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    Block Dekana

    While Toeto gasps in surprise at the enormous crocodile, a smaller reptilian creature appears between the croc and Eithal. Thankfully, the newcomer is only Toeto's spirit companion and not another attacker. The spirit snaps at the croc quickly after materializing - too quickly, in fact. His teeth pass right through his much larger cousin to no effect.

    Stat block/Actions
    Minor: Perception 20. (1d20+12=20) At least I can see the one that I already knew about from Kaz!

    Minor: Call Spirit Companion in I6. I don't believe Sprout's made an appearance in the adventure yet! Toeto's SC is a ghostly basilisk, but I don't have a picture for you twilsemail. For easy reference, I have a quick summary of the rules for spirit companions in my stat block below.

    Standard: Protecting Strike vs Giant Croc misses Will 11. (1d20+9=11)

    PC:Toeto (Dekana) - L4W Wiki - Female Lizardfolk Shaman 6
    Initiative +5, Senses: Insight +7, Perception +12; low-light vision
    HP 53/53; Bloodied 26, Surge Value 13, Surges 10/10
    AC 22; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 19
    Speed 5
    Action Points 1


    Spirit's Shield
    Call Spirit Companion, Imposter's Finemail, Protecting Strike, Voice of Battle
    Certain Threat, Healing Spirit x2, Lizardfolk Recovery, Speak with Spirits, Spring Renewal Strike, Sudden Restoration
    Healing Word, Hungry Spirits Totem, Protective Roots, Spirit of the Healing Flood, Wind of Pain and Succor

    Any ally adjacent to Toeto's spirit companion regains +3 additional hit points when he or she uses second wind or when Toeto uses a healing power on him or her.
    Boon: When Toeto summons Sprout, enemies adjacent to her take 1 radiant damage and allies adjacent to Sprout gain 1 THP.

    Spirit Companion notes
    The spirit companion is treated as a conjuration with some exceptions.
    • It occupies 1 square like an ally does.
    • It is only affected by melee or ranged attacks (not close/area attacks or zones).
    • It is dispersed if it takes 13 or more damage from a single blow, and Toeto takes 8 damage. It is otherwise unaffected by attacks. It uses Toeto's defenses.
    • It cannot be flanked and it does not grant flanking.
    • The companion can move 5 squares whenever Toeto takes a move action. It is not affected by difficult terrain.

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    Yishim is caught unawares, but unleashes a bolt of energy which slams into the crocodile and pushes it backwards. He runs across the bridge seeking a better vantage point, but sees nothing.


    Minor: Perception 15 no clicky clicky
    Standard: Phantom Bolt vs. Croc 25 vs. Will for 14 damage, slide him east a square.
    Move: Run to L4.

    Yishim Stat Block
    Yishim- Male Human Wizard 6
    Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 20
    AC:22, Fort:15, Reflex:20, Will:19, Resist 10 Force -- Speed:6
    HP:41/41, Bloodied:20, Surge Value:10, Surges left:6/6
    Initiative +7
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
    Notable Feats: Action Surge, Phantom Echoes, Enlarge Spell
    Powers: Freezing Burst, Phantom Bolt, Shield, Levitate, Heroic Effort, Grasping Shadows, Maze of Mirrors, Orb of Deception, Orb of Insurmountable Force, Phantom Chasm, Visions of Avarice, Brooch of Shielding
    Other: Deathwalker's Boon (19-20 Crit Range vs. Undead, does not draw OAs from Undead and passes through thier squares as allies)
    PC:Yishim (ronakshah2000) - L4W Wiki

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    Quote Originally Posted by twilsemail View Post
    GM: I forgot to note that the hidden enemies are invisible. Luinnar, you can change your turn or I'll give you the attack without penalty.
    OOC: I don't mind subtracting the -5 for it being invisible

    Guess I will need elven accuracy: 21 vs AC re-roll (with -5 penality)

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    OOC: This is the one I used for sprout.
    Attached Files Attached Files  

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    OOC: Will post in this spot tomorrow.

