Chicago Gameday 28 (Feb 26) Event Planning Thread
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    Chicago Gameday 28 (Feb 26) Event Planning Thread

    This thread is for planning purposes only. A separate thread will be created for player sign-up closer to Gameday. A link to that thread will be posted here.

    Gameday 28 Planning

    This is the planning thread for Chicago Gameday 28. If you're interested in running an event for Gameday, or just have planning help to offer, this is the thread for you. If you're confused, go here to learn more about Chicago Gameday.

    Current Event Lineup

    Morning: 9:30am - 2:30pm
    1. Supernatural RPG: "Feat of Clay", Ninjacat, Table D
    2. FATE, ekb, Table F
    3. TBD, Nev the Deranged, Table B
    4. Star Wars Saga Ed., sw3333, Table E
    5. Pathfinder: "The Pallid Plague", William Ronald, Table G
    6. D&D 4e, Trevalon Moonleirion, Table C (private room)
    7. d20/D&D 3.5, Mark, Table A
    8. ...

    Afternoon: 3:30pm - 8:00pm
    1. The Dresden Files RPG, buzz, Table F
    2. TBD, TracerBullet42, Table D
    3. D&D 4e, Dokomo, Table E
    4. Burning Empires, willowx, Table G
    5. Untold CBRPG, Vyvyan Basterd, Table H
    6. D&D 3.5: "The Mines of Verhaven", strider1970, Table C (private room)
    7. Smallville: "Mutant X: After the Assault", Ninjacat, Table B
    8. ...

    The Time, The Place, The Basics

    Gameday 28 will be held on Saturday, February 26th. Events start at 9:30am. Gameday 28 will be hosted by Games Plus, a.k.a., Earth's Greatest Game Store™.

    Gameday has two event slots that are 4-5 hours each: a morning slot from 9:30am to 2:30pm, and an afternoon slot from 3:30pm to 8:00pm (and beyond). We typically run at least six events in each slot, with 4-6 players plus GM in each event. GMs may request more/fewer seats in their event, but we have found that 4-6 players per event is ideal.

    If you do not have an ENWorld Community Supporter account with Private Messaging enabled, please make sure I have your email address. Feel free to email me.

    Submitting and Running an Event (some NEW info in here, so veterans please take note)

    How do I sign up to run an event?
    If you would like to run an event for Gameday 28, please post a proposal in this thread.

    What info should I provide as part of my proposal?
    At the minimum, we need to know:
    • ...The game system you will be using
    • ...How many players will be accommodated
    • ...What table you wish to use (take a look at the table map); the size of your event may limit you to certain tables.
    • ...A catchy title
    • ...An event "blurb," i.e., a basic summary of your event
    • ...Whether you want to run the event in the morning or the afternoon

    Optional, yet helpful info you can provide includes:
    • ...Whether your event expects prior experience with the rules
    • ...Whether your event is or isn't suitable for all ages
    • ...Whether pregens will be provided
    • ...Links to said pregens (PDFs, Word files, etc)
    • ...Links to info about the game system
    • ...Links to any other files you'd like to offer potential players
    • ...Any images you might like included in the final event description

    How long should my event last?
    Your event should last at least 4 hours.

    If you are running an event in the morning, it should not run longer than 5 hours, so you don't cut into the lunch break.

    Events run in the afternoon may last longer than 5 hours, but please be respectful of: a) Games Plus's hours of operation, and b) the needs of players who may be reliant on the Metra scheudle.

    When do poeple sign up for my event?
    A separate player sign-up thread will be created in a few weeks. You will be notified in advance of the sign-up thread going live. If you are not currently on our mailing list or our Facebook page, please let me know, as this is how we notify event planners of when sign-up goes live.

    May I screen potential players?
    Pre-approval of player sign-ups is not allowed. By volunteering to run an event, you're agreeing to run it for whomever signs up. Thankfully, everyone who comes to Gameday is totally awesome.

    What if I want or need to cancel my event?
    You can't! Okay, seriously... please try not to offer an event unless you are certain that you will be able show up and run it come Gameday. If an emergency comes up (and they do, it's okay), please email me as soon as you can, or, worst-case scenario, you can call Games Plus and they should be able to convey the message.

