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    Quote Originally Posted by ahayford View Post

    I'm currently debating about purchasing the Complete Combat and Complete Magic. If I do, I will likely allow them as sources.
    I would be very interested in playing an Elf arcane caster, preferable a sorcerer with the Sage bloodline. It is a variant of the Arcane from UM, but if you follow the link you see all the changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahayford View Post
    My current thoughts on stat generation are going to be modeled after Pathfinder Society Rules. Does anyone have a problem with point buy?
    I prefer it. Rolls never work out for me.

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    Yes - I prefer point buy as well. For class, I am looking at a rogue. Trapfinder specialty. What races are being allowed? Normal core races, or are you allowing others, like Tiefling? A Tiefling Rogue would be interesting to build.

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    I will allow Tieflings. This campaign will also allow each player to select a bonus Trait. The complete list of traits will be providied in the players guide. Tieflings will be required to take the Infernal Bastard Trait. It simply lowers some of your more monster like abilities to be in line with other PC races.

    Infernal Bastard

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    The World of Golarion

    Here is a pretty good wiki covering some background of the campaign setting. I'd suggest reading the information regarding races/classes in this setting and how they might differ from your standard DnD fare.

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    That trait sounds PERFECT! It does balance out the Tiefling class more to be in line with the other core races.

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    Would you also consider allowing Aasimar? I've ne'er played a Paladin, and was considering an Aasimar Pally. Not locked in yet, just my first thought.

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    Also, do you know where in Golarion you'll place the AP?

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    I have placed a basic introduction to the campaign location at Obsidian Portal here:

    Introduction to Shackled City

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    Very nice! I'm even more excited about the game now that I've read the intro.

    (I'm an OP user as well - same user name as here on ENWorld).

    I was toying with playing a cleric of Cayden Cailean - would that work, or would a cleric need to be a follower of one of the established churches?

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