3.5 WotBS (3.5) Adventure Log
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    WotBS (3.5) Adventure Log

    We've been running for quite some time, I thought I'd add ours to the list for people to enjoy.

    I'm a player and not the DM so I may not be able to give all the insights of the DM, but here goes.

    Chapter 1, Episode 1 (February 4, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 1
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 1
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 1
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 1
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline) Fighter 1

    Begin Log:

    Day 1: Near Midnight on New Year’s Eve (Nightal 30th, 1369 DR)….

    As a group we go to meet a new group of people who have started up as ‘The Resistance’.

    The rumor is that the leader of the Ragesians (Drakus Coaltongue) has been killed.

    With Coaltongue’s death there is a power struggle in Ragesia. The Inquisitors have claimed the empire. The inquisitors hate magic uses not allied with the Ragesians.

    Magic uses of Gate Pass are deciding to stay and fight or flee, as Ragesian armies are marching on Gate Pass.

    The council of Gate pass has remained undecided on what the best course of action is.

    This 'Resistance' group has been organized to defend the city. The group is trying to keep both the Ragesians and the Shahalesti out of the city.

    We’ve been called to a meeting with one of the leaders of the resistance named Torrent.

    Our role is mostly going to be as messengers.

    We’re meeting at the Poison Apple pub….

    We see a woman,

    We figure out it's Torrent

    We make our way to the side door and Nemis picks the lock.

    We head inside.

    Torrent greets us and asks us to sit while she explains our mission.

    ‘Our mission grows more pressing by the hour…’ Torrent tells us.

    The cities in trouble, the Ragesian army will be here by tomorrow.

    She tells us she used to study at a school called Lyceum in a town called Sequen.

    This school and the 'Resistance' want to stand against the 'Rage'. We need to just get a message to them.. But teleporting magic has gone awry, causing people that teleport to be burned to a crisp.

    They’ve sealed the gates of Gate Pass… only military people are allowed in or out.

    We have a mission tonight. We’re to meet her contact “Rivereye Badgerface” He has a case that needs to reach Lyceum . We need to get the case and get out of here to Lyceum.

    Torrent tells us that the Resistance know of a city councilman named Erdin Menash, who is sympathetic to adventurers and may help us get out of the city.

    Grymtoe knows that Gabal’s school may aid us if they are sympathetic to our cause.

    Travel to Lyceum is a fairly long trek, with only one clear path absent teleportation. It will lead us through an everburning forest.

    We hear the bells tolling midnight, on New Years Eve.

    Day 2 (Hammer 1, 1370 DR):

    There is an ambush… we hear noises upstairs as well as from the front door…

    We get ambushed by some half-orcs wielding saps, and their pet dog. Outside we encounter their commander. We kill them all but the commander who we take prisoner. We drag the bodies inside and take their gear.

    We take the prisoner to his own inn room, and interrogate him.

    We learn that he’s a bounty hunter who was trying to capture magic users for a bounty from the Ragesians.

    We decide to leave him manacled and unconscious in his own inn room and head to the meet point the depository tower.

    Splitterin heals a burned family along the way…

    Farther along, a huge dragon flies overhead, and the townsfolk in the streets are scared insanely and we all panic and bolt in various directions, but recover enough to continue.

    We make it to the Depository and are allowed to enter.

    We hear the hurried steps of a Gnome whom we assume is Rivereye.

    The gnome leads us to the 2nd storey, and says he knows why we’re here.

    The gnome leads us to one of the lockers…

    He says we just need to speak the password and we can get what we need.

    When Rivereye realizes we don’t know the password he bolts. We try to tackle him but he eludes us. We do kill his Lantern Archon companion.

    He gets away…

    End Log (Wee hours of Day 2). New Years Day (Hammer 1, 1370 DR)….
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    Chapter 1 Episode 2 (February 11, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief1
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 1
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 1
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 1
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline) Fighter 1

    Begin Log: (Early hours of new years day....)

    Day 2 (Hammer 1, 1370DR) Continued:

    We continue our adventures at the Depository.

    Nemis opens one of the lockers, but sets off a fire trap in the process.

    The rest of the group searches the rest of the area.

    Grittil finds some bodies bound on the 4th floor.

    Nemis opens a second locker.

    Turns out one of the bodies is the unconscious Riverye. He says he was attacked by elves. We learn that they had a Wizard contact at Gabal's school.

    Torrent says we have to get the case quickly.

    We decide it's best to make our way to Gabal's Wizard school immediately.

    We get stopped on the way out by the guards who demand that they check things out.