    May I run more than one event?
    Yes, but please consider waiting to offer your second event until others have had a chance to get on the schedule.


    If you have suggestions, recommendations, or ideas for enhancing the fun of Gameday, please feel free to post them here and we'll open up discussion.
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    I'd like to run a 3.5/d20 adventure in slot two on table C in the RPG room, please. I'll keep it at five players, for now, maybe adding a sixth for a walk-in if we need to expand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark CMG View Post
    I'd like to run a 3.5/d20 adventure in slot two on table C in the RPG room, please. I'll keep it at five players, for now, maybe adding a sixth for a walk-in if we need to expand.

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    YEEEE, GameDay!

    Okay, I'd like to run my traditional Cortex SPN for six players at Table D in the morning slot: "Feat of Clay".

    I'm considering running a Mutant X adventure using the Smallville Cortex Plus rules, but Floyd said he might run a Smallville event...or if Thomas is a PC in this round of Dresden...not to mention waiting to see how many potential GMs want to sign up.

    I'll wait and see; details on SPN:FoC and my potential MX event to come later.

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    The Four Towers, Part 1 - An Fearas Meilt

    The Four Towers, Part 1: An Fearas Meilt
    The day after the Mayor of Peel announces an emergency increase in this year's taxes, a Mysterious Stranger at the inn reveals to some foreign adventurers that there's a treasure hidden in the vault below the ruins of An Fearas Meilt - the abandoned inn on St Patrick's Island. More than enough to pay the whole town's additional taxes and still have quite a bit left over to share...
    All you have to do is get there before the other adventurers, get past Richrom's security devices and get back with the treasure... Simple, right?

    Old School Dungeoncrawl, New School Crunch. Total fun.
    Blackpowder & blade meets King Arthur & faeries (with pirates & redcoats for good measure).

    • System: Fudge+FATE v3 (Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files, Diaspora) with notable houserules from The Shadow of Yesterday and Houses of the Blooded...
    • Players: the standard 6+GM, but I'll always make room if someone wants to play.
    • Rating: shooting for PG-13-ish - there's some strong horror elements to that premise, but no explicit reason why it shouldn't be acceptable for all but the youngest players. I'm also hoping to record the AP for sharing, so watch it with the swears, dammit!
    • Pregens:
      1. <Name1>, Apprentice Butcher (Working Stiff, I can make that happen...)
      2. <Name2>, Aspiring Chef (I have a plan, Brute)
      3. <Name3>, Bookseller (Trivia geek, Contacts)
      4. <Name4>, Architectural Apprentice (Mechanical genius, Halfling)
      5. <Name5>, Aide to Mayor (A gentleman's gentleman, Contacts)
      6. <Name6>, Town Militia (Law & order, Contacts)
      7. Character Sheet Template
    • System links: Fudge, FATE, The Shadow of Yesterday,
    • Experience with system: not so much - it's pretty easy to pick up.
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    I'll take a small table in the morning for an epic game of Minecraft: The Blockening, the epic new Minecraft RPG. The scenario will be "Rise of the Ghastmaster" for 2-4 treepunchers, no experience necessary, Bring a lump of coal and your best dyed wool overcoat.*

    *This is a joke, there is no Minecraft RPG (yet). But I will take the table for a game TBA.
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    Hey Buzz.

    I'd like to go with a SW Saga game in the morning ... ummm ... table E?

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    I would like to run the event that I had as a back up this time, the Pallid Plague as a Pathfinder Society scenario. Please give me a GM +6 or more table (H or I, preferably I) for the morning slot. (Technically, I could go up to 8 players legally.)

    I would probably want to run this for 1st or 4th level characters. I will have pre-gens. Buzz, you can probably recycle my post from last time. I can also add the links for Pathfinder Society Organized Play and some other useful links.

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    Master Buzz, if I may lay claim to Table D in the afternoon, it'd be greatly appreciated. I have not yet decided on my game, but it'll either be Ghostbusters or Pathfinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TracerBullet42 View Post
    Master Buzz, if I may lay claim to Table D in the afternoon, it'd be greatly appreciated. I have not yet decided on my game, but it'll either be Ghostbusters or Pathfinder.

    Does this mean I shouldn't run a second event? Make Floyd run Smallville! (Or sweetly ask your sister to make him do it, heh.)

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