You step in the street. The citizens of Daunton have cleared out of the immediate vicinity in a hurry.

You see the hobgoblin violently strike the innkeeper with an open handed slap that will probably ring in his ears for days.

-''This is isnt an option. This isnt a discussion. You are in my territory and you owe me.''

-''Fu... you...'' spits the innkeeper

This cause laughter amongst the Hobgoblins gang. They are closer in number to company and no matter how confident you might (or not!) be, its hard not to wonder if there might not be too many to intervene.
The Hobgoblin Grabs hold

-''You think I want to waste my time with you? I got a war to wage with whats left of Rinchs gang before that ghoul inevitably resurrects. So if you cause me too much grief on my collection run, I will burn your bloody inn to the ground with you inside as an example to the others. This is my neighbourhood. Everybody pays protection, understand?'' he snarls.

Welcome to 'Protection' a really, REALLY short adventure. Just giving an opportunity to test run a lot of these PCs and giving some time to prospective DM to design something more full fledged.

Present yourself a bit in that first post. Lots of action in the Hanged Man thread; I noticed some good exchange but by and large I am not up to speed on who is who.

Link me to your wiki or better yet, upload a Character Builder file. I am going to take a quick peek to make sure everyone is approved and legal.