'Doc' Ivan

Recruitment/OOC Thread:


You are inhabitants of a small village of about 200 that is situated just inside the border of a great forest. You have grown up listening to the legends of the Ancients and of the Shadow Years, but since those years were long before your time, you consider them just that - legends. You are much more concerned with hunting for meat to supplement the meager living you scratch out of the soil, and with avoiding the dangerous creatures which prowl the area.
It is now the time of the year, however, for your coming-of-age and for the "Trials," in which you will be judged by the village leaders and elders as worthy (or unworthy) of membership in the adult society of the village. Part of the "Trials" Involves venturing forth into the wild lands outside and proving yourselves to be proficient hunters and fighters.
The sachem, the chief elder and leader of the village, possesses a device of Ancient technology (incomprehensible to you, other than its effects) that can kill at a great distance. You have seen this device used against a villager who attempted to steal it for his own. The sachem touched the device in some strange manner and a brilliant beam of light was projected, striking the Villager and searing a small hole through his chest. He died almost instantly and the sachem warned the villagers about attempting any similar theft in the future.
There is an old tale, however, that the sachem returned from his own "Trials" with that very device. It is by means of the power which this device gives him that he was able to elevate himself to his present position. It is said that the sachem had come back from his "Trials" from the west - a taboo area. It is said that only gods can walk in the taboo area and live. The only thing the sachem had ever said about his "Trials" is that the strange device had come from one of the houses of the Ancient Gods.

This year's "Trials" are to be different. The sachem has decreed that any who desire to be an elder or to sit on the Council of Leaders must go to the taboo lands in the west.
To prove you have done this, you must bring back a stone from one of the houses of the Ancient Gods. Therefore, at dawn you leave with your allowed weapons, a bow and six arrows, your personal melee weapon, and food and water for one week. You have little choice; if you desire to rule, you must go west into unknown danger. But, the thought occurs to you, it would be nice to have a device like the sachem's....

Your total knowledge of the geography of the surrounding area is as follows: the forest extends north, west, and south at least two days' journey in each direction, there are mountains to the north, and about a day's travel to the east is a wide river, on the banks of which is a large city to which villagers sometimes travel in order to trade.


Where do you go? (west will be more classic prepared adventure, but in each direction lies danger, weirdness and treasure)