4E A Night at the Four Seasons (DM: renau1g, Judge:Ozymandias79) - Page 11
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    Papolstaanas regards the dead wolves uncomfortably. "They must have been very hungry," he mutters. He puts his scimitar away and sits down to rest for a bit, falling into a morose silence.

    Maybe this would be a good time to back out. They aren't terribly far from Daunton yet, and then it's just a matter of taking the portal back to Bacarte--ridiculous. Things can't be so desperate that returning to his family would actually be better. He still must have some ability to--that wind must have come from somewhere: he just has to figure out how to get it to work reliably again. Maybe he was wrong about the spirits to begin with. Maybe it was something he was doing by himself all along... But then where were those voices coming from?

    Papolstaanas spends a surge to get back to full HP.

    Papolstaanas Male Kobold Battlemind 3
    Initiative: +5
    Passive Perception: 11; Passive Insight: 11; Senses: Normal
    AC:20, Fort:15, Reflex:16, Will:14
    +2 defenses against traps
    HP: 45/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left: 11/13
    Action Points: 1
    Concussive Spike
    Conductive Defense
    Lodestone Lure
    Battlemindĺs Demand

    Psychokinetic Scimitar Ranged Basic Attack
    Second Wind

    Oaken Resilience
    Aspect of Bitter Ice

    Persistent Harrier (immediate reaction): The first time during an encounter that P. is hit or missed with an attack, he can melee attack the triggering enemy, even if it is out of melee range (+8 vs AC, 1d8+5 damage). He teleports to a square adjacent to the enemy if he hits.

    Blurred Step (special free action 1/turn): If an adjacent enemy marked by P. shifts, P. can shift 1 square in response.

    Mind Spike (immediate reaction): If an adjacent enemy marked by P. deals damage to an ally with an attack that doesnĺt include P., that enemy takes force and psychic damage equal to the amount its attack dealt to the ally.

    Melee basic attack: +6 vs. AC, 1d8+3 damage.

    Power Points: 4/4


    Full sheet: Papolstaanas

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    Phoenix, eyes still flaring and weapons enveloped in pale flames, stares off after the wolves and takes a few seemingly involuntary steps after the few fleeing wolves. She looks down at the flames on her weapons and it seems to take an effort of will to suppress them.

    Finally she looks up, eye still glinting as she turns back to the group. "I have to agree with Cyr. Wolves do not generally attack people. We can probably assume that whatever has been taking the cattle knows we are coming at is taking steps to stop us - feeble as those attempts may be."

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    Damen shrugs, putting his crossbow back in its fine leather holster. Hungry or with ill intent, they are dead and we are not. Matters little which. But do your spell, immortal.
    Invokers can cast Hand of Fate 1/d w/o components. Still takes 10 min to do so.

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    The group cools their heels for a good ten minutes as Cyr prays to his god.

    Quote Originally Posted by MetaVoid View Post
    Hand of Fate

    "1. Is this attack connected to happenings in Huntingdonshire?" "Yes" he offers his left hand. "No." He offers his right

    Cyr's left hand feels warm.

    "2. Are werewolves,..." he offers a tuft of fur "druids, " he offers a twig "or some third party..." he offers a small rock "...leaders or important part of the group attacking Huntingdonshire?"

    The rock glows red.

    "3. Would tracking the culprits be more productive long-term then confronting them?" Cyr again raises his left for first response and right hand for second one.

    His right hand feels warm.

    Perception DC20

    You notice a raven watching you with an unnatural interest, on the top of a nearby tree. After a minute or so it takes off, flying to the east. Shamus was heading North to the hamlet


    Ok so Papo used 1 surge to top up. Anyone else?

    End of Combat stats:
    Damen Bane: 49/49 hp, 7/7 surges, used 1 AP
    Kaeysari: 24/46 hp, 10/10 surges,
    Kauldron: 31/47 hp, 10/12 surges,
    Cyr Iannes: 34/34 hp, 7/7 surges
    Phoenix: 31/36 hp, 7/8 surges,
    Papolstaanas: 45/45 hp, 11/13 surges,
    Tarkus the Crusader: 27/31 hp, 9/9 surges

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    Not sure what bonuses people give out to resting, but if none, Kaeysari will use two surges to put her one short of full.

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    Since we're spending 10 min casting Hand of Fate, I'll use Healing Word on Kauldron and Kaeysari. (I recover my spent encounter powers halfway through the casting, immediately use both Healing Words, and then recover them again as the casting ends.)

    Kauldron regains 19 hp (healing surge + 8), putting him to full.
    Kaeysari regains 20 hp (healing surge + 9), leaving her at 44/46.

    renau1g, what's your usual policy on Healing Word between encounters? Do you allow unlimited use, or require us to track exactly how many 5 minute rests are spent, allow 1 use between encounters. or what?

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    *Kauldron smirks to Phoenix's comment.* I wouldn't say that this attempt was feeble, my dear. There was plenty of bloodshed here this day, on both sides of this battle.

    *He nods respectfully to her. Then goes back to the front of the pack of people. Taking up guard once again. He sheaths his blade and idly continues smoking up a storm.*

    Seems well I was reading and typing Tarkus beat me to it. Kauldron will be full after his top up from his healing word.

    Thanks Tarkus.
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    perception roll
    1d20+1=19 hmm, close.

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    Oh, i thought it was passive perception.

    Perception (1d20+5=7)

    Well, doesn't matter.

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    Perception 13

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