    They make us take them back in to find the unconscious guard. The unconscious guard is roused and verifies our story. They call us heroes and tell us they'll report it to the watch and let us go.

    We're stopped at the gate between the districts and told we're not allowed to cross.

    Grittil knows of a safe house within this district that is open too the resistance.

    We bribe the gatekeeper and get ourselves through the first gate between districts.

    We do like-wise at the second gate and make our way to the school.

    Grymtoe tries to talk our way in. He summons to the door a man named Diogenes.

    We learn that the Lantern Archon was the Elf Shealis' Familiar. Shealis is a student at the school.

    We devise a plan with Diogenes that he will challenge her to a duel and we will steal her spell component pouch to hinder her during the duel.

    Diogenes, casts invisibility on Nemis and takes him into the school.

    We meet the elf in the school. Diogenes challenges her to a duel.

    Nemis sneaks into her apartment, and steals some of her components and her spellbook. He then discovers another elf in her bedroom looking at a map.

    The Elf rolls the map up before Nemis can get a look at it... Nemis waits in the room.

    Diogenes starts casting Charm Person. It has no effect, but the group loses sight of Sheails. The group, hiding in a nearby ally, decides to attack, but when they emerge from the alley they're hiding in, the Elf wizard is no where to be found...

    We soon realize that Shealis is invisible and flying, we 'chase' her back into her apartment, and track her down.

    After a long difficult battle in which Titanus grapples and knocks out Larion, we manage to take down the flying Shealis.

    We drag her inside her apartment and bind both her and Larion.

    We search both elves and Shealis' apartment:

    We realize the platinum coins among the loot come from Shahalasti.

    We also find a map, which are directions to a secret hideout within the Elven ghetto. It's a map to a carpenters shop.

    We then bind and wake Shealis... She immediately accuses Diogenes of being a traitor and accuses him of working with the "Rags"

    End Log (Early, early morning New Years Day (Hammer 1, 1370DR), Still Day 2)

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    Chapter 1, Episode 3 (Feb 17, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 2
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 2
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 2
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 2
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline) Fighter 2

    Begin Log (Early morning Day 2: New Years Day):

    Day 2 (Hammer 1, 1370DR) Continued:

    We intimidate Shealis into coming with us to the hideout indicated by the map.

    We bind and gag Shealis and Titanus carries the still unconscious Larion.
    We follow the directions on the map.

    We debate what to do with the Elves as it becomes apparent we're not going to be getting through the gates to the next section of town with 2 prisoners. We then hear a troupe of city watch and we take shelter in an ally.

    Suddenly a large reptilian form plummets from the sky... We turn the corner and see a Wyvern lying in the street and a rope dangling from a nearby building.

    As we're approaching a swarm of flaming bats emerges from around the corner and attacks us.

    Titanus drops Larion in the alley and decides to advance.

    Titanus quickly gets badly burned by the swarm of bats and we decide to flee.

    As we're retreating an armored Regesian emerges from around the corner.

    Nemis knocks Shealis unconscious.

    The group begins to retreat.

    Nemis then Kills Larion as he's sprawled in the alley.

    The Bat Swarm flies away, apparently distracted.

    The group returns and kills the Ragesian.

    Nemis kills Shealis.

    The swarm returns as Grittil and Titanus are looting the Ragesian.

    Torrent, Grittil and Titanus scare off the bat swarm....

    Torrent heals our group up to full using her wand.

    We loot the Ragesian, and attempt to make it look like the Ragesian was responsible for the Elves' deaths.

    We bribe our way through the next gate, then we come to yet another gate and find that it has been destroyed.

    We pass the destroyed gate and we enter the Elven Ghetto...

    We make our way to the building indicated on the map.

    It is a 'Gatemaker' shop, we see some light coming from inside, and smoke exiting from the chimney. It's a 2 storey brick building...

    We realize the front door is fake. As we're searching around a Raven lands in front of us and asks us if we're looking for the way in.

    We say maybe, and it says that the entrance is over here.

    The raven says he was sent by the Ragesians to recover the case, but he'll only take the case if we want what's inside of the case.

    Torrent asks "What if we can't open it?" And, implies that we shouldn't work with this thing if it's working for the Ragesians.

    The group debates on our course of action.

    The Raven asks if we're going to help get in or not.

    Nemis finds a secret door, painted to look like bricks. He also finds several dials and switches. Each switch is made to look like various celestials. Nemis also detects a trap. Nemis uses Comprehend languages to read the notes on the map.

    We deduce an elaborate puzzle with creatures and planes and alignments.

