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    Airwalkrr's Maure Castle 3.5 OOC

    The arcane caster slot has been filled.

    Now that I'm back, and EN World seems to be a bit more stable, I am having fun getting involved in PBP again. I would like to try to get a group back together for the wonderful adventure that is Maure Castle. Things are going to be a bit simpler this time for character creation (no silly paladins riding worms).
    I'm going to limit players to the Player's Handbook, Player's Handbook 2, and the Dungeon Master's Guide (items and prestige classes only, except red wizard).
    You may also select the cavalier (CW) or thief-acrobat (CAd) prestige classes. Some racial restrictions will apply to keep this Greyhawky and old-school flavored. I'm not sure about allowing dragon shamans; pitch me an idea if you want it and I will say yea or nay. No builds that require an XP penalty allowed.
    Former players in this game (which barely even got started) will be given priority. Voda Vosa and Thanee were the only two I remember for certain. Maximum of four characters allowed and I will be selective based on party balance; this mega adventure requires party balance. No standbys. Re-recruiting will be done as needed.
    Characters can be built by 32 point buy or standard rolling method (4d6, drop lowest, arrange as desired, net modifiers +1 or higher, highest score must be higher than 13). Once you have committed to rolling, you have to keep your rolls; you may not decide you don't like your rolls and choose 32 point buy instead. If you choose to roll, use EN World's online roller. If you need to scrap and reroll because of not qualifying, reroll in a new post.
    Level and Equipment
    Character starting level is 12 and characters may go into XP debt for crafting. No items worth more than 1/3 starting gold allowed and charged items must start with max charges. No original items or spells allowed although some of this may be allowed during play. Characters use the fixed hp variant (max HD + Con modifier at 1st, half HD + Con modifier each level after 1st).
    Variants/House Rules
    Softer Critical Hits: Reduce the threat range of weapons by 1. If a weapon has a threat range of 20, reduce the multiplier by 1. This means a 20/x2 weapon can not crit.
    Weapon Groups: Seen here. Exotic groups still cost a feat. Beguiler as rogue. Dragon shaman as sorcerer (if allowed). Duskblade as paladin. Knight as paladin.
    Death and Dying: Seen here. Makes combat a little less lethal.
    Skills: Add 2 base skill points per level to all classes with base 2 or base 4.
    Condensed Knowledge skills
    I will use a variant that condenses Knowledge skills a bit.
    -Knowledge (arcana) includes Knowledge (the planes) relating to elementals, elemental planes, the astral plane, ethereal plane, and plane of shadow
    -Knowledge (dungeoneering) includes Knowledge (architecture and engineering)
    -Knowledge (local) includes Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (nobility and royalty)
    -Knowledge (nature) includes Knowledge (geography)
    -Knowledge (religion) includes Knowledge (the planes) relating to outsiders and the outer planes
    Sacred Healing/Turn Undead: Clerics may choose to swap the ability to turn undead for the Sacred Healing feat (PH2), using their turn undead uses per day for Sacred Healing instead.
    Death: The raise dead, resurrection, and reincarnate spells only cause XP loss, no actual level loss. The same goes with permanent level-drain effects (temporary level drain works normally).

    Only exceptions I might allow are on racial restrictions (see below). No other exceptions allowed, so don't ask.

    I've done a lot of prep work for running this campaign for pbp already. Maps and tokens made, attachable art, the whole nine yards. So it should be a lot of fun.
    Racial Restrictions
    Barbarian: Half-Orc, Human
    Bard: Half-Elf, Human
    Cleric: Any
    Druid: Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human
    Fighter: Any
    Monk: Human only
    Paladin: Half-Elf, Human
    Ranger: Elf, Half-Elf, Human
    Rogue: Any
    Sorcerer: Any
    Wizard: Elf, Half-Elf, Human
    Beguiler: Gnome, Human
    Dragon Shaman: Human only (maybe)
    Duskblade: Elf, Half-Elf
    Knight: Elf, Half-Elf, Human
    Note: This list is largely based on the 1st edition racial restrictions from Unearthed Arcana and might be pliable if you know your 'hawk and can give me a reasonable cause for an exception. But anyone can be a cleric, fighter, rogue, or sorcerer so all races have a shot at each classical party role.
    This is an old-school dungeon crawl and I am an old-school DM. Even with softer critical hits and death and dying variants the possibility of character death is very real. If it happens to you, I expect you to take it like a man (or a woman), and deal with the consequences. If you lose a magic item, I expect you to behave in a similar manner. There's always more XP and more loot to be found.

