Chicago Gameday 30 is Oct 15th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!
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    Chicago Gameday 30 is Oct 15th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Chicago Gameday 30 Sign-Up Thread

    Gameday 30 is Saturday, October 15th.

    ENWorld Chicago Gameday 30 is a day of FREE gaming held at earth's finest game store, Games Plus.

    To participate, simply post to this thread with your request to play in one or more of the events listed below. Event sign-up is first-come, first-serve. Be aware that the event schedule may be subject to change. PM or email me (buzz AT buzzmo DOT com) with any questions.

    The Gameday Facebook page is a great way to stay updated about Gameday 30.

    A FREE d30 for the first 30 players!

    As part of our celebration of the 30th Chicago Gameday, we will be giving away a 30-sided die to the first 30 players who sign up for events.

    BONUS: Roll your shiny new d30 on the "Gameday d30 Gallimaufry Table" once per event. The result could be good for your character, or it could be... less so. Your GM is encouraged to interpret the result as needed to fit your event's rule system.

    Gameday 30 T-Shirts

    A commemorative Gameday 30 t-shirt is available on the Gameday CafePress store. Be the envy of all our friends when you walk in to Gameday sporting this handsome garment! Available in long and short sleeves. These are sold at cost; the only profit is a massive boost to your gaming cred!


    Games Plus
    101 W Prospect Ave
    Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
    (847) 577-9656
    Hosts: Curt Duval & Jeff Swegler (owners)


    • 8:00am - 9:00am Slot 0: Breakfast
      Meet up for breakfast at Le Peep Grill (located across the Metra tracks, kitty-corner from Games Plus).
    • 9:15am Arrive at the store to settle in to your game tables.
    • 9:30am to 2:30pm Slot 1: Morning events
      1. This event is FULL. The Quiet Year, Table F
      2. This event is FULL. Supernatural, "Mixed Messages", Table D
      3. World of Darkness, "A Nightmare At Hill Manor", Table E
      4. Call of Cthulhu d20, "Grace Under Pressure", Table C (private room)
      5. Surcoat Medieval Fantasy Combat Miniatures Game, Table G
    • 2:30pm to 3:30pm Break for lunch!
    • 3:30pm to 8:30pm (or later) Slot 2: Afternoon events
      1. This event is FULL. Griffins & Grottos Medieval Fantasy Wargame and Roleplaying System, "Snakes? Why'd It Have to be Snakes? Wait, and Rats? And What the Hell is That?!?!", Table C (private room)
      2. This event is FULL. Dresden Files RPG, "When Vampires Attack", Table D
      3. This event is FULL. Ghostbusters, "Pumpkin Patch Panic!", Table E
      4. ICONS, "Eye of the Storm", Table G

    View a map of the Games Plus gaming area to see where your events will be located.

    Slot 0 (Breakfast)

    No limit to number of attendees.
    1. buzz
    2. Trevalon Moonleirion
    3. Lifelike
    4. Nev the Deranged
    5. Catt
    6. ekb
    7. strider1970
    8. Barendd Nobeard
    9. ...

    Slot 1: Morning

    Morning Game 1: The Quiet Year
    The Quiet Year, Nev the Deranged, Table F

    For a long time, we were at war with The Jackals. But now, weĺve driven them off, and we have this ľ a year of relative peace. One quiet year, with which to build our community up and learn once again how to work together. Come Winter, the Frost Shepherds will arrive and we might not survive beyond that. But we donĺt know about that yet. What we know is that right now, in this moment, there is an opportunity to build something.

    The Quiet Year is a map game. You define the struggles of a post-apocalyptic community, and attempt to build something good within their quiet year. Every decision and every action is set against a backdrop of dwindling time and rising concern.

    The game is played using a deck of cards ľ each of the 52 cards corresponds to a week during the quiet year. Each card triggers certain events ľ bringing bad news, good omens, project delays and sudden changes in luck. At the end of the quiet year, the Frost Shepherds will come, ending the game.

    No gaming experience necessary.
    Materials provided.
    1. Lifelike
    2. pvt. patterson
    3. Reidzilla

    This event is FULL.

    Morning Game 2: Mixed Messages
    Supernatural, Ninjacat, Table D

    The Crew has stepped in it deep, this time. . .right about up to their necks.

