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    Of course I know what MERP is, Middle Earth Role Playing! I started gaming with it for crying out loud! All those tables!

    Now let's see those points.

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    My real name is Mark and I live in Montana.

    I'm the manager/primary instructor at a Taekwondo School. I'm a 2nd Dan in TKD (probably testing for 3rd next year some time), a 2nd Kyu in Jundokan Karate, and have also dabbled in Muay Thai kickboxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu, and, most recently, a bit over a year of Aikido.

    I've been into computer games since The Red Baron and The Ancient Art of War on my parent's old floppy-booted 80x86 and have been into them ever since - though my interest has waned considerably in the last couple years. Now I play a couple hours of Halo Reach a week and that's about it.

    I got into RPGs in 7th grade after being introduced to the grade's "super nerds" while they were playing MechWarrior in the cafeteria. I played a couple sessions of 2e AD&D and was instantly hooked. During the summer, the old DM moved away and, in spite of having only played an RPG twice, I took on the role of full-time DM, which I held until I went to college.

    I have a degree in Computer Science that I got six years ago and haven't really used yet, though I'm working on getting a start-up gaming company going with some of my friends to make a game I've designed. Our first game is going to be a MOO2-style online 4x game since I love turn based strategy space-conquest games and the genre is practically dead.

    While I was at college, I wrote a (dark) fantasy novel, then spent the next couple years trying to get it published before giving up. I wrote half a scifi novel based off of a GURPs game we played before hitting writer's block and dropping it as well. Since then I've written fragments of half-a-dozen novels that never really get beyond a few chapters.

    I came to ENWorld when 4e was announced since they seemed to have more 4e info than anywhere else. I then started up writing a story hour of the 3.5 game I was running and, a few months ago, noticed the "Living Worlds" section of the forum... and now I have 2.75 PCs and am running 2 adventures...

    As a final note, I just finished writing and posting the final session of my story hour an hour ago. Amazing how happy and sad it is at the same time to have something you've committed that much time to be essentially over.

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    Real name is Cory. I'm 45 and have been gaming since 78 or so when a new friend introduced me to D&D. Have played some of every edition of D&D.

    Took my time getting a computer science degree, (15 years, tho I did take an 8 year break in the middle) and currently work as a Network Engineer for a cable company (I work on/with the routers/switches that keep the internet working).

    Been coming to ENWorld since before it was ENWorld--found it when rumors of 3rd edition started flying around and it was a good source of what was 'coming' Actually got me back into RPG's (don't know if it was ENWorld per se, or just the newness of 3rd edition).

    Am a big fan of Board games( current fav. Bloodbowl, but have played many, many others--battletech, SFB, catan, dominion, Adv. Civ to name a few), computer games (Baldur's gate is my favorite there..tho the original Pool of Radiance series was good too, WoW, Civ, etc), rpgs (D&D, champs, M&M, etc) and anything internet related

    I'm on the computer way, way too much--my job requires it, and there are times when there isn't much to do but surf. Heck, I even set my computer up in the living room so I could watch TV and surf/play while watching TV as well.

    I've wanted to get into a PbP game for a while, just was reluctant to jump in. Finally did so this year, and have enjoyed it so far (Iron Sky has put together a great story/challenge).

    I play dwarves almost exclusively in any game I play (Warhammer, D&D, Bloodbowl, Arcanum...if there is a dwarf option, I'm going to pick it 95% of the time).

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    I'm Joe. I'm a physics grad student in Cambridge (the MA one, not the UK one), but I'm from Australia (as is my wife - my son was born here, but we probably wont leave him behind when we go).

    I've been playing D&D since 2nd Ed, with a number of really bad Dragonlance campaigns when I was in highschool.

    My first D&D experience was probably Pools of Radiance on my C64, and the first D&D novel I read was (I'm a little embarrased to admit) Spellfire.