    Airwalkrr's Maure Castle RG
    Airwalkrr's Maure Castle IC Chapter 1: The Great Hall
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    My Character... now with longer char history!!!

    Varn "Traps" Palrond (Rog 12)
    Name: Varn "Traps" Palrond
    Race: Human
    Class: Rogue
    Align: TN
    Level: 12
    XP: 66,000 (XP Debt: 0)

    Str: 14 +2 [4 Pts., +2 Level,
    Dex: 21 +5 [10 Pts., +1 Level, +4 Enhancement]
    Con: 14 +2 [4 Pts., +2 Enhancement]
    Int: 16 +3 [10 Pts.]
    Wis: 10 +0 [2 Pts.]
    Cha: 10 +0 [2 Pts.]

    HP: 68/68 (6 1st, 38 1/2 2nd-12th, +24 Ability)
    AC: 23 (10 Base, +5 Dex, +6 Armor, +2 Deflection)
    Initiative: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Feat)
    Speed: 40

    Saves: (Base Ability Misc.) Total
    Fort: (+4 +2 +2) +8
    Refl: (+8 +5 +2) +15
    Will: (+4 +0 +2) +6

    [Using Variant Rules for Attacks]
    BaB: +9
    Melee Attk: +14 (+12/+12 TWF)
    Ranged Attk: +14
    (Jara)+1 Alchemical Silver Undead Bane Shortsword: +14/+14 (Standard Action, TWF) to hit 1d6+2 [+2d6 Undead] to dmg. +15 Move Action to hit
    (Mara)+1 Adamantine Construct Bane Shortsword +14/+14 (Standard, TWF) to hit 1d6+3 [+2d6 Constructs] dmg, +15 Move Action to Hit
    Special: Sneak Attack (6d6)

    Money: 2175 gp

    Skills: (48 Starting, +12 Each level after 1st [Human Bonus Added In]) Max Ranks: 15/7.5
    48 +132=180
    Appraise (+5 Dex, +2 Ranks) +7
    Climb (+2 Str, +2 Ranks, +2 Item) +6
    Concentration (+2 Con, +4 Ranks) +6
    Craft [Traps] (+3 Int +2 Ranks) +5
    Decipher Script (+3 Int, +10 Ranks) +13
    Disable Device (+5 Dex,+15 Ranks, +2 Item) +22
    Escape Artist (+5 Dex, +7 Ranks) +12
    Gather Information (+0 Wis, +7 Ranks, +2 Synergy) +7(+9)
    Hide (+5 Dex, +9 Ranks) +14
    Jump (+2 Str, +2 Ranks, +7 [Magic Item, Synergy]) +11
    Knowledge [History/Local/Nobility/Royalty] (+3 Int, +7 Ranks) +10
    Knowledge [Dungeoneering/Architecture/Engineering] (+3 Int, +7 Ranks) +10
    Knowledge [Arcana/The Planes] (+3 Int, +3 Ranks) +6
    Knowledge [Geography/Nature] (+3 Int, +3 Ranks) +6
    Knowledge [Religion/The Planes] (+3 Int, +2 Ranks) +5
    Listen (+0 Wis, +8 Ranks) +8
    Move Silently (+5 Dex, +9 Ranks) +14
    Open Lock (+5 Dex, +15 Ranks, +2 Item) +22
    Search (+3 Int, +15 Ranks) +18
    Spot (+0 Wis, +8 Ranks) +8
    Tumble (+5 Dex, +10 Ranks, +2 Synergy) +15(+17)
    Use Magic Device (+0 Cha, +14 Ranks, +2 [Synergy for Scrolls]) +14(+16)
    Swim (+2 Str, +4 Ranks) +6

    Feats: (5, +1 Human at first level)
    Human: Weapon Focus (Short Sword)
    1st: Improved Initiative
    3rd: Weapon Finesse (Dex rather than Str to attack with light weapon)
    6th: Two Weapon Fighting
    9th: Combat Expertise
    12th: Improved Feint
    (15th: Improved Two Weapon Fighting)

