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    WotBS (3.5) Adventure Log

    We've been running for quite some time, I thought I'd add ours to the list for people to enjoy.

    I'm a player and not the DM so I may not be able to give all the insights of the DM, but here goes.

    Chapter 1, Episode 1 (February 4, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 1
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 1
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 1
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 1
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline) Fighter 1

    Begin Log:

    Day 