d20+4, 1d12+4 → ([8, 4], [4, 4]) Roll Lookup . Warlock's curse damage: 1d6 → [5] = (5) Roll Lookup . So I (barely) hit the archer (will 12) for 13 damage.
    Free: If the archer is bloodied or dies, Darkspiral Aura gains one charge (removes curse). If attacked, use the charged Aura to deal 1d6 damage per charge to attacker.

    Atremis Harks- Male Human Hybrid: Warlord/Warlock 1
    Status: Quo
    Darkspiral Aura: 0(1?)
    Initiative: +0, Passive perception: 9, Passive Insight: 9
    AC: 16, For: 15, Ref: 16, Will: 15 HP: 24/24, Bloodied: 12, Surge value: 6, Surges/day: 7/7 Speed: 6 squares, Languages: Common, Primordial
    AP: 1, Second Wind: unused

    Powers: Eldritch Strike, Spiteful Glamor, Furious Smash, Darkspiral Aura, Battlefront Shift, Hammer and Anvil, Inspiring Word, Lead by Example
    Last edited by FourMonos; Saturday, 23rd October, 2010 at 04:24 AM. Reason: added stat block

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyrm View Post
    I cant seem to find any rules on vertical range in any books I have, but I may just be overlooking them.
    They are in the DMG IIRC. You use the same rules for vertical reach as you'd use horizontally; in other means, you use the largest square count in the vertical or horizontal dimension to determine range, or if you prefer, a range 5 power allows you to reach an enemy that's both 5 squares from you on the map and 5 squares over you.

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    I'm Coming! the young Changeling yells as he exits the stairwell. Nice toy. Here's mine. He sais with a big grin when he notices the mechanical dog. He then throws a small mechanical man at the archer, which passes right over his head, and grows to a more substancial size.
    OOC: Actions
    Move: move to E5
    Minor: Obedient Servant in C9
    Standard: comand the servant to attack the archer in C8

    Mercurial- Changeling Artificer
    Status: none
    Initiative:+0 Passive Perception:17Passive Insight:12
    AC:16 Fort:12 Ref:14 Will:14 HP:24/24 Bloodied:12 Surge Value:6 Surges:5/7 Speed:6 Action Points:1
    Powers Used: Obedient Servant
    Powers Unused: Changeling Trick, Healing Infusion, Healing Infusion, Shielding Cube

    Obedient Servant
    He has my bloodiede value in health, and my defences. move 6. and any enemy that is marked and starts it's turn next to him takes 2 damge. He also gets to make OAs for me. they are +7 vs AC, and deal 1d10+5 damage, and mark the target. Also, this picture looks good for his token, or anything else, realy.

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    Seeing no way to sneak up on his foes, Bones ducks behind the rubble and looses another dagger, hilt-over-blade, toward the nearest archer, catching him hard in the shoulder.


    Move: move to K13 (or L12 if rubble is difficult terrain).
    Minor: draw dagger.
    Standard: sly flourish with thrown dagger at archer (-2 for long range), 1d20 + 5 vs. AC = 17 hit! for 9 damage.

    Quick Stats

    Bones, level 1 human rogue
    hp 17/29, surges 7/7; AC 16, Fortitude 13, Reflex 17, Will 12;
    available: easy target (daily), second wind, torturous strike; 1 dagger
    expended: action point; 2 daggers thrown [E9,C12]


    Bones is targeting archer at C12, sorry if the first post wasn't clear.
    Last edited by orkish_blade; Saturday, 23rd October, 2010 at 08:38 PM. Reason: targeting note

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    The battle quickly turns violent and brutal as a nasty melee erupts near the stairs and daggers, arrows and spells scream through the air. Ianward charges the construct dog, which ends with the construct ripping his armor (and a bit else) with its steel teeth. Sound of Stone joins the fray, his (its?) multiple limbs striking everywhere, before hes felled by a powerful halberd strike from the guard. Seizing the opportunity, an archer pins the man-insect to the stone floor with an arrow. A new construct appears up the platform, but before Mercurial can give it instructions, shes deafened by a thunderous roar and falls to one knee unable to see anything but stars.


    Sound of stone: 32 damage, Bloodied, dying, Healing surges 5/8
    Bones: 12 damage, Action point used
    Ianward: Damage 14, Healing surges: 11/14
    Artemis: Fine
    Mercurial: 9 damage, Dazed, Healing surges 5/7
    Halberdier: 34 damage, bloodied
    Archer 1: 13 damage, Cursed
    Archer 2: 9 damage
    Mage: Fine
    Dog: 20 damage, marked.


    Ianward moves, hits dog for 9 damage and marks.
    Sound moves, hits dog for 11 damage, hits halberdier for 4, slides him.
    Artemis moves, curses archer 1, hits him.
    Mercurial moves, creates servant, it fails to hit.
    Bones moves, hits archer with dagger for 9 hp
    Dog attacks Ianward, hits AC 24 for 14 damage
    Soldier attacks Sound with Powerful Strike, hits AC 17 for 10 damage and hes prone.
    Archer 2 moves, crits Sound for 14 damage.
    Epigenes shifts south, uses Thunder Burst on Mercurial and Artemis, hits Fort 19 and 9 respectivey, Mercurial suffers 9 damage and is Dazed.
    Since Mercurial is Dazed, she or her summon cant make AoOs. The last archer moves south, shoots Bones, fails.


    The stair where you currently are have solid walls that prevent you from going directly south. You currently have no line of sight or effect to any enemy, and to move through the e1 or e2 squares.
    The water is deep enough to cover you, so youd have to swim if you fall in it.
    The raised squares are 10 feet above the main floor. Rubble is difficult terrain, stairs are normal terrain

    enemy stats

    AC=18, Fort 16, Ref 15, Will 14
    MBA: Halberd; +8 Vs AC 1d10+3 damage and marks target.

    AC 18, Fort 16 Ref 15 Will 13
    MBA: +9 Vs AC, 1d8+6 damage

    AC=15 Fort 11 Ref 13 Will 12
    MBA +5 VsAC, 1d6+4 damage

    AC=17 Fort 13 Ref 14 Will 15
    MBA +4 VS ac, 1d8 damage

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    Too grogy to do anything else, Mercurial moves closer to the fighting, trying despritly to regain his focus.
    OOC: Actions
    Free: moan from the massive headache
    Move: move to F9

    OOC: There was no mention as to the duration of the Dazed status. I'll make a saving throw for it now, just to be safe.

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    OOC: death save: 1d20=7

    Sound of Stone's condition worsens.

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