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    Damen spends some time with Kaeysari, trying to muffle her armor and make her seem less dangerous than she is. He seems pretty satisfied with the result. Unlocking a high window, he climb up to a dark perch and disappears, eyes open. His mind is distracted by fiery thoughts sometimes, however.
    Aiding: 33 Stealth, 26 Bluff. Hiding & Lookout: 14 Perception (w/ Darkvision), 31 Stealth)
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    As people start looking for hiding places, Tarkus calls, "Don't get too comfortable - we still have dinner coming! I know we are impatient to get set up, but on campaign it's important to find time to eat and rest while we can. While we're waiting we can plan our guard schedule. We need to sleep in shifts - if we all try to stay awake all night, we'll be caught sleepy when something happens. Especially after our long march and battle today. I worry that we only have one person standing guard outside,,,

    Damen, I think it's best that you take your position at the window only while you're on watch, and come inside with the rest when it's time to sleep. An outside lookout is helpful but not essential, since we know the enemy needs to enter the barn at some point.

    Phoenix,.. please try not to burn our poor patron's barn down! Remember, our mission here is to safeguard this village's property. Saving the cows but destroying the barn does no one any good. Don't attack recklessly. Our goal in this engagement is not to defeat the enemy, it's merely to gather intelligence - who are they and how and why they are taking the cattle. And where. If in doubt, we should just observe, let them be about their business and then track them back to their lair. One more night of loss will be unfortunate but not ruinous. We should show ourselves and attack only if we have an overwhelming advantage, or if the enemy is incorporeal or something else that will make tracking impossible.

    If you can find a good place to hide below, that's fine, but when it's your turn to rest be sure you do it near the rest of us. I don't want anybody sleeping in a vulnerable position where they can be picked off.

    Although, that does give me a thought. We should toss some bales of hay down in a pile so that if we need to escape the hayloft quickly we'll have a soft landing. We also need to be sure we aren't trapped in here. Is there another exit?"
    Tarkus begins looking around at the back of the loft.


    Seriously? Critical success to set up a hay pile? That thing had better negate all falling damage with no roll needed or something...
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    Papolstaanas, with his small frame, sees no shortage of places to hide, so he doesn't make any preparations, and sits on a pile of hay to wait for supper.

    stealth check
    For when it's necessary. Papolstaanas will just hide in some nook somewhere. He doesn't bother with the hay. 1d20+11=28
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    "I say we set up three watches, two or three per watch. I'll take the middle one."

    After eating supper, Phoenix ducks into a small toolshed or grain bin on the ground floor and naps until her turn at watch.

    During her watch, she settles in, keeping an eye out not only with her eyes, but also by sending a web of magic energy out to magically detect anything supernatural coming in.

    Skill rolls
    Stealth: 1d20+5=20
    Perception: 1d20+8=24
    Arcana: 1d20+12=23


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    "I will make a quick round, maybe I notice something out of place before the dark comes. Call me when the supper arrives."
    He tries to open his senses to the arcane forces, just in case there are some rituals or spells active, but this hamlet is so down-to-earth place (or feels like it) that he cannot even feel the weave.

    Still, he's very aware of normal flow of life in this place and any tears in the fabric of the normal. Coupled with his well trained eye for detail, thanks to his archeological schooling, he notices few things around.

    Arcana; Nature; Perception (1d20+11=12, 1d20+7=25, 1d20+13=27)
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    Shamus stops by and sets everyone up with a nice bowl of stew and a mug of ale for each of you.

    "Well, ain't you seem to be makin' yerselves all comfy" he says, watching the work get done, the man sticks around for another few minutes and then appears to find himself in the way. "Alrighty, so once you folks figure out what's what, come find me there" he says, pointing to one of the homes. He excuses himself, yawning as the night is full-on.


    Ok so I'll need Kaeysari's bluff check (with +2 from Damen's assistance). Also, is the plan to stay up the whole night or watch in shifts? if shifts who's sleeping when?

    Oh & just for fun here's your meal:

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    Kaeysari gleefully scarfs down the hearty food, then leans back against a bale of straw.
    "Let me know what the plans are for watches," she says. "Otherwise I'm going to get some sleep. Wake me when the sun goes down."
    We could all stay up all night, and sleep during the following day if nothing happens. On the other hand, if something does happen, and we can't pursue it immediately, shifts might be better.
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    "I've changed my mind slightly; those with the best night vision should take the middle watch. I'll take first watch with someone. There's enough of us for two on first and last watch and three on the middle watch, since it's darkest then and whatever we're up against seems most likely to act then."

    That said, Pheonix heads off for her hiding place and settles in to take the first watch.

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    OOC: I'll take first watch.

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    OOC: Papolstaanas isn't very observant so he should be paired with someone who is. And is Damen staying up all night? I think he's the only one who's sneaky AND perceptive AND has nightvision.
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