4E A Night at the Four Seasons (DM: renau1g, Judge:Ozymandias79)
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    A Night at the Four Seasons (DM: renau1g, Judge:Ozymandias79)

    A Night at the Four Seasons

    Damen Bane - Male Drow Thief 6 (stonegod)
    Kaeysari - Female Longtooth Shifter Fighter 4 (BenBrown)
    Kauldron - Male Goblin Paladin 4 (Darksteed)
    Cyr Iannes - Male Deva Invoker 4 (Metavoid)
    Phoenix - Female Tiefling Mage 4 (Iron Sky)
    Papolstaanas - Male Kobold Battlemind 3 (Mewness)
    Tarkus the Crusader - Male Human Cleric 2 (JoeNotCharles)

    To Help Shamus and Huntingdonshire with their "beastie" problem

    The group is assembled by the simpleton Shamus to help his small village solve the problem of their with missing livestock.

    Game Stats

    Not Yet

    Not YET

    - Major: Get rid of the "beasties"
    - Minor: TBD

    Welcome to the game! Action can begin now. My biggest thing is post rate. I expect at worst 48 hours from my posts for your own, especially during combat. Sometimes I may take an extra day, but usually I try and let you know. PbP adventures can really wither with slow posting (as I'm sure you have all experienced) so I'll NPC after 48 hours, usually asking for actions from one of the players, and then only using at-wills. I know Christmas/holidays are coming up so obviously we'll have a disruption to posting around then (I'm going to be off work between Christmas and New Years so expect my own rate to drop) and I definitely know RL comes first so if you have something going on, just give some notice and we'll work with it, whether that's us NPC'ing for a week or two, or whatever, I just want everyone to have fun. So...I think that's it. Oh, wait. re: immediate actions. They can be a real pain in the patella for PbP due to have to retroactively shift things. My ask is that you post a list of them in order of preference and I'll use them as is. Worst case I'll try and PM before posting a round update to confirm if two of them may be used. It worked out well in Tenchuu's Lord Byron adventures with the Prescient Bard and his million or so immediate-type powers Ex: http://www.enworld.org/forum/5355789-post391.html <- see Wil's Stat Block.

    Please put a summary of your character with a link to the character thread in your first posts and any combat post like so:
    TondrekŚMale Half-orc Artificer 6
    Initiative: +7, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 22, Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 17 Ś Speed: 6, 8 when charging
    HP: 53/53, Bloodied: 26, Surge: 13, Surges left: 9/10; Half-orc Resilience
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    Powers -
    Magic Weapon
    Static Shock

    Scouring Weapon
    Repulsion Strike

    Icebound Sigil
    Flameheart Defender

    Healing Infusion x2
    Swift Mender
    Furious Assault

    Regeneration Infusion
    Battle Staff +1 (daily)
    Targeting Crossbow +2 (daily)
    Point Blank Repeating Crossbow +1 (encounter)
    Skald's Leather Armor +2 (daily)
    Onyx Dog (daily)
    2 Clockwork Bombs
    2 Woundpatches
    2 Alchemist's Acids

    DoggieŚConstruct 4
    Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 13 Ś Speed: 8
    HP: 22/9; Bloodied 4

    Full character sheet
    Feel free to make your own rolls, linking to Invisible Castle or some other place for the result. For some rolls, I'll take 10 for you most of the time. Please post your speech and thoughts in your character's color, using italics for the latter. I prefer players who post about once a day, and I will NPC or write out characters who are inactive for short or long periods of time. OOC text should be in grey, like this or in sblocks.

    Have fun!

    A thanks for stonegod

    Just giving sg props for the above set-up, shamelessly copied by me
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    Shamus leads you out of the Hanged Man turning before you go, "Anyofya need to make any last minute purchasing now's the time. We ain't got much that'd be of use to you types." the man says, then says "Oh, don't know if I caught allofyer names? I know Kay-e-sari, Tarkus, and I think I heard the dark-skin say Damen or sumthing much longer, but the restofya I ain't fer knowing what to call ya?"


    Ok, so you're obviously heading out of Daunton so anything you need, now's the time Huntingdonshire probably won't have a fully stocked Magic Emporium, or even a weapon/armorsmith...we'll move forward with the IC thread either later today or tomorrow depending on everyone. Oh, and if you have a token for Maptools for me to use, that would be excellent.