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    "Layandsaykes! Thaya's thingies all ovah heayah! Whachout y'all foah the won ayat the eyand o'thah tunnel." Eithal bounds across the bridge to distract the crocodile and the creature lurking round the corner. With deadly suddenness, she lashes into them both, "Ah showah could yews some hayelp weyith theese two."
    Perception: 1d20+8=27
    Minor: Stone's Endurance

    to L7 triggering OA from Hidden Monster @M7

    Free: Mark Croc and Monster at M7

    Standard: Burst of Earth's Fury
    Target 1: Croc
    Attack 1: 1d20+13=17 vs. AC
    Target 2: Monster at M7
    Attack: 1d20+13(no hidden penalty for CB)=23 vs. AC
    Damage: 1d12+7=18 and target cannot shift UEONT

    AP: Mountain Hammer
    Target: Croc
    Attack: 1d20+13=29 vs. AC for 2d12+7=12 damage and croc takes -5 to melee attack rolls vs. Eithal UEONT
    OOC: Summary

    • Both Croc and Monster @M7 are marked by Eithal
    • Monster at M7 likely hit for 18 and cannot shift UEONT
    • Croc likely missed by BoEF, but takes 18 if hit and can't shift UEONT
    • Croc hit by MH for 12 damage and takes -5 to melee attacks vs. Eithal UEONT
    • Eithal has Resist 5all UEONT and Croc & M@M7 take -4 to rolls for attacks that do not include Eithal (Guard of Stone)

    OOC: On a tactical note: Please take advantage of my mark to draw the wail on the croc (or the monster at M7 if you see him). He'll have -4 to hit you, and Eithal could use the help.
    Eithal's Ministats
    Eithal Lemindt Arehei Female Goliath Warden Level 7
    Initiative: +3
    Speed 6
    Passive Perception: 18; Passive Insight: 13; Senses: Normal
    Powerful Athlete: Roll twice for Jump/Climb Athletics checks
    AC: 21; Fort: 21; Reflex: 15; Will: 17
    HP: 78/78
    Surge Value: 19; Surges left: 13/13
    Action Points:0

    At Will Powers:
    Strength of Stone link
    Thorn Strike link
    Warden's Fury link
    Warden's Grasp link

    Encounter Powers:
    Grasping Winds link 1d20+13 vs AC
    Hit: 1d12+7 and Eithal pulls each enemy within 3 squares of her 2 squares.

    Relentless Panther Attack link 1d20+13 vs Reflex
    Hit: 2d12+7 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)

    Half damage, and ongoing 2 damage (save ends).

    Effect: Before the attack, Eithal shifts her speed

    Burst of Earth's Fury link 1d20+13 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d12+7 damage, and the target cannot shift until the end of your next turn.

    Mountain Hammer link 1d20+13 vs AC
    Hit: 2d12+7 damage and the target takes a -5(Earthstrength) penalty to melee attack rolls until the end of Eithal's next turn

    Stone's Endurance link
    Effect: Eithal gains resist 5 to all damage until the end of her next turn

    Warden's Tempest link
    Effect: Eithal Slides the target 1 square

    Second Wind

    Daily Powers:
    Form of the Relentless Panther link
    +2 bonus to Reflex and a +1 bonus to attack rolls against enemies marked by Eithal.

    In addition, she can shift 2 squares as a move action.

    Special: Once during this encounter, Eithal can use the Form of the Relentless Panther Attack power while she is in the form of the Relentless Panther.

    Storm Strike link 1d20+13 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d12+7 Lightning damage and Eithal slides the target 3 squares

    Half damage and Eithal slides the target 1 square

    Bear's Endurance link
    Trigger: Eithal drops to 0 hitpoints or fewer

    Eithal regains hitpoints as if she has spent a healing surge

    Sudden Roots: Whenever Eithal hits an enemy with an Opportunity Attack, that enemy is slowed until the end of its next turn.

    Crushing Earthstrength: When Eithal uses her second wind, she gains a +4 bonus to her weapon damage rolls until the end of her next turn.

    Guard of Stone: While Eithal is under the effect of her stones endurance racial power, each enemy marked by Eithal takes an additional penalty to attack rolls for attacks that dont include Eithal as a target. The penalty equals her Constitution modifier and lasts until the end of her next turn.

    Courage of the Lone Stag: When you mark three or more enemies with Natures Wrath, you gain a +2 bonus to weapon damage rolls against creatures you mark until the start of your next turn. This bonus increases to +3 at 11th level, and to +4 at 21st level.

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    Block twilsemail

    GM: Luinnar, the nested sblocks were just progressive steps in the perception check. The better you did, the further into the blocks you got to go.