    Something has been killing college students, leaving girls' bodies as withered husks. Could be an incubus, could be a shtriga, could be any number of things that feed on human life forceŚcould be the freakin' Horseman Famine of the Apocalypse, for all anyone knows. Regardless, someone has to put a stop to it before Homecoming turns into a slaughterhouseŚ

    ŚLooks like it's time for another RoadTrip.

    Pregens provided; for ages 18+.

    More information can be found on my site, here.
    1. enigma1122
    2. Der Spot
    3. waterdhavian
    4. Vyvyan Basterd
    5. Laurie
    6. Tofu_Master

    This event is FULL.

    Morning Game 3: A Nightmare At Hill Manor
    World of Darkness, RFlatstone, Table E

    There are times when the rational world seems, if only for a second, to fall away. The leaves rustling in the trees on a still day. The movement just past the corner of your eye. We are taught to ignore the foolish impulse to react.

    But for those who look too long, too closely, there is another world pulsing just behind the facade of the one we know. Unimaginable things skitter by in the darkness, and sometimes they intrude on the reasonable, ordered world. They seep from the shadows, they rattle their chains and they force you to look. If you're lucky--very, very lucky--you'll survive what you see.

    But you'll never be the same again.

    A Nightmare At Hill Manor is an introductory adventure for White Wolfĺs World of Darkness setting; no prior experience is required and pre-generated characters will be provided. Due to some potentially graphic descriptions of horror violence, this game my not be suitable for younger or sensitive players.
    1. Dokomo
    2. Netter
    3. Catt
    4. ekb
    5. ...
    6. ...

    Morning Game 4: Grace Under Pressure
    Call of Cthulhu d20, buzz, Table C (private room)

    "Several American and French engineers together with a small Australian shipbuilding firm have announced the completion of a prototype ocean floor exploration habitat. The revolutionary vessel, the RSV Wallaby, is currently undergoing testing in the warm waters of the South Pacific... However things go, the Wallaby already represents a major contribution to the field of ocean engineering and is a spectacular achievement."

    --International Journal of Ocean Engineering, March 1996

    On the ocean floor, a young group of engineers and scientists will encounter something far beyond their experience. Whether they can survive it is up to you.

    This scenario uses the d20 version of Call of Cthulhu. No prior experience is necessary. Characters will be provided. The subject matter of this scenario should be considered PG-13.
    1. TracerBullet42
    2. Trevalon Moonleirion
    3. Barendd Nobeard
    4. Painfully
    5. ...
    6. ...

    Morning Game 5: Take the High Ground!
    Surcoat Medieval Fantasy Combat Miniatures Game, Mark, Table G

    Players will take their individual factions of Men, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and more, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and attempt to take and hold the prized territory!

    Table prizes will be awarded.

    Simple Rules (easily taught, no exp necessary).
    1. CoreyHaim8MyDog
    2. rvalle
    3. rvalle (ALex)
    4. rvalle (Nicky)
    5. Keel Tings
    6. ...
    7. ...
    8. ...

    Slot 2: Afternoon

    Afternoon Game 1: Snakes? Why'd It Have to be Snakes? Wait, and Rats? And What the Hell is That?!?!
    Griffins & Grottos Medieval Fantasy Wargame and Roleplaying System, Mark, Table C (private room)

    Your Adventuring Gang have been deputized to go after the Snake Cult Thieves who make their lair in the sewers beneath the mighty Ronk City-State. The officials have chained all the grates so they can't escape. Bring back the twenty-one silver snake armbands and the officials will open one of the grates for your gang!

    Simple Rules (d20 based, easily taught, no exp necessary)
    Pregen Characters provided
    Table prizes will be awarded.
    1. CoreyHaim8MyDog
    2. Tofu_Master
    3. William Ronald
    4. buzz
    5. Keel Tings

    This event is FULL.

    Afternoon Game 2: When Vampires Attack
    Dresden Files RPG, Ninjacat, Table D

    You've always known the city of Aurora was a little strange, a little dark..."The City of Lights" is kind of an ironic nickname, the history of electric steetlights not-withstanding. And sure, the Red and White Vampire Courts have always had a presence there, and the thresholds of homes are suspiciously hard to maintain...