    Oh yeah, finally, maybe you can come to a marching order arrangement now, and we'll use that for any travel (unless you change it) to speed up decision making. I'll roll with what the majority agree to.

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    OOC: Is the Judge slot taken? if not then I want that seat

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    ° Block MetaVoid

    ° Friend+
    "I apologize, my name is Cyr Iannes. I am the servant of the Sky Lord."
    Cyr Stats

    Deva Inoker 4
    STATUS: none
    * Interrupt: Miraculous Fortune (damage reduced by 5, one ally get +1 power bonus to attack) - trigger: surprise attack by non-necrotic attack or critical hit
    * Reaction: Preserver's rebuke - trigger: when two or more enemies are bloodied, and two or more allies are within 2 squares from Cyr

    Initiative +9; Senses Passive Insight 22, Passive Perception 23
    HP 34/34, Bloodied 17, Surge Value 8+1, Surges 7/7
    AC 20; Fortitude 15, Reflex 18, Will 19
    * Battle Intuition - +2 to initiative, use Wisdom modifier instead of Dexterity
    * Astral Preservation - After use of Preserver's Rebuke each ally within 2 squares gains +1 to all defenses against attacks by bloodied creatures until the end of the encounter
    * Coordinated Explosion - +1 to hit with blast and burst attacks if ally is in the area

    1 AP
    Saving Throws:
    Resist 7 radiant; Resist 7 necrotic
    Speed 5

    Vanguard's Lightning
    Hand of Radiance
    Rebuke Undead
    Preserver's Rebuke

    Blades of Astral Fires
    Second Wind
    Memory of Thousand Lifetimes
    Miraculous Fortune
    Falling Leaves

    Silent Malediction

    Staff of the warmage (daily free enlarge spell)
    Clearsense powder x 2 (consumable minor

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    ° Block Mewness

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    "Didn't I already say? Maybe not. I'm Papolstaanas. Do we need horses for something? Because I don't know how to ride. At least I don't think I do. Is it difficult? I might be able to do it if it's really easy, or if it's anything like swordfighting, because I've studied that a bit, only I don't see why it would be anything like swordfighting, because that doesn't really make sense, does it, I mean a horse is nothing like a sword, and you don't even hold it the same way--"

    OOC: If anyone needs a non-judge approval let me know and I'll try to get to it. Papolstaanas still needs one.

    Papolstaanas Male Kobold Battlemind 3
    Initiative: +5
    Passive Perception: 11; Passive Insight: 11; Senses: Normal
    AC:20, Fort:15, Reflex:16, Will:14
    +2 defenses against traps
    HP: 45/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left: 13/13
    Action Points: 1
    Concussive Spike
    Conductive Defense
    Lodestone Lure
    Battlemindĺs Demand
    Blurred Step
    Mind Spike

    Psychokinetic Scimitar Ranged Basic Attack
    Second Wind

    Oaken Resilience
    Aspect of Bitter Ice

    Persistent Harrier (immediate reaction): The first time during an encounter that Papolstaanas is hit or missed with an attack, he can melee attack the triggering enemy, even if it is out of melee range (+8 vs AC, 1d8+5 damage). He teleports to a square adjacent to the enemy if he hits.

    Power Points: 4/4


    Full sheet: Papolstaanas

    Last edited by Mewness; Sunday, 5th December, 2010 at 10:28 PM. Reason: putting in a token for Papolstaanas; adding detail for persistent harrier

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    ° Block BenBrown

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    Kaeysari marches down the lane, still chewing on her bread and cheese, but happy to be off on an adventure, especially where she's likely to do some real good for people who need it.

    Kaeysari stat block
    Kaeysari Female Longtooth Shifter Fighter 4
    Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Low-light
    AC:21, Fort:19, Reflex:16, Will:16
    HP:46/46, Bloodied:23, Surge Value:11, Surges left:10/10
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: unused
    +2 to saving throws against poison or effects that render Kaeysari weakened, slowed, or immobilized.

    Powers: Cleave, Footwork Lure, Pass Forward, Covering Attack, Dance of Steel, Longtooth Shifting, Villain's Menace, Healing Word Staggering Glaive (Daily)

    Last edited by BenBrown; Sunday, 5th December, 2010 at 10:46 PM. Reason: Added super-deformed token.

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