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    [Adventure] Desolation Island (DM: jsb420; JUDGE: covaithe)

    Desolation Island
    1st Level Adventure - L4E

    1. Finnean Fairhand (Son of Meepo) - Halfling Ardent|Rogue 1
    2. Jesse Tey'un (treex) - Tiefling Wizard 1
    3. Ardens (Circio) - Human Mage 1
    4. Cyrus (Darksteed) - Khan Executioner 1
    5. Damien (DemonicJester)- Bugbear Hunter 1
    6. Ixenvalignat (H.M.Gimlord) - Dragonborn Warlord 1
    7. Fierro "El Matascarabajos!" - Bugbear Fighter 2

    Judge: covaithe (some old albatross)

    The gruff and stern-looking dwarf sits at a table near the shadowy corner of the tavern. He looks at everyone with his one good eye, then he speaks. ”As I said, me name’s Captain Rogar, and I am a lookin’ fer some able-bodied souls, perchance such as yerselves, to help man me ship, the Salty Dog. I am bound for an uncharted island, and if’n rumors be true, tis haunted. It seems like them mages o’er at the temple to Mireva are a wantin’ to know what’s goin’ on thereabouts. I won’t say where this island is till we agree and we’re aboard me ship, so as to protect me contract”

    Rogar pauses to take an impressive gulp of his ale then wiping the back of his hand across his bearded mouth before continuing. ”But I will say that yer duties while aboard is to be do what yer told and stay out the way till needed, and no fightin’ wit the crew! I won’t stand for any landlubber wreckin’ me ship. Now if’n some beasties comes at us, then I’ll be expectin’ you to earn yer keep. The pay is 150gp each, and a rightly good sum it be, durn near double the goin’ rate, but it doesn’t come from me own coffers. I figure a couple months ‘afore we git back. You’ll also be gettin’ fed too, so no belly achin’.”, he laughs at his own words, ”Me ship sails out with the mornin’ tide, with ‘r without ye. So what say you?”

    1. Explore newly revealed island
    2. Investigate source of mysterious lights
    3. Encountered and defeated a pirate cutter. They're fishfood now and the ship scuttled.
    -Treasure awarded, +358 XP given, no time XP/gp awarded
    4. Killed Craud on the coral atoll
    -No treasure, +333XP each, no time XP/gp given
    5. Skill Challenge to make it safely to the mysterious island
    -No treasure, +250XP each, +167XP and 126gp awarded (4/20/11-5/20/11)
    6. Beach Landing and killed some undead
    -no treasure, +327XP each, 50XP to Fierro; no time XP/gp given
    7. Goblin Encampment: PC’s discover where the mysterious light was coming from – goblins. But they didn’t discover the reasons why. They now head towards a lone tower.
    -Treasure, +400XP each, +877XP and 682gp (5/20/2011-10/10/2011)

    Treasure Pool
    OOC: Treasure: I wanted to take a shot at splitting our monetary treasure out so that I can record it before I forget.
    Each PC: 150 gp (from the mages in Daunton)
    The Original 6: 470 gp + 250 gp goblet = 720 gp or 120 gp each.
    Original 6 time gp: 126 gp each
    The Remaining 4 + Fierro: 155 sp, 250 gp, 350 gp in trade bars, 300 gp in silks = 900 gp, 155 sp or 180 gp, 31 sp each.
    Remaining 4 + Fierro time GP: 682 gp each

    So it appears that the 4 of us who have been here since the beginning will have earned 1258 gp each.
    GM: I agree with this split.


    -Please use grey text or spoilers blocks "sblocks" for ooc discussion. If you’re unsure how to use them go HERE (warning: you are leaving ENWorld.org)

    -Please use Invisible Castle for dice rolling (be sure to register). ENWorld has a dice roller (but it takes up a lot of space). If you can't use either dice roller for whatever reason, post a link to the dice roller you want to use and I will OK it.

    -If you know you will be unable to post for a couple days because you will be out of town, or whatever, please say so and me or someone will NPC your character until you come back if there is a skill challenge or battle encounter. I would like to keep to a 48 hour per post per PC, to help speed the game up (you don’t have to wait a full 48 hours though). Once the allotted time has passed, ONE message will be posted in the thread and if not responded to within 12 hours of that message, your PC’s actions will be made for you (using at-wills only).

    -I will be using the honor system for skill checks. If I post a sblock that says "Arcana 18" that is the DC you have to roll to be able to read it. (please don't click on it unless you succeed the roll!) If it lists a character's name, only they can read it. If it is directed at a specific person anyone can read it. You can share the information with other people, but don't just copy and paste it directly. You of course can do other skill checks that I do not post.

    -I will roll the monster’s initiative all together, averaged out and post that number. Each PC is to roll their own initiatives, and any that are higher than the number I posted originally will be able to act before the monsters. Thereafter, turns will be posted in “block” format (monsters, PCs, monsters, etc). I will record the PC’s actions in the order they are posted.

    -Please always post what the attack or ability does in its entirety, even if it is for the 100th time. I have all the class books but I don't have each and every ability memorized.

    -During an encounter, I will post the defense stats and (after you know the monster is not a minion) the HP of monsters. This way you know right away if an attack hit. If your character’s actions provokes an Opportunity Attack, you can include it as part of your post. For such occurrences, I will only list Basic attacks. Other powers won’t be revealed.

    -I will pass out XP at the end of each adventure, as well as dish out any treasure/gp (unless specifically mentioned as part of the adventure)

    -You can distribute treasure however you like, but be sure to list any wishlist items on your character sheets, and if reasonable, I can include such an item into the treasure parcel. I like to choose the items as the adventure progresses (i.e. your PC has a low FORT and during the encounter that PC was constantly being hit as a result of the low FORT, I’ll add a neck slot item to help boost it up, etc).

    -Each player chooses a color. Please post your speech and thoughts in your character's color, using italics for the latter. On the battle map I attach to an encounter, any PC mark, I will highlight the target creature with that color for easy visual reference.

    -I will always be happy to answer any questions, comments and concerns. If I make a mistake (god forbid) please feel free to PM me or post your reasoning. I’m not a rules Nazi. I feel that flexibility as a DM is a must.

    -Last but not least, have fun!

    Adventure approved yah!
    Go ahead and introduce each other, ask any questions you feel are pertinent, etc. while I gather everything I need.
    Last edited by jsb420; Monday, 24th October, 2011 at 05:07 PM.

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