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    Airwalkrr's 4e Game OOC - Suspended Indefinitely

    Edit 2012/01/26: This game has been suspended and will no longer continue.

    Recruiting is Closed - Previous Announcement
    I am looking for at least one more player to fill the slot of a retiring character. The current roster consists of a human fighter, a human wizard, and a human cleric. See rules below for character creation. The current level is 2nd. Any new characters will be considered to have joined the group prior to leaving Manas (see Chapter 2 link below). As Chapter 2 has only recently begun, this will require very little change to the story. New characters begin play with one standard Adventurer's Kit plus magic items. For magic items, choose one item of your level + 1, one item of your level, and one item of your level – 1. In addition, you have gold pieces equal to the value of one magic item of your level – 1. All magic items chosen during character creation must come from the Player's Handbook.

    Having finally gotten my hands on some 4th edition books, I am intrigued. I can't say that it really feels like D&D anymore, but it seems to be a very good game. So I want to give it a go and try to run it.

    Level: 1st
    Ability Scores: Method 1, 2 or 3, but you can't change your mind after choosing Method 3 and rolling. Total modifiers after rolling should be no lower than +4 and no higher than +8.
    Races/Classes: Any, but those from the PH1 are most common. Plus you must PM me the pertinent rules ahead of time in some fashion since I have only the PH, DMG, and MM.
    Feats: Any, same conditions as above.
    Equipment: 100 gp to start. Same conditions as above.
    Alignment: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Unaligned. Unheroic characters need not apply.
    Setting: My own world, a place called Geora, adapted to 4e.
    Players: Four to six. First come, first-served. I must receive a character sheet within 7 days of your post indicating your desire to join or you may lose your spot. Players who don't post for 30 days are assumed to have dropped out and will be replaced. No wait lists. Recruiting will occur as needed.
    Pace: See Obsidian Portal site or click here for combat rules.
    Character Sheet: Use whatever you like, as long as I can find everything.

    Setting Notes
    Humans: The dominant race. It is the Golden Age of Man. Everyone looks to them for leadership in most matters.
    Other Races: Quaint novelties who are considered to have outlived their eras of supremacy.
    Adventurers: Very uncommon. Your characters will be the exception to the exception.
    Politics: Geora's most populous nations are located in Khareb, which is Geora's central (and most civilized) continent. Many refer to Khareb as if it were the world. The center of the continent is dominated by two human nations, the Republic of Berandal, and the Empire of Johak. Good is often associated with the former while evil with the latter, but these are only preconceptions and may not always hold true.
    Geography: The Mountains of Eindore dominate the northern border of Berandal and not much is known about what lies beyond. The fertile Istalle Valley is the center for both Berandal (to the north) and Johak (to the south). The Naeci Forest between both is said to hold numerous mysteries. The western continent of Verani is said to be the home of countless fey beings while the southeastern continent of Kampala is believed to be a land of volcanoes and fire. The distant continent of Tiras is largely unknown.
    History: Ages ago, Geora was under the iron fist of Dezmaeron, the Demon King. Some say he was a lieutenant of Bane, while others claim he was none other than the incarnation of Asmodeus himself. A cooperative effort of the lesser races brought his rule to an end, and ancient magic keeps him out of the affairs of the world today.
    Dragons: These majestic beings are largely detached from the people of Khareb. Some believe they keep a close eye on things always ready to intervene. Others say they have removed themselves from the mortal races intentionally and no longer wish to have any thing to do with them. But no know one really knows for certain.
    Religion: I am adapting Geora to fit 4e baseline expectations so just assume the religions from the PH exist. However...
    Click here if you want a more detailed explanation
    There are four primary religions in Geora. The first is a dualistic religion, which is the most prevalent. The followers of good revere Radiar (Pelor) as the god of light. They believe that the world is spinning towards a final battle with the followers of evil who are led by the god of darkness (Bane) who goes by many names. To evil wizards he is known as Yevlyn the Blood Mage. To orcs and other warlike races he is known as Dimatyr. But all know him as the champion of darkness. Adherents of this religion, known as Dynamism, acknowledge the existence of both the god of light and the god of darkness, believing there to be no such thing as neutrality. Everyone will be forced to pick a side in the final battle and while both sides predict victory, no one can truly say for sure. The Republic of Berandal tends to favor the church of Radiar, while the followers of light are outright banned in Johak.

    The second religion is a relatively new religion of monotheists who worship a god named Olarius (Bahamut). Followers are known as Olarians (Draconians), and they preach vehemently against the existence of any other gods. For their part, Dynamists acknowledge the existence of Olarius but believe that he, too, will have to pick a side in the battle for good and evil in the end. Olarianism has grown quickly over recent years centered in the great and ancient city of Kale-Jerome where it is said the god Olarius once walked as a mortal. Olarianism is technically a lawful good religion, but the zealous followers of Olarianism have, on occasion, carried out terrible acts of wickedness in the name of their god with various inquisitions and purges. Worship of Olarius is allowed in Berandal but suppressed in Johak. Some Olarians speak of outright secession from Berandal to form their own pious nation in the western region of Tandelle.

    The third religion is a nature cult devoted to the goddess Volnar (Melora). Volnar speaks to those who spend a lot of time in the natural world and eschews civilization. Her followers don't preach against civilization, they just prefer to spend their time away from it. Hence her faithful are largely in parochial communities and she has a particularly strong following amongst the poor and downtrodden. Many of her priests are druids and non-Volnari druids get along well with the Volnari druids.

    The final religion is the vile and subversive cult of Dezmaeron, the Demon King (suspected to be many different evil gods or an avatar). The Demon King was banished from Geora eons ago after ruling the world under a particularly cruel and iron fist. A very small number of folk actually want to see Dezmaeron returned to Geora. Perhaps they think it is inevitable and want to be on his good side. Perhaps they are just insane. Whatever the reason, this cult works behind the shadows to try and return their dread lord to power.

    As far as conversion goes Pelor will represent Radiar and Bane will represent Dimatyr/Yevlyn. The other gods will have minor temples dedicated to them but generally their worshippers will align themselves with either Pelor or Bane while some of the unaligned churches are considered not to have picked a side. All good and unaligned gods in the PH are considered allies of the church of Pelor except for Bahamut, Melora, and the Raven Queen (the last of which is considered to be a dead religion). The evil deities are generally considered to have aligned themselves with Bane, but many of them simply choose to go their own ways. Bahamut will represent Olarius, worship of a dragon god being a relatively new phenomenon. Worshipers of Bahamut won't necessarily be monotheists, but they will strongly support the worship of Bahamut to the exclusion of other gods, seeing even Pelor as not worthy. Avandra or Melora will represent Volnar depending on the situation, but usually Melora. Dezmaeron is not properly considered a god, but he might actually be Asmodeus or an incarnation of Bane. No one really knows.

    Chapter 2: Amnesia (In Progress)
    Chapter 1: Sedition (Completed)
    Rogue's Gallery
    Obsidian Portal Site
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