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    Late reply time~

    With that avatar, I have no problem believing you are an internet predator...
    Arrrrrr *shakes fist*

    But nah, seriously, it's just Admiral Kizaru from the One Piece manga. My friend told me that he reminded him of me, so I was motivated to catch up on my One Piece, and sure enough, Kizaru's face at least looks like an older and skinnier version of mine, so I've been using his face as my avatar ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Malenkirk View Post
    Here is one of my long standing favorites:

    <snip big list of Quebecois beers
    Hey! You're from Quebec too! (Oh, wait, it says so in the sidebar. And also the first post in this thread, which I skimmed. Man, I'm blind.)

    My real name's Joe. (It is not Charles.) I'm originally from northern Ontario, but I've lived in Montreal for 8 years now. This is my favourite beer. We should go out for a beer sometime. (Sometime after Christmas, that is.)

    I got into roleplaying because when I was a kid, my Dad brought home a computer from work, and it had a bunch of freeware games on it including this one. I showed it to a friend of mine who said, "Dwarves? Hobbits? This is just like Dungeons & Dragons!" So I started talking about how cool Dungeons & Dragons sounded, and my parents clued in and bought me the Red Box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeNotCharles View Post
    Hey! You're from Quebec too! (Oh, wait, it says so in the sidebar. And also the first post in this thread, which I skimmed. Man, I'm blind.)

    My real name's Joe. (It is not Charles.) I'm originally from northern Ontario, but I've lived in Montreal for 8 years now. This is my favourite beer. We should go out for a beer sometime. (Sometime after Christmas, that is.)
    Lol. What is up with Charles?

    Oh, and great choice on your favorite beer. Awesome brewery too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal Malenkirk View Post
    Lol. What is up with Charles?
    Started as an in-joke at an old job that had two people named Joe working there. I started using it for IM accounts and message boards and things since it's never taken. Except on gmail, for some reason. I guess somebody was scanning blogs for usernames and registering gmail accounts hoping the owners of the blogs would come along and pay money for it. So my gmail account is joenotcharles.is.being.squatted@gmail.com. (But I never use it, so don't bother to send mail there.)

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    Hello everyone.

    My name is Shaun, from Vancouver, BC Canada. I am 30 now, and have been playing D&D for 20 years way back in the 1e days. Good old times. Lol. Yes Elf was a class. *Shifty eyes*. I have a 10 year old daughter and am engaged now. Plan to get married this upcoming May. I'm not much of a drinker, kinda put those days behind me now.

    I mainly play D&D 4e these days. Generally play about two to three times a week. Mainly LFR stuff. Though I also play Exalted on an online chat. Been playing Chat based Exalted for over ten years now.

    I am a miniature enthusiast. I play Warmachine/Hordes, Warhammer Fantasy and Dungeon and Dragon Miniatures (when the skirmish game was still around that is). I own well over 10,000 D&D Minis and probably another 2,000-3,000 or so various pewter miniatures. I am also a world champion level Dungeon & Dragon Miniature player having qualified and played in 4 World Championships held at GenCon. Placing as high as 9th in the world. Sadly I couldn't get a little closer heh. I enjoy the tactics of the game and will use them to the best of my knowledge.

    Currently I am in a low of my life. I am currently fighting a disease in my eyes that is slowly causing me to go blind. I have had 5 surgeries in my right eye and 1 in my left eye. They are not as fun as they sound heh. My last surgery was last Thursday morning. Cause of this, I have been off work for roughly 2 years now and haven't driven in roughly 3 years. Though hopefully with this last surgery and some long healing time I can get back to the real world. Please no pity parties *eyes everyone*. It's just something that happens.

    Before all that blindy stuff. I was the supervisor to a Canada Custom Sufferance warehouse. Was in good shape. Enjoyed going to the gym, and spent years doing Kickboxing.

    Hmm I think that's everything for now. It was nice to meet you all, and good idea to start this up Mal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksteed View Post
    I play Warmachine/Hordes
    Oh? What faction? I play Cryx, myself.

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