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    Carrion Crown AP (Savage Stampede) - OOC

    Character Gene found here

    I was wondering since we are getting a heads up about this adventure coming out and it looks like something people around here might play I was wondering.

    What if we got to discussing who would like to play who would like to run it and all that stuff. Like if we got 10 people in here talking about it you would then have two DMs and 4 players for each group.

    I guess I am always looking for different ways getting games started around here. And with advance warning you we would have time to get something set so when the AP hits the mail box that night an IC could start up.

    Here's what I found out about it on paizo and I asked when they were going to release the Player's Guide. NOTE: Reply PG not avaiable till issue #1 possible Feb. release instead of Jan.

    We've just officially announced the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, which will run from January through June 2011.

    The Cult of the Whispering Way weaves a wide-ranging conspiracy throughout the horror-tinged lands of Ustalav aimed at freeing the Lich King Tar-Baphon, better known as the Whispering Tyrant, from his eternal prison in the dungeon of Gallowspire. Their debased rites and malicious schemes set werewolf against vampire, ghost against terror from beyond time and space in a thrilling campaign that touches upon themes of classic horror and dark swords and sorcery!

    January 2011: Haunting of Harrowstone, by Michael Kortes
    February 2011: Trial of the Beast, by Richard Pett
    March 2011: Broken Moon, by Tim Hitchcock
    April 2011: Wake of the Watcher, by Greg A. Vaughan
    May 2011: Ashes at Dawn, by Neil Spicer
    June 2011: Shadows of Gallowspire, by Jason Bulmahn

    Product images are mockups, and will change prior to publication.

    All of these will be part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription.

    Looks and sounds like a great game.


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