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    [Adventure] Path of Cold (DM: Velmont, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    Path of Cold is Part 2 of the Path Trilogy

    Party Members:
    Incarnation Warforged Warlock 10 (Stonegod)
    Dane Thoradin Dwarf Fighter 8 (Nebten)
    Sigarr Goliath Barbarian 10 (renau1g)
    Hadrak Dwarf Cleric 10 (Mal Malenkirk)
    Raiyek Meliam Elf Paladin 8 (Lord Sessadore)
    George Stoneburner Dwarf Wizard 9 (johnmeier1)

    1. Please include a link to your character sheet in you first post of the thread. Keep your character sheet up-to-date as I use them a lot.

    2. In combat I will track your hitpoints and status effects, AP, Healing Surge and power used. But please assure you everything is correct, I'm far from being perfect.

    3. If you are using a wishlist, and it gets updated, please let me know. If you are not using a wishlist, no worries. In L4W, not all treasure will be from wishlists, but I do use them.

    4. I will roll initiative for all. You do not need to wait for you're turn in initiative to post your actions. Enemies will usually go on one initiative.

    Effects happen in the order you post. Any effects lasting for an entire round, that should effect you, do, but only once per round the effect exists, despite you're posting order.

    If you tie for initiative with the enemy, you will go first.

    5. I will not post full stats for enemies. All status effects will be posted. Auras will be posted once they first take noticeable affect. HP will be posted once bloody. Defenses will be revealed individually once hit. Some familiar monsters are modified.

    6. If an sblock is labeled for someone other than you, I ask you not to read it.

    7. If you do not post for 2 days, and we are in a skill challenge or combat encounter, I will allow myself to post for you. I will generally use At-Will Powers unless obvious survival choice are needed to be done.

    8. If you have an image you'd like to use for your token, please send me the file julien(dot)deslieres(at)gmail(dot)com.

    9. If Invisible Castle is down and you don't like ENWorld dice roller, you may use Dice Room or post your actions and I will make the rolls.

    10. Golden Rule 1: Have fun.

    11. Golden Rule 2: Spread your fun to others. Good roleplay will be rewarded by XP.
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