    As an aside, does an invisible creature even need to roll stealth to be hidden from enemies? It appears, from a review of the stealth rules, that hidden just makes you invisible.

    Kaz charges forward, slashing with his axe. The heavy blade of the axe bites deep and draws forth a high pitched scream, almost like that of a human girl-child. Whatever was hiding there scrambles back and becomes visible as it lashes out in its own way. Eldritch forces bombard Kaz.

    Sprout appears in a burst of near blinding light. He snaps at the crocodile, but the larger beast has retreated beneath the murky waters to hide from the light and the spirit noms on air.

    Yishim, however, drives the scaly foe back with his own arcane influence.

    The veil of invisibility vanishes as a small blue humanoid creature slashes with wicked looking claws at Eithal as she moves past it. She retaliates in kind and afterwards she gives the Croc what for as well.

    Scant moments after the veil drops, it rises again. The unseen beast rakes at Eithal’s back once more as she attempts to watch both it and the croc.

    Almost lazily the croc moves forward. Those with sharp eyes can see the vegetable matter on its back knitting closed some of its wounds from the axe. Quick as a whip the ancient beasts head leaps from the water, latching onto Eithal’s leg as she is mauled from behind by the smaller blue creature that no one can see.

    From seemingly nowhere, a red-capped and green-skinned creature rushes Kaz while he reels from the earlier onslaught. Fortunately, Kaz is just too quick to be taken that easily. The thing with an impish grin and savage looking sharp teeth stamps its foot in disappointment.

    Another voice can be heard snickering in the dark, and it’s coming closer to the party.

    Perception 15
    There is an invisible something-or-another in G7

    enemy actions

    OA against Eithal; hits for 14 damage. If eithal moves away from the sneaky guy, she falls prone.

    Blue/green's turn:
    Move: Shift to I18
    Minor: Slip Up; 24 vs. Kaz Will; Hit, Kaz falls prone.
    Standard: Befuddling Burst vs. Kaz Will

    Blue guy to the south:
    Standard: Claw attack vs. Eithal; hit for 8 damage

    Regenerate 5
    Move:shift to I7/J8
    Standard: Bite Eithal; hit AC 23 for 12 damage (2d8+4, not +6) and Eithal is grabbed until escape. Croc cannot make Bite attacks.

    Red Cap:
    Move: Move to H12
    Minor: Drowsing Puncture
    Standard: Charge Kaz; Miss

    combat status

    Toeto: 53/53
    Kaz: 58/58
    Yishim: 41/41
    Fredrock: 64/64
    Scarm: 49/49

    Croc: 22, -5 to attack Eithal UENT
    Mystery opponent:
    Small Blue GuyS: 18 and Cannot shift UENT
    Small Blue/Green guy: 15
    Red Cap:

    Enemy stats

    Defenses shown are the defenses that the PCs have hit and at what point they were hit.

    AC 29 | F ? | R ? | W 25
    MBA: Reach 2, +15 vs AC, 2d8+4 damage and the target is grabbed.

    Small blue guy
    AC 23 | F ? | R ? | W ?
    Aura: Enemies take a -5 Penalty to skill checks.
    MBA: Claw, +12 vs AC, 2d6+4 damage and if the target moves away before the end of its next turn it falls prone.

    Small blue/green guy
    AC 21 | F ? | R ? | W ?
    Aura: Enemies take a -5 penalty to skill checks
    MBA: Claw, +10 vs AC, 2d6+6 damage.

    Red Cap
    AC ? | F ? | R ? | W ?
    MBA: Short Sword, +13 vs AC, 1d6+3 damage and Ongoing 5 (save ends).


    Eithal takes 34 damage as the croc and a little blue creature team up against her.

    Kaz is knocked prone.

    More creatures are visible.

    You guys are up.

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    Block Mewness

    OOC: I believe that invisible things do still need to make checks to be hidden (invisibility grants total concealment, but total concealment doesn't prevent people from being able to tell where you are). Likewise, blindness in 4e doesn't prevent you from being able to tell where things are.

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    Block twilsemail

    GM: Cool Beans. Map's been updated.

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    Block Mewness

    OOC: Yikes, that croc has high defenses! It would be good if one of us could push or slide it a couple of squares up but it looks like we need to roll very well to even hit the thing.

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