Changing Opinions & Second Chances

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    Changing Opinions & Second Chances

    I tend to make snap judgements... a lot.

    Being so incredibly intelligent and perceptive (also handsome), this serves me well, for the most part. However I often find that on second viewing or after additional review, that my opinion on things like video games and movies often changes.

    Two recent examples are Avatar and Dragon Age II. I recently dow... err... acquired, a 1080p version of Avatar and watched it to kill some time and decided that, on the whole, it just wasn't as bad as I remembered it. I still felt it wasn't a great movie, but it wasn't the terribad mega-evil that I came away from when I watched it in the cinema and felt ripped off by it.

    The same goes for Dragon Age II. I recently bought it (no, really, for $13.99 I figured it was a no-brainer) and have started playing it and I'm finding I'm actually enjoying it, despite my initial feelings on it from playing the demo and coming away thinking that it was possibly the greatest heaping pile of crap ever to come out of Bioware's corporate arse.

    So, have you ever experienced a change of opinion after giving something a second chance?


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    I try to be fairly open-minded, so many things get re-evaluated as time goes by.

    Still not a big fan of tomatoes and lobster (bizarre, considering where I'm from), but turnip and sweet potatoes are regular fare for me now.

    Caught Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions on TV a while ago, and didn't find them as heavy-handed as when first viewed.

    Nickelback waxes and wanes in appreciation.

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