    Nemis flips all the switches and then gets Titanus to hit the sunbeam.

    We enter the shop...

    Grittil attracts some celestial badgers... Who are the good guys now.

    Combat begins...

    We quickly defeat 3 celestial badgers....

    The Raven flies into the room, and we explore...

    Two Elven warriors come down the stairs and begin firing on us...

    We drop one elf and continue fighting the second.

    We chase the last elf upstairs where he grabs the case... says we're getting it 'over his dead body' so we oblige.

    We dispatch the Elf and then grab the case...

    Kurychek tries to 'enchant' Titanis' mind so Titanis grapples him and we kill what turns out to be an Imp.

    We search the Elven hideout and strip the bodies.

    Torrent says we could probably rest here... we're deciding on what to do.

    End Log (Early morning hours of Day 2 (Hammer 1, 1370DR), New Years Day).

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    Chapter 1, Episode 4 (Feb 25, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 2
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 2
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 2
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 2
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline) Fighter 2

    Begin Log (Early morning Day 2: New Years Day (Hammer 1, 1370DR):

    We've just finished the battle at the Elven hideout and we've recovered the case.

    Torrent believes it's safe to rest in the hideout....

    Before we rest, we examine the case, eventually deducing that it's protected via an abjuration effect. We use a scroll of knock to open the case.

    We find copious maps and architectural drawings of an underground complex. As well as a book written in some kind of code. The languages is one that none of us know... We take out all of the documents and re-close the case.

    We're to take it to a Wizard school named Lyseum in the city of Sequen to the south. Torrent says it'll be a 10 day trip by foot.

    We set a single watch and rest.

    By the 3rd watch, the wood begins to burn down, and we have to stoke the fire.... we rest a full 8 hours until the middle of the next day.

    Day 2... midday.... we finish our rest.

    When we emerge, the city is very quiet...

    It's freezing cold when we emerge...

    We see the results of last night battle, but find that the gates are no longer locked and guarded...

    We begin to make our way back to the Inn where we left the leader form the initial battle. He was left shackled in his room.

    On the way we learn that the new years day festivities have been canceled because the city council has decided to let the Ragesian inquisitors into the city to arrest 'disloyal' spellcasters.

    We learn that the city has been sealed, no one is allowed to leave or enter.

    We head to the Mannish Inn... after an hour of hustling we make it.

    We find the room where we left the Human empty, Titanus finds his Shackles. The heavy warhorse and the dog we left in the stables are gone as well.

    We decide we should probably ask Diogenes for help in escaping the city, so we head to Gabal's school.

    Along the way we sell off the mundane gear we've accumulated.

    On the way Splitterin stops off at a temple and donates all of his share of the treasure that we've tracked down. He also spends some of his time healing the sick and wounded from the attack.

    We make it to Gabal's School.

    Grymtoe enters and the rest of us have to remain outside.

    Grymtoe speaks to Diogenes, he says he can get out of the town using his charm.

    Grymtoe tracks down a scroll and wand for Nemis while he's in the school.

    We spend most of the day looking for equipment. While on our way to purchase some mounts we notice someone 'suspicious' following us, but they dart into an alley nearby.

    We investigate...

    An armored city guardsmen comes out of a different alley and asks us to halt.

    Nemis deduces that it's not really a city guardsman and we attack.

    Titanus charges and brings down the guard that accosts us, but more pop out and fire crossbows at us.

    A tall dark-haired and roguishly hansom human runs up the street during the fight and kills one of the guards. After the fight we recognize him as Rantle.

    We kill five of the 'guards' and one surrenders. We bind him and leave him in one of the alleys.

    We speak with Rantle, he says he knows a local councilman (Urdin Menash) that might be convinced into helping us escape the city.

    After searching the bodies, we find some gold and find out that these are black-horse mercenaries who are trying to capture spellcasters and sell them to the Ragesians.

    Rantle asks us to do him a favor if we're heading to Sequen...

    He has a sister named Katrina who was planning to head to Lyceum for safety. He needs us to deliver her a message and hands over a scroll.

    She's pretty much the stereotype of a fire-mage.

    We leave the one subdued bounty-hunter unconscious in the alley.

    We continue on our way to get horses and head to Gabal's to meet Diogenes.

    Diogenes says he'll go ahead and 'deal' with the guards. Diogenes asks to see if anyone can help. Nemis says with some arcane aid, he can help...

    Diogenes says we're going to have to charm about 10 of them.

    Nemis hides in a crowd that the group creates and uses Diogenes' wand...

    We begin attempting to charm the guards.