    Special Abilities:
    Trap Finding
    Sneak Attack (6d6)
    Uncanny Dodge (Dex to AC)
    Improved Uncanny Dodge (Can't be Flanked)
    Trap Sense (+4 Ref Saves and +4 AC vs. Traps)
    Improved Evasion (Ref Save for none, and only take half on fail)

    Eqipment: (Slightly under 350 gp Total, not including diamonds)
    Assorted Diamonds (5,000 gp)
    Masterwork Thievs Tools (50 gp)
    Climbers Kit (80 gp)
    Bedroll (1 sp)
    Flint and Steel x3 (3 gp)
    Winter Blanket (5 sp)
    Block and Tackle (5 gp)
    Caltrops x5 (5 gp)
    Map/Scroll Case x2 (2 gp)
    10 ft Chain (30 gp)
    50 ft silk rope (10 gp)
    Chalk x3 (Bars and Dust) (3 cp)
    Crowbar (2 gp)
    Grappling Hook (1 gp)
    Bull Lantern (12 gp)
    Lock [Good] (80 gp)
    Manacles [Masterwork] (50 gp)
    Steel Mirror (10 gp)
    Belt Pouch x5 (5 gp)
    Waterskin x3 (3 gp)
    Whetstone x2 (4 cp)

    Magic Items:
    Gloves of Dexterity (+4 Dex, 16,000gp)
    Amulet of Health (+2 Con, 4,000gp)
    Cloak of Resistance +2 (+2 to saves, 4,000gp)
    Boots of Striding and Springing (+10 Speed, +5 Jump, 5,500gp)
    Bottle of Air (7,250gp)
    +3 Studded Leather Armor (+6 AC, 9175gp)
    Handy Haversack (2,000gp)
    Ring of Sustenance (2,500gp)
    Ring of Protection +2 (8,000gp)
    +1 Alchemical Silver Undead Bane Shortsword (8,490gp)
    +1 Adamantine Construct Bane Shortsword (11,310gp)
    Wand of Light (375gp[750] 10 mins per use) x2
    Wand of Cure Light Wounds (750 gp [1500], 1d8+1 hp restored) x2

    Character History:

    Varn throughout most of his young life like to show off his gifted abilities as a dexterous and agile man. There wasn't a space too small or a room too guarded he couldn't overcome. From a young age the man used his talent to make himself a coin or two to get his way by in life. It wasn't until he learned to hone his skills under the tutelage of a master guildsmen of the thieves trade did he learn that his talent could take him to the heights of near legend in his field... that of the dungeon expert.

    Crawl after crawl Varn wormed his way further and further into dungeon after dungeon in search of his biggest snatch and grab, but more importantly his name in another paper. Varns talents pulled in wealthy and word of mouth slowly rocketed him the lengths over master dungeon explorer within just a handful of years. At times Varn lets it goes to his head, but not so much as to make mistakes which a rogue like himself at this stage of the game is not in a position to make. He regrets at times being so well known, it makes it nearly impossible to blend with the crowds. Varn isn't really that type though, he's flamboyant and isn't afraid to show it mind you either. To this day Varn has not come across a lock, save for the magical lot, that he hasn't been able to crack or pick and his ego is only really outmatched at times but his honed and expert skill.

    Varn has now been asked to take a crack at what most feel in Greyhawk as the most famous dungeon of all time, Maure Castle, and Varn unlike most others has no fear of this place, really more an overwhelming excitement to see what lies within this places of almost absolute mystery!

    "Bris... hand me my kit." Varn says as he squeezes his way into a space only slightly bigger than his frame. His fingers somehow inches between his legs as his friend, and in many ways his voice of reason, Brisarion raised the small folded kit to the lithe and dexterous hand only to watch it disappear into the crawlspace Varn wedged himself into.

    "You know Bris... it's a good thing small spaces don't bother me." Varn says softly making light banter with his comrade as his slips a pick from his kit between his teeth and the other into the small keyhole type latch placed keenly within the small crawl space designed for the fresh air delivery of the massive deep underground complex.

    Almost got it!... Varn yelled as he grinned from ear to ear as the audible pop and click of the lock sounded within the small crawl space. A sound a rogue of his talent never get tired of hearing of.

