The Immortal's Handbook: Gods & Monsters (unfinished)
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    The Immortal's Handbook: Gods & Monsters (unfinished)

    Happy nondenominational holiday to all you epic (and above) level/tier fans out there! I come bearing gifts on behalf of Eternity Publishing!

    Those of you who've been following the Vampire Bestiary thread here may have noticed that U_K let it slip that he was planning to release the unfinished 3.5 book IH Gods & Monsters.

    Well, just now U_K emailed me the book and gave me his blessing to post it here for public consumption. Note that, in his own words, it's MASSIVELY unfinished. That said, I've already started reading it, and I'm quite loving what's here so far!

    Enjoy, and may your holiday be EPIC!
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