    Between Nemis and Diogenes, we manage to charm all of them, and we speak to them, trying to convince them to let us go.

    "Of course Diogenes, we can do that for you, old friend!" the guards say as they agree to allow us to leave.

    It's evening when we finally leave the city, and we see Gate-Pass shrinking in the distance behind us.

    Torrent tells us that there's an old guard post where we rest for the night.

    After a couple hours of travel Torrent tells us we've reached the rest spot.

    As we're riding through a pass we're fired on by crossbows, but we can't see the assailants...

    We fight a very difficult battle being sniped by crossbowmen from the cliffs while horseman charge us from a clearing.

    Splitterin and Torrent are knocked unconscious but we manage to get them woken up and kill all the assailants.

    As the last assailants fall we see a lone horseman approach from across a bridge. As he gets closer we realize it's the leader of the group who ambushed us at the Poison Apple Pub.

    End Log (Early evening Day 2 (Hammer 1, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 1, Episode 5 (March 4, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 2
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 2
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 2
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 2
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline) Fighter 2

    Begin Log: (Evening Day 2: New Year's Day (Hammer 1, 1370DR)).

    The ambush in the gorge continues, the horse rider offers to let us pass if we leave immediately.

    Nemis manages to lift a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds from Renard.

    We agree and attempt to cross the bridge.

    We decide we can't cross in this weather due to the skittishness of our horses.

    We retreat back to the campsite and make camp.

    Nemis searches Renard and retrieves a magical cloak and a magical chain shirt.

    Titanus Watches the bridge as the rest of us search the campground...

    Nemis starts searching their campground... From one tent he discovers a man's frozen corpse laying beside a frozen grey cat corpse. Feebly wrapped around this corpse is a silk sheet which is radiating magic. Clutched in the corpse's hand is also a note saying "please don't let my death be in vain." In an additional tent Nemis finds a chest.

    We set up the Everburning Torch at the end of the bridge and set up a watch and rest.

    Day 3 (Hammer 2, 1370DR):

    We wake from our rest....

    We prepare to set out. We retrieve our everburning torch.

    We decide to get Grittil and Titanus across and then try to bring the horses across.

    Grittil and Titanus start across. We discover that there is a pile of rubble halfway across.

    Crosbowmen open fire upon us, when we're almost across, Kathor charges us.

    We fight our way across. and kill Kathor and 4 sniping scouts.

    But during the fight the scouts began trying to attack explosives they had buried on the bridge. But we stop them before they manage to blow the bridge.

    Grittil and Grymtoe decide the bridge is whole enough to bring the horses across one at a time. After a complex set up of leading one horse over at a time, we get the three light warhorses we retrieved from the battle across. We set the riding horses we brought to the battle free.

    We hit the trail...

    Just before sunset, we see the glow of feint red and orange on the horizon. The frigid temperature has warmed such that we see flowers growing along the roadside.
    Eventually we see the forest fire itself. The ground is coated in ash.

    Just before the fire we see a steaming river marking its border. Just before the river is a stone house off to the right of the road. Beyond the farmhouse there appears to be a pair of simple stone cairns.

    A dark haired woman is standing on the road in our path.

    As we approach she speaks vacantly. "The scourge comes, and the skulls of the dragon pursue you." Then she shakes her head as if clearing it and she apologizes.

    End Log (Just before Sunset on Day 3 (Hammer 2, 1370DR)).

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    Chapter 1, Episode 6 (March 11, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 3
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 3
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 3
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 3 RIP
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline 1) Fighter 2 RIP

    Begin Log: (Sunset Day 3: (Hammer 2, 1370DR)).

    Day 3 (Sunset) continues...

    She apologizes, my names Crystin, "We need your help."

    "I have these visions and I know that you can help us."

    Her father's name is Haddin Ja-Laffa.

    We follow her and take our horses to the stable behind the house.

    We enter the farmhouse.

    All the furniture is made of stone, looking as though it has been magically shaped. An old man sits perusing a book.

    A finely crafted warhammer hangs on a wall surrounded by countless beautiful paintings.

    Nemis asks what assistance they are in need of.

    She says the Ragesians are coming and that her and her father are spellcasters.

    We note that Haddin has a bad cough, probably due to the proximity to the fire forest.

    Haddin says where will you go, as we can't get through the fire forest.

    Torrent says she has some potions that can protect us from the fire.

    Torrent says she has enough of these potions for the two of them if they wish to come with us.

    We work on convincing Haddin to come along, he refuses all efforts.

    Grymtoe then challenges him to a duel on the morrow.

