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    Quote Originally Posted by Systole View Post
    OOC: 11 hp

    Daylily squints at Relic. It's obvious that he's working a little slowly after his near death experience.

    "Nnnnnno," he says after a moment. "You is have many strong magics, and I am can still swinging hammer. And we is give mission by Tiny Elder. I am to go."
    Relic pats Daylily on the shoulder and gets back to his feet, his back cracking loudly.

    "I thought you might say that"

    Hearing the others words of support at least in part, Relic nods holding his head and says:

    "A walk would do my head some good. And I have some coin. I do not know the city very well, however. And considering I have no idea where we are, I will need some aid to find the Pearl. Perhaps the ... little elder upstairs could accompany me?"
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    "I can take Daylily to the church of the Stormlords just down the street. If I enter as my charming self, the clerics of the sea and storms will hold me in higher regard. I should be able to purchase several healing potions there. How much gold, sorry Daylily, yellow metal do we have to spend on potions? Besides, I am the only one here strong enough to carry him if he gets woozy."

    "I knew I would be returning to the dry church of Tanager. I just didn't expect it to be this soon. I wonder if that gnome was pushing dreams into my head while I was sleep."

    I have a meta reason to visit 'da church'.

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    "Sounds fine by me. I have two potions yet myself. If you are going, best hurry" The halglin hands over two gems, "This should be enough for two more potions."

    ((2 50gp gems for 2 potions of CLW, if you can find them))
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    "Come Daylily. We go to healer to make you better."

    Story they will tell of while they were away

    Arianna leads Daylily down the street, farther than she remembered from coming in. Once they are in eyesight of the towering temple of Tanager, the Lord of the Stormkin, she whispers, "I will need my pretty face in there." A muffled growl is heard as she dismisses her battle skin. Pulling her crutches from her backpack and adjusting her cloak so it is closed, she turns back to Daylily. "Let's go."

    Moving more slowly, but not as slow as she is used to, Arianna enters the church with Daylily at her side. She dismisses the thought of it as just the urgency of the mission. Approaching the most important looking halfling there, "My friend has been hurt in battle. We have come here for healing for him and to purchase potions so we may continue the battle."

    "And what is this battle?" looking up at the slow moving woman in a full cloak.

    "Undead creatures block the way to a thief we have been hunting." She shifts her weight to her tail and then tosses back on side of her cloak over her shoulder, revealing her true nature.

    "Ah, em. My lady. You do not look like one who fights. Let me see." With a little casting, his eyebrow raises. Staring longer, he chuckles.

    "Do it yourself!"

    Confused, "But I cannot. I can heal Teq Oola, but only because he is a part of me. I cannot heal Daylily."

    "Yes, Yes you can." The halfling steps forward, grabing her cloak and ruffling it, opening it wider and searching. "Now where is it?" Looking into her eyes, his brighten. "If you hand me that" as he points to her headband, "I will show you."

    She takes the headband off. and hands it to the halfling. "That was my mother's."

    "Tis here... In the beads... Tanager's pearls. These were your mother's prayer beads at one time. Tanager has been watching over you. He has chosen you. He has gifted you. Your battling ways will continue, but so will his way."

    The halfling wanders over to one of the alters, retrieves something from it, then returns to the pair. Looking to Daylily, "Come here proud and fragrant one. It is time for your friend to learn."

    "Take this my lady."
    as he holds an old, ornately carved wooden holy symbol. "Hold it firmly and feel the power of Tanager flow through you. Push that power out into the world in a flash. (in Aquan) Heal!"

    "Heal!" as the energy flows through her and the symbol, she understands pieces of her dreams.

    "That's it. Now to prayers." He goes over to the alter and picks up a book. "Umm, do you?" She shakes her head. Snapping his fingers, a younger acolyte comes running over and bows. "Teach the lady of the sea her prayers."

    "But I haven't time! We have friends waiting for us to return to the hunt."

    "Just do the basics. Bless, cure and speed. She could use it." Turning back to Arianna, "I will tend to your friend while you learn your chants. Memorize them. Come back after your hunt to finish your training. Take this book. If you are going to spend time above the line, you should take the time to learn to read. Much wisdom is stored in the books."

    While Arianna is learning a couple prayers and chants, the old inquisitor priest heals Daylily of his wounds.

    After a rushed job of memorization, "And now to our fees. It has been a pleasure opening your eyes to your true path, but we do have to collect for our work. How many potions did you want?"

    "We have five people, so ten might be good. We used five just getting in through the trapped door. How much of that healing energy will I be able to do on my own?"

    He snaps his fingers and an acolyte goes running off. "It depends on your strength of character. Probably six times in a day. All the people close to you will benefit at the same time. The prayers will allow you to heal individual people as well."

    Rummaging through her sack, pulling out all that she has earned so far, as well as Saranna's two gems, she finds she is a bit short. "Daylily, he needs more yellow metal." Between the two of them, they pay for the potions. (will figure split after GM gets back from family outing)

    "We have to go. We have spent too long as it is."

    "Well... return after your hunt. And good luck."