    "Hey Bris... I got it... lets get the orb and get out of here, I've had my fill for one night... Bris?..... Bris?" Varn said as he listened carefully to the silence. Soon the sounds of rushing water and screaming creatures starting to become more audible and seemed to be coming closer. Varn shimmied from the small space, taking his time as not to hurt himself only to stare a wall of tiny demonic looking creatures as they nearly knocked him down on their way by. Bris was nowhere to be seen, but before long Varn caught him out of the corner of his eye. The much larger man scruffed the rogue by the shirt collar and lifted him and hustled for the entrance of the dungeon.

    "Hey hey!.... watch the shirt! Where are we going... we need to get the Or......" Varn said as he turned his head to see a wall of water rushing for the two of them.

    "You're too slow in that tin can Bris... you ran faster when you thought I had that damned holy mantle... run like you mean it!!!" Varn yelped as the wall of water lapped at Bris' heals.

    That seems how things go with these two though Varn will get them in these situation and Bris seems to pick up the pieces. These instances are few and far between as Varn is one of the best at what he does but even he makes mistakes. The two have been together in adventure and the like ever sense Varn was accused of having hidden a lost holy relic of Heironeous, a mantle. Few know he did at one point have it in his possession but had long given it to the one who paid him to retrieve it.

    Eventually it turned up in the grand city of Greyhawk but Bris has never really let the incident go, reminding Varn on a regular basis that he never should have given it the the man he was paid to fetch it for, the honorable thing to do would be to return it to the church of Heironeous. Varn is always quick to remind his large priestly friend that doing so would one, ruin his reputation, and two not making it a penny for doing so.

    The two seem to have a love/hate relationship Bris loves to try and make Varn a better person and Varn hates to give in a show a bit of conscience of any kind. Still Varn has grown a liking to the man he's traveled with for a number of years now, if nothing else it keeps things interesting when his job of choice can tend to get quite tedious.

    Mantle of Valor [Relic]
    This holy relic of Heironeous, bestows anyone of lawful or good alignment a +1 sacred bonus to saves. If this relic is donned by a cleric of Heironeous, and she gives up the use of a 4th level divine spell, she gains Spell Resistance (20) and +3 Sacred bonus to saves.
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    Hey you approved Roshan and we never even got into a combat. I've still haven't gotten to play any kind of 3.5 mounted character for any length of time. If I played in something this limited again I would probably go strait wizard or cleric 12. But don't feel bad, I killed a Lvl 10 game a few months back with a simple druid9/warshaper1.
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    Hi airwalkrr!

    Nice to see that you are back in action!

    Here are links to the old threads, in case you need those: OOC IC RG

    I will have to pass, though, as my time is a bit too limited at the moment, for such a huge campaign.

    Have fun, guys!


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    I would certainly be interested in this game, airwalkrr...I'm thinking either Cleric or Wizard. I'd be willing to play either based on the needs of the party, and what fits the game best.
    - Rhun

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    This is going to make me sound like an idiot but I have no idea how to use the enworld dice roller.

    Any want to show me where or how to use it please?

    DICE ROLL: Testing
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    Look at your own post (the one above mine). Make your Search roll (Take 20 if you must)!


    In our world, immortality is not for the living. The legend lives on!
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    Yea... I think with my luck at this dice roller I need to use the point buy system... heh...

    The dice LOVE me >:/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rathan View Post
    This is going to make me sound like an idiot but I have no idea how to use the enworld dice roller.

    Any want to show me where or how to use it please?

    DICE ROLL: Testing
    bottom right hand corner has a butto: add dice roll

    will go to a scree with a line of dice and in upper right corner a blank field. blank field will be for description of roll (such as search check)

    scroll down untill you find the die you want, enter number of die desired such as d 20 for skill or attack, or d 6 for stat roll. enter number of dice in field.

    go to large box at bottom of screen and choose relevant modifier information (+20 sor search for example or 0 for stats, but click on :

    COUNT the number of rolls which score X or more,
    where x=2
    to re roll 1's
    then click on
    DISCARD the lowest 1 rolls
    to drop lowest number for rolling stats

    if multiple rolls are wanted, click button on lower left corner for save and add more or center for a single roll.

    i see you already got the idea.
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    I'd be interested, as I am a 3.5 addict?stick in the mud?afraid of change? player.

    If there is room, I'd just fill in the missing archetype.
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