    ..But when the vampires think they've figured out the secret of Aurora's darkness and how to tap into its power, when the Black Court also appears on the scene, making a play. . .Something Is Definitely Up, and it's all too likely the vanilla mortals are going to pay the price for it, unless someone In The Know does something about it.....

    When Vampires Attack is a Submerged Power Level scenario set in the Dresden Files RPG setting, the same as the novels, starring original pre-gen characters, with Fudge Dice provided- -Aurora is only 40 miles west of the Loop in Chicago, but it mostly stays off the paranormal radar, for some strange reason. . .could have something to do with the fact there's enough churches in Aurora to fit 1300 people in each one- -and Aurora has a population of close to a quarter-million...

    Suitable for ages 14+.
    1. enigma1122
    2. Trevalon Moonleirion
    3. Dokomo
    4. waterdhavian
    5. Laurie

    This event is FULL.

    Afternoon Game 3: Pumpkin Patch Panic!
    Ghostbusters, TracerBullet42, Table E

    Halloween Night -- when ghosts and spirts walk the earth in search of a Really Good Time. It's usually a busy night for the Ghostbusters as they get to deal with all kinds of paranormal perturbances. But this year ... things are going to be different. Now an ancient horror is rising from an unsuspecting pumpkin patch with one goal in mind -- perpetual Halloween, the holiday that lasts forever!

    Pumpkin Patch Panic is an adventure for up to six busters of ghosts. It uses West End's D6 Ghostbusters system. It is extremely easy to learn, so no experience is necessary. Characters will be created at the beginning of the session. (Again, extremely easy.)
    1. Netter
    2. RFlatstone
    3. pvt. patterson
    4. Barendd Nobeard
    5. Painfully
    6. Gozerean

    This event is FULL.

    Afternoon Game 4: Eye of the Storm
    ICONS, Reidzilla, Table G

    Thanks to the courageous heroes, Jupiter City is still in one piece... for now.

    Unfortunately, the threat of the Tarotist and the six remaining dooms he is charged to deliver still looms. Can the heroes find a way to prevent the inevitable destruction?

    Come join the heroes and heroines of Jupiter City as they face the latest threat to assail their fair city. ICONS is a simple super hero RPG with roots in the Silver and Bronze Ages. As an amalgam of the old Marvel FASERIP and the modern FATE systems, it focuses on the story more than rules and minutia.

    No Experience necessary. Pre-gen characters and dice will be provided. Just bring a craving for some four color action!

    The pre-gens are here.
    1. Der Spot
    2. Nev the Deranged
    3. Catt
    4. ekb
    5. ...
    6. ...

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    Can I get a seat in the insanity-inducing Call of Cthulhu in the morning?

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    Supernatual and Dresden please. Stupid too many good afternoon things.

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    St. Charles, IL
    Call of Cthulhu and Dresden, pretty please!

    And breakfast too!
    Last edited by Trevalon Moonleirion; Tuesday, 4th October, 2011 at 01:03 AM. Reason: me can speel gud

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    Hey Buzz

    Hey Buzz,
    I'd like one ticket for breakfast, nev's morning game, and bills evening game (Kill puppies woohoo!).
    Elijah AKA lifelike

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    OOOOOoooooOOOOOooooohh, x-rated gameday, sweet! Oh right, you just mean 30 *wink* I forgot...

    Anyhow, Mr. Buzz, if you would kindly put puffdebbie and me down for supernatural in the morning and icons in the afternoon. There's a chance that Deb may get stuck working that day, if so I'll be sure to mention it ASAP so you can free up slots.

    Reid, if you don't mind I'd like to give Blackjack Bane a try this time instead of reprising Mazzo the Great. It was a toss-up last time, so now I'll check out what I missed, if that's alright. Not sure yet about Deb, if she makes it, wanting the same character or a different one.

    Thanks folks, see you there!

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    Morning Game 5 and Afternoon Game 4 for me please.

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    Streamwood, IL
    World of Darkness in the morning and Ghostbusters in the afternoon

    Troy Pacelli also wants Ghostbusters in the afternoon

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    Breakfast and.... hm, I think I'll go with Reid's ICONS game. I've heard the game has some issues, but we'll see if we can't make it hum anyway. Thanks!

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    Yes, like Netter said - That's me, Troy Pacelli. Ghostbusters! Please!!

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