    Haddin says it sounds like a grand idea. If Grymtoe wins they'll both come with them, if Haddin wins then we'll leave them in peace.

    Crystin invites us to stay in the farmhouse.

    Grymtoe strikes up a conversation with Haddin. Grymtoe gets him to open up a little bit to him. Haddin has a very negative opinion of things. He seems very controlling of Crystin and glares at her a lot.

    He claims to have created the paintings many years ago.

    It become quite obvious to Grymtoe that Haddin has become soured by some past experience.

    Crystin claims that we'll be able to convince Haddin to leave in the morning.

    Grittil questions Crystin about the forest fire. She tells him that the forest has been burning for many years. Her father has told her that there is a magical guardian trapped in the fire which keeps the fire 'everburning.'

    Crystin also relays that legend has it that the Ragesians set the fire 40 years ago, in an attempt to establish an invasion route into Shahalasti, however it made an impassible burning forest that has kept the Ragesians out of the Elven nation.

    We set a watch and rest....

    Day 4 (Hammer 3, 1370DR).

    We awake...

    Crystin greets us and prepares us breakfast...

    Grymtoe, Splitterin, and Grittil prepares spells for the coming day.

    We hear a booming feral and commanding voice "Haddin, come out and turn yourself in!"

    We emerge and see a savage looking Orc wearing a clawed hand thingy, and a carved bear skull as a helm.

    As Titanus emerges from the front of the house, he gets hit by a devastating charge attack by an enlarged Orc dropping him dead. RIP Titanis Hedgepig.

    The door which Titanis had left emerged closes suddenly apparently by itself and the inside of the farmhouse is plunged into silence.

    Grymtoe and Splitterin make their way out the back door. Grittil casts some buffing spells on himself.

    Nemis drinks a potion of invisibility and searches for the source of the silence.

    Grymtoe and Splitterin make it out back, only to be ambushed by skeletons and a Goblin sniping them from the rooftop of the stables.

    Haddin realizes the front door seems to be 'stuck' (Nemis later deduces that a Hold Portal has been cast upon it).

    Crystin runs into a bedroom and hides.

    Grittil and Torrent follow Splitterin and Grymtoe out the back door.

    Torrent manages to turn the skeletons, but the enemies from the front of the house have made their way around to the back.

    Haddin follws us out and manages to dominate some of our assailants.

    The group is hard pressed as the enlarged Orc is dealing a lot of damage.

    The group manages to down the enlarged Orc twice, but the bear-skull wearing Orc manages to heal him twice.

    Grymtoe is rendered unconscious.

    The second time the enlarged Orc rises he lays a devastating critical on Splitterin killing him outright. RIP Splitterin Twain.

    A previsously invisible Goblin shoots Haddin dropping him unconscious.

    Crystin emerges from hiding to help, she magic missiles the bear-skull wearing Orc, but it is absorbed by his brooch.

    Crystin is then knocked unconscious by the Ragesian soldiers.

    The bear-skull wearing Orc unleashes a burning hands on Torrent, Grymtoe and Grittil, which knocks Torrent unconscious.

    Nemis manages to steal one of Haddin's spells before he bleeds to death.

    Grittil falls and Nemis and Grymtoe attempt to flee.

    Grymtoe flees towards the front of the farmhouse, but is commanded to approach the Orc caster.

    Grymtoe is knocked unconscious at the front of the farmhouse.

    Nemis sneaks to the back of the house, and makes Grittil invisible. He then steals a healing spell from Grittil and uses it to revive him. Before heading towards Grymtoe, Nemis quickly grabs Torrent`s healing wand.

    Nemis sneaks over to Grymtoe and heals him while the enemies gather the bodies at the back of the farmhouse.

    Grittil, heals himself and sneaks over to Grymtoe's location.

    The trio heals up using the wand Nemis lifted from Torrent and prepares an ambush for the last Ragesian soldier dragging the bodies onto a pile, while the Goblins and the Orc leader are in the farmhouse.

    Grittil and Grymtoe quickly dispatch the remaning soldier. But, not before he alerts the Orc Inquisitor and the two Goblins.

    Grittil, now enlarged¸ and Grymtoe quickly dispatch all three while Nemis heals them while invisible.

    We realize that Haddin, Crystin, and Torrent all succumbed to their wounds.

    RIP Torrent, Crystin, and Haddin.

    End Log (Morning Day 4 (Hammer 3, 1370DR))

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    Chapter 2, Episode 1 (March 18, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 3
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 3
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 3

    Begin Log: (Morning Day 4: (Hammer 3, 1370DR)).