    Once they are out of the building, Arianna puts down her cloak, pack, weapons and her new holy symbol. She brings forth her battle armor, and gets redressed. This time, the holy symbol hangs around her neck. "That's new."
    Arianna and Daylily return about an hour later. "Sorry it took so long, but it was worth the wait." Grinning, an old holy symbol of Tanager hangs about her neck that was not there before.
    Thuvian and Arianna have enough XP to level. (1340) I dislike poof leveling, and the story in my head was too good to pass up at the moment, even if it stretches the LPF rules a tad bit. I have a lot of sorting to do with Qik as to how many of the 8 potions I could afford after leveling. 2 paid by Saranna, and Daylily has pleanty of gold. There are 14 CLW potions in the Arcane Row, but do we register the purchase there that would be at a church? Me the judge, and I don't know.
    Payments to process after the weekend:
    10 CLW potions (2 Saranna's gems cover)
    1 wooden holy symbol
    1 prayer book
    2-3 direct castings of cure light wounds
    Priest/Inquisitor: An inquisitor has access to Arcane Sight, so could look into her soul and see what casting she could do.

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    "No worries friends. There has been no activity to report while you were away." the halfling says and after gaining her potions of CLW, "If we are ready, we should go. With caution of course."

    Saranna Surefoot's Actions & Stats
    Move Action:
    Standard Action:
    Swift Action:
    Free Action:
    Miscellaneous Actions:

    Saranna Surefoot (Songdragon)
    Hallfing Rogue 1
    Initiative: +3 Perception: +9
    Conditions: n/a
    AC: 17 (14 touch; 14 flat-footed)
    HP: 12 of 14
    CMB: +0 CMD: 13 Fort: +1 Ref: +7 Will: +3
    In Hand: rapier (+6, 1d4, 18/x2) & shield

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    Thuvian spent the time waiting studying and writing in his spellbook. When he is done, he seems more comfortable and confidant with the challenges that lay before the group.

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    Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1/Cleric 1)

    Arianna hands over two blue potions of cure light wounds to each of her comrades. "These are simple cure light wounds potions. Tanager has blessed me as one of his children. I did not get all of my training, but will be able to provide more healing myself as Ioseph did."

    "Oh, these two red potions I carry only heal Teq. Do not try to drink them or feed them to me if we are down. He must be conscious and available to process their magic."

    Drawing her spear, "I am ready." "Hmmph. That's my line little fish." "Whatever. Let's go."

    Arianna Mermaid ~ Perception +3, Sense Motive +2, Stealth +1, Low Light Vision
    Base HP 17/0, AC 14, 12 T, 12 FF, Init +2
    Current HP: 10
    , Current AC: 14
    CMB +0, CMD 12, Fort +3, Reflex +2, Will +6 . . Move 15'
    Long Spear +0, d8 with 10' reach
    Spear Gun +2, d8
    Dagger +0, d4 or thrown +2, d4
    Active Enhancements: -
    In hand: none

    Consumables: 39 spear gun bolts, 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds,
    . . . . . . . . . . 4 days rations, 2 potions of Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon

    Spent: 100 gp of her 125 gp share of the fancy chest sale for the 2 LRE
    Spent: 502 gp communal money on 10 CLW potions, holy symbol, prayer book
    Summon Monster I: 7/day, 0 used
    .Cantrips: unlimited Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Drench, Jolt
    . Orisons: unlimited Stabilize, Guidance, Purify Food/Drink
    1st Level: 2/day, 2 used Mage Armor, Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon
    1st Level: Memorized Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Longstrider(d)
    Channel Positive Energy: 7/day, 1 used 1d6 healing

    Beast ~ Perception +11, Sense Motive +2, 60' Darkvision and Low Light Vision
    Base HP 17/11, AC 15, 11 T, 14 FF, Init +1
    Current HP: 17/11, Current AC: 15
    CMB +4, CMD 15, Fort +3, Reflex +1, Will +6 . . Move 30'
    Claw/Claw +4, d4+3
    Longspear +4, d8+4 with 10' reach
    Spear Gun +2, d8
    Dagger +4, d4+1 or thrown +2, d4+3
    Active Enhancements: -
    In hand: longspear
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    Daylily nods. "Is yes. This Snake Daughter, she is talk to peoples of your city-spirit's building. I am take fives drinking magics this time. Threes was not so many."

    OOC: Daylily will pick up 5 CLW potions. Where is he at for health? And tell me how much I owe.

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    The five ascend the staircase and return to the dilapidated sanctuary. While Arianna assists Daylily to the temple of Tanager, the remaining three keep watch in the church, although there is little to see except for the occasional bird flying to and from a few nests built among the rafters and the lengthening of shadows as the sun makes its journey across the afternoon sky. Once the pair return, sharing the surprising developments of the trip, the begin to turn their attention back to the business at hand.

    Descending the staircase, past the still bodies of their assailants, they inspect the door before them, which appears to be both unlocked and untrapped.

    OOC: We'll sort out the finances later; we're almost at the end, so I'm going to save myself the trouble of the number crunching until I can do it all at once. Anyone have a suggestion on how much it costs for a healer? My assumption is 50 gp for a casting of CLW.

    It took two castings to get Daylily up to max health. Also, are you saying that Daylily is taking 5 of the 10 potions Arianna bought? Or are these an additional 5?

    Let me know if you're keeping the same marching order (Arianna in the front, Daylily in the rear, the rest in the middle), and any buffing, etc, before you attempt to enter the doors.

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    OOC: Same marching order. Daylily will want 5 potions. If he can only get 4, he only gets 4. Not sure how the stock works out.

    Casting costs at 10g x spell level x caster level. Most likely 10g per CLW casting.

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