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    EN World's Features

    Just a quick note - if you're wondering why EN World appears white instead of black, it's deliberate. I'm conducting an experiment to see how an alternate colour scheme is received. There's nothing wrong with your browser! Note that you can change it back via the style selector in the bottom left corner of every page.

    Over the last few years, EN World has grown massively - both in terms of members (over 100,000 now!), and in terms of features. I thought I'd write a short article describing a couple of the features we have. You may well be aware of these features, some some more casual visitors might not and might find something that is useful to them.

    Gamers Seeking Gamers

    Our Gamers Seeking Gamers system is the largest gamer matching system on the planet - bar none. Thousands upon thousands of gamers use the system, which allows you to locate people near to you with whom you might start or join a game. It's easy to use - when you first use it (you must be logged in to EN World) it asks you your location, your preferred games, and so on, and it then displays the results both on a map and in list form. I've had five players join my group in just the last few months now directly because of Gamers Seeking Gamers.

    Play By Messageboard (or Play by Post - PbP)

    We have the largest and one of the oldest PbP communities in the world. Entire forums crammed with people playing RPGs online via messageboard! Not only that, we also supplement it with a powerful and secure online dice roller which is uncheatable.


    Our collection of RPG bloggers is simply enormous! You can start your own blog, or read other blogs - from new house rules to opinions to reviews to, well, anything RPG related you can think of.


    Our Groups system allows you to start a group (either public or private), complete with its own messageboard, calendar, and picture albums. It even integrates with our Gamers Seeking Gamers system, so that if your group relates to an event or game, folks can find you easily. It's great for personal campaign groups, local areas to communicate, project coordination, and more.

    These are just a few of our awesome features. Feel free to poke around and discover more - it's a big, big site, and there's loads to discover!
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    On a good screen it does not really matter what background you have but I have to say that i actually like the white background for reading ENworld on a tablet. The screen is much smaller there and you often read stuff out in the open (like on the balcony) and in such circumstance black on white is much easier to read than white on black.

    So if you ever want to create "tablet theme" then I would go with something like this. Perhaps turn the white down a notch (like crme or egg-white).

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    Well, all I know is the Gamers Seeking Gamers is the one section of EnWorld I have not been able to get to in 3 months. I have been getting error messages, & site not found.

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