    We loot all the Ragesians...

    We load the loot onto our now extra horses...

    Nemis searches the scroll case that Rantle gave us to take to his sister. He finds a note to his sister saying something about some Orcs came looking for her but he "took care of them."

    We look around the house before we leave. We find the warhammer, the paintings and a sketchbook.

    We decide what we should do with the corpses. We decide to burry our allies, but leave the Ragesians.

    When we head back outside. All of the bodies are gone!!

    We quickly gather our horses and head for the fire. We leave one light warhorse...

    We find a bridge that crosses the river and heads right into the forest. As we get close we feel the heat is pretty overwhelming.

    We feed our horses 3 potions and Grittil and Grymtoe consume potions and we head into the fire forest.

    Grittil notices that behind us we can no longer see the exit, as the flames appear to close in behind us.

    Nemis hears a faint howling in the distance...

    We continue down the road...

    About a 1/4 mile into the forest, we come across a trio of smoldering corpses lying in the middle of the road.

    After searching one of the corpses we realize one of the corpses is not dead... He says "kill me!"

    Nemis tries to get a healing potion down his throat. Afterwards, Nemis gives him one of our Stand the Heat potions...

    The man gropes around and finds a dagger off one of the other corpses in an apparent attempt at suicide. Grittil intervenes.

    We restrain the guy and tie him up and put him on one of the horses. This guy says his name is Durval. Durval asks if any of his friends yet live, we tell him the truth.

    We travel for a couple more miles. (One hour after leaving farmhouse).

    A fire creature falls out of the sky and misses Grymtoe, after a second a flaming Dire Bat emerges chasing the first creature.

    We realize the bat is attempting to eat the flaming creature a Fire Mephit.

    We defeat the fire bat and the Mephit flees.

    After the fight we recover, but as we're healing up, we see a wolf howling in the distance. It looks familiar, we think it's Splitterin's wolf animal companion.

    We attempt to follow it.

    We follow it a while then off the side of the path and we discover Splitterin, alive, but 'flaming.'

    He says he doesn't know what happened to him. Splitterin's wolf seems to be flaming as well.

    We decide it's best not to linger, and we press on.

    We find a bridge... it looks like part of it is crumbling.

    Nemis searches his way across and finds some 'weak' sections.

    After almost reaching the other side a swarm of flaming bats emerges from underneath the bridge....

    we kill off the fire bat swarm and Nemis continues to search the bridge.

    After an exhaustive 2 hour search Nemis deduces the dangerous areas of the bridge.

    Nemis looks down and sees a broken wagon at the bottom of the gorge and detects magic.

    Nemis turns himself into a raven and flies down to search the wagon.

    It's about 3pm by the time we finish the search of the bridge, we're deciding what to do about the bridge and horses.

    We decide to attempt to lead the warhorse across the bridge, but it falls into the gorge.

    Splitterin attempts to climb down and 'rescue it', but falls in, in the attempt. Splitterin is forced to put the horse out of its misery.

    We set the remaining horses, and Durval, free back towards Gate Pass.

    We decide to rest, leaving Splitterin in the gorge until morning when he gets his spells back.

    We set a watch and rest until the next morning....

    We wake.

    Day 5 (Hammer 4th, 1370DR).

    We wake, prepare and depart.

    We travel down the road another 3 hours and come to another bridge...

    As Grittil is crossing the bridge a Hell Hound comes out onto the other end of the bridge and drops a femur.

    Grittil attacks it, the hound retaliates and we defeat it in a battle.

    Nemis inspects the femur. He notices some writing on it saying: "Leave the case, cooperate and we might find an arrangement to spare your lives. Carry this with you if you wish to bargain."

    We decide to press on, keeping both the case and the bone.

    Suddenly a Bearded Devil appears and says we didn't negotiate and attacks us.

    The devil appears in our midst and summons in some lemurs.

    Splitterin is gravely wounded but somehow survives, getting himself back up and in the fight.

    Splitterin's wolf however falls and dies. RIP Splitterin's Wolf.

    After killing all the Lemure's and wounding the Bearded Devil moderately it says 'good fight' and disappears.

    End Log Day 5 (Hammer 4th, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 2, Episode 2 (March 30, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 3
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 3
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 3
    Splitterin Twain; Flaming Strongheart Halfling Druid
    Titanis Hedgepig; Flaming Orc (Titan Bloodline 1) Fighter

    Begin Log: (Morning Day 5: (Hammer 4th, 1370DR)).

    We travel the remainder of the day...

    In the evening we reach a third bridge. This bridge has a tower right in the middle halfway across.

    A firewall appears across the pathway behind us. Then trees in front of us crash across the path blocking our path.

    Then a spear coalesces and cracks down onto the path, turning into 3 fiery stags, who look like their about to attack us.

    The wall behind us moves toward us.

    Titanus, Splitterin and Grittil fight the stags as Nemis and Grymtoe move away from the wall.

    Grymtoe and Nemis cross the fallen tree obstacle.

    Grittil falls, Titanus and Splitterin fight on.

    Nemis returns across the burning trees obstacle and gets Grittil back on his feet.

    Titanus and Splitterin fall.

    Grittil falls again after healing himself a bit.

    Nemis makes his way back across the barrier.

    Grymtoe and Nemis fight the last stag as it crosses to the barrier.

    Grymtoe and Nemis are forced to flee down the river.

    Grittil, Splitterin and Titanus die of their wounds.

    RIP: Grittil, Splitterin, Titanus.

    After a desperate swim down the river Grymtoe downs the last stag.

    We hear a voice booming out of the trees.

    It promises us the ability to live forever if we come to the lake and release it.

    We have to silent the 40 voices that hold him prisoner.

    He is Indomitability.

    It tells us to rest in the village beyond the river.

    When Nemis and Grymtoe return to the sight of the battle we find our friends standing like zombies.

    We agree to free this 'thing' and it revives our friends.

    It also grants us its 'boon.'

    End Log: Day 5 (Hammer 4th, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 2, Episode 3 (April 8, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 3
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 3
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 3
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 3
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline 1) Fighter 2

    Begin Log: (Day 5: (Hammer 4th, 1370DR)).

    We move up to the tower and investigate it.

    Nemis detects a trap on the Tower's door.

    We move to the middle of the bridge and make camp to have a rest for the evening.

    We complete our rest.

    Day 6: (Hammer 5th, 1370DR):

    Nemis tries to disable the trap, but only manages to spring it. We're chased away by a spiritual hammer trap.

    We return to the door and Titanus bashes the door down.

    Inside the door we see a stone block with a continual flame burning atop it. It has a message written on it in Elven. It says Say Password.

    Nemis says password in Elvish and the block moves away from the door.

    We see in the room two corpses with weapons strewn about.

    Nemis takes some time to search the room. Doesn't find anything.

    There are also stairs going up.

    On the second floor we see a table with a holy symbol shaped like a glowing orb, like a sunburst.

    On the table next to the holy symbol is a small wooden map of the table. The map looks like it has several ways to defend the town.

    We also find a log book written in Elven...

    And another set of stairs.

    Nemis takes his time searching the room, but finds nothing more of interest except that he deduces that the river we're at is in fact the white river.

    We head up to the 3rd floor.

    On the third floor we find an empty room with a closet.
    After a search and opening of the closet we find a pouch full of 7 black seeds shaped like claws. Written on the pouch is "Take one for visions for the 'Firemaker'. Do not take more. These are poisonous.

    The seeds are not magical however.

    We decide to head into the village, heading towards the shrine noted in the log book.

    We get to where the shrine is indicated. We note several buildings built into the trees.

    The village is a quarter mile across. In its centre is the shrine.

    The shrine is a beautiful fountain shaped like a willow tree. A walkway of stepping stone leads to the trunk of the tree. The stone willow tree is covered with ash.

    As we're approaching, we are attacked by two ghasts.

    After a long hard fight we defeat the ghasts.

    Nemis searches and finds a secret door in the trunk of the tree.

    We retreat to the tower and attempt to rest in the tower.

    Day 7: (Hammer 6th, 1370 DR).

    We head back to the stone tree.

    Nemis 'dissables' the trap on the door and we open the secret door in the trunk of the shrine.

    Inside we see a stairway heading down. It's bathed in blue luminescence. We proceed...

    The steps lead 20 feet down. We take them and enter a 20' diameter chamber radiating peace and calmness.

    In the centre of the chamber is a statue depicting an Elven women plunging a wooden greatsword through a great stag.

    There are two still bodies lying before the statue.

    The first figure is of a Shahalasti soldier and his body flickers.

    The second body is that of a priest wearing red robes. The Elven priest has several scratch wounds on it and it doesn't breath.

    A heavy mace rests beside the body pointing to a glass case that has been shattered with its contents empty.

    Grymtoe detects magic on the Shahalasti soldier and on the mace.

    The aura on the Elf is transmutation.

    Nemis takes his time and searches the room.

    Nemis doesn't find anything out of the ordinary.

    The mace identifies itself as a heavy mace +1

    Heavy Mace +1 (good aligned, grants a bonus to the heal skill), <Grittil>.

    Looks like the glass case may have held some kind of religious relic.

    We decide which option to take next.

    We decide to walk upstream in an attempt to find what the log mentioned as 'hidden.'

    As we're trekking up river, we're overcome by a wave of cinders that scorches Grymtoe badly.

    We keep trekking and two more waves of cinders wash over us.

    As we press on a flying creature flies out of the trees at us.

    We fight and kill a Rast.

    We keep trekking.

    As we're trekking, we see the bearded devil appear. He lays his glaive at his feet and hails us with a friendly grin.

    "Hail champions, it is sad that we meet under such a bad situation. You flee Gate Pass to a temporary safety. We don't have to have us come to blows.
    I am one of their dogs, leashed and collared by one of the inquisitors. You have my respect, you fight well. He shares with us the desire to escape. We can work together."

    End Log Day 7 (Hammer 6th, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 2, Episode 4 (April 15, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 4
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 4
    Grittil Rockstaff; Flaming Dwarf Cleric 4
    Splitterin Twain; Flaming Strongheart Halfling Druid 4
    Titanis Hedgepig; Flaming Orc (Titan Bloodline 1) Fighter 3

    Begin Log: (Day 7: (Hammer 6th, 1370DR)).

    We just met the devil on our trek up the river.

    We negotiate with the bearded devil...

    We agree to 'work together'...

    'here's the plan. A day's march down river is the fey village. The village of the wicked and twisted fey."

    "Silence their song and you will free the spirit."

    "I will help you fight"

    "Once indomitiability is free, the forest will likely burn itself out."

    "There is just one more small thing... he needs to take that 'case' their to my superiors."

    When we've freed the spirit we'll give him the case...

    He agrees and says he'll come back when we need him and then he winks away.

    We decide to continue to head up-stream.

    We travel for the remainder of this day.

    We make camp for the night...

    At the end of the night, a group of fire elementals charge from the forest and attack us.

    We defeat 6 small elementals and one large elemental.

    We heal up a bit.

    Day 8 (Hammer 7th, 1370DR).

    We press on up-river.

    We travel for half a day.

    We see mist and hear what sounds like a large waterfall.

    As we get closer, we see the mountains shadowing over the edge of the forest and framing it in the north.

    A beautiful waterfall cascades down the cliff-face and pours over the roof of a small shrine that sits on an island in the lake at the base of the waterfall.
    Nemis flies across to the shrine, and tries to sneak in.

    Nemis catches a glimpse of a Unicorn inside the shrine.

    We converse.

    "My name is Nell, and I am a friend of the Seela."

    They hold this spirit captive.

    "So you know of this Trillith?"

    "Is it some sort of slumbering spirit force that keeps the flame alive sustaining the trees and all life of the forest.

    "The Seela know that it keeps the forest from burning to ashes, and most believe it keeps them alive." "They believe that if it dies/leaves, they will die."

    "Many among them believe that is a preferred fate."

    "I have never gone far down river, my duty is hear."

    Nemis now hears cries and moans echoing down the cave.

    Nell shows Nemis his 'duty'

    There are 18 Elves burning in flame and twisted in agony lying on the floor.

    "We've been trying for many years to find a cure for what afflicts."

    "Trying to keep the Seela alive and kill the Trillith."

    Bhurisrava (the cleric whose journal we found), brought Nell the victims. The Elf priest was a good man. He asked Nell to watch these Seela so that he would not be tempted to take their lives.

    Seela look like a fey creature with leafy wings.

    He says he can't heal us, but we can rest here until we're fully healed.
    He presents us with a small 'token'

    An eagle and dragon chasing each other. "You and your companions can pull a total of 3 feathers from the eagle, and 3 scales from the dragon." They will functions as feather tokens.

    "He warns us we should be careful of teleportation."

    We decide to rest in the shrine and try until our diseases go away.

    We rest for a day.

    Day 9 (Hammer 8th, 1370DR).

    We heal up our diseases and our damaged stats.

    Splitterin aids the Unicorn's efforts to heal the injured.

    We rest again.

    Day 10 (Hammer 9th, 1370DR).

    Nell tells us he doesn't know how to kill this thing, or if the Seela have figured out how to kill it.

    "We should seek out a Seela named Tiljann, she may be able to help us."

    We should be able to find her at the lake.

    We take the 6 tokens, 3 boats, 1 bird, 2 whips.

    We set out downriver towards the Seela village.

    End Log (Day 10 (Hammer 9th, 1370DR)).

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