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    iCharacter Sheet - 4E for the iPad Now for Sale!

    Now take your 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons(R) character wherever you want on your iPad!

    Digital Adventures is proud to present the first in our line of RPG character sheets for the iPad under our new iCharacter Sheet brand: iCharacter Sheet – 4E. This app contains a detailed character sheet that has everything you need to bring your 4th Edition D&D to the gaming table. No more scribbling mistakes or erasing holes in your paper sheet, the iCharacter Sheet – 4E puts all of your character’s stats, abilities, powers, equipment, powers, and campaign history at the touch of your fingertips.

    Features for this app include:

    * Five different tabs to input your information: Main (Stats, Attack, Defense, Saves, Hit Points), Abilities (Skills, Action Points, Feats, Languages, Destiny), Powers (all Power categories, Magic Items), Other (Companions, Rituals, Equipment, Background, Wealth), Notes (free form entry for campaign or other information).

    * Import an image for your character from your iPad’s Photos

    * Multi-line entry system that scrolls down to give a larger entry window.

    * Pop-up Powers and magic item entries to give you more entry information.

    * Export your iCharacter Sheet to an HTML file that you can email to yourself or your Dungeon Master.

    * The HTML output is compatible with the EN World Campaign Manager -- Morris tested!

    * A free version of this app is also available for your consideration before purchasing the full version, with save and export functionality disabled.

    * Only $3.99 US! Search for "iCharacter Sheet - 4E" in the Apple App Store, or click here.

    Future upgrades to this app are already in the works to further broaden functionality and add additional tools for the D&D player. Player feedback is encouraged to make this the premiere character sheet app for D&D 4th Edition.

    A preview ENW thread on this product with questions and comments can be found at:


    It is important to note that the iCharacter Sheet – 4E is not a character generator, and contains no coded or database driven D&D 4th Edition rules or game information. The iCharacter Sheet – 4E is an input-only tool (outside of basic addition and subtraction), per legal usage as outlined by Wizards of the Coast, the owners of Dungeons & Dragons.

    Use of the Dungeons & Dragons brand, property of Wizards of the Coast, falls within the confines of their 4th Edition Game System License and can be reviewed at www.wizards.com. As of this release this product has been approved for distribution by Wizards of the Coast.

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    Lama (Lvl 13)

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    You sure the GSL allows you to do that? I thought WotC has a policy against software creations and such regarding their 4e stuff, but I could be mistaken.

    Good luck though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsune9 View Post
    You sure the GSL allows you to do that? I thought WotC has a policy against software creations and such regarding their 4e stuff, but I could be mistaken.

    Good luck though!
    Before we even began this project I meet with the head of WOTC's digital division at this past Gen Con to make sure this was legally possible. The project then went forward with the understanding that as long as the product does not have any built in game/rules generation logic (which is a violation of the GSL) it was legal. There are a few other 4E app creations out there that Chris (WOTC Digital Director) referenced that were also OK and fell into the same category.

    So ... you are mistaken, but thanks for asking! :P

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    Lama (Lvl 13)

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    Awesome! Good luck with it.

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    Very Nice Work Evil Beeker. Im buying as I type.

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    Looks pretty cool. I'll be checking that out today at lunch and probably buying it later on.

    As for not being able to import actual DDI Character builder files or connect to DDI or build in actual logic - I have a question. Have you thought about or pitched the idea of licensing this app to WOTC outright? You make it, but it becomes the official WOTC app with their direction to features and such?

    I've often thought that WOTC missed plenty of opportunities to have computerized character applications if they had only licensed the ones built for video games. We all know that WOTC isn't great at web development or application development, but that doesn't mean they couldn't partner with people who are! I've always wondered if they were open to such deals.

    Just a thought....

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    What benefit does this offer that makes it superior to using a PDF character sheet and an app like Goodreader? In order to convince people to buy your product, I think you will need to overcome the following points:

    1) Most iPad users already have a PDF reader on their device, making it a no-cost solution to using a digital character sheet. Even if they do not, Goodreader costs $1 less than your character sheet app.

    2) it sounds like your app requires everything to be entered manually, while the character builder can print to PDF, simplifying the process.

    3) PDFs can be annotated and drawn on using an app like Goodreader, making it easy to track hit points, surges, used encounter/dailies, and ammunition/consumables.

    4) PDF readers are available on the iPhone too.

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I'm really puzzled at what you're offering here. Here are my suggestions for what you could do to make this a more valuable offering:

    A) Importing - Manually entering the character, including power and item details, could take hours for a character after the first couple of levels. You absolutely need to address this problem.

    B) Editing - Everything on the sheet should be editable, both to change the original text and different colored text to differentiate the original text from the edits. Drawing on it (to cross out used powers) and writing notes/annotations should also be possible.

    C) Automation - Here is where you could really distinguish your offering from simple PDFs. Put plus and minus buttons next to numbers that change through the course of a game, like hit points, surges, and ammunition. I'm fact, having a button to grey out a used encounter/daily (and another button to reset everything after an extended rest) would negate most of the need for editing (though you still want to allow notes.)

    Anyway, those are my observations. I wish you success.

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    Hey, if you want to see if you like it, try the free version...

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    Its looks cool however for me, as previously mentioned,having to input most of the data manually-that's the deal breaker for me.

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    I downloaded the free version to try it out.
    I turned on my blue tooth keyboard ( zaggmate keyboard case).
    The first thing I noted was the arrow keys on the zaggmate didn't work with this program.
    Then while entering using the zaggmate and touch, parts of the sheet started to disapair to the point of the whole sheet being just a white screen. I then tried the zaggmate on another 4ed character sheet app, and I had no problems.
    Just this one.

    Thought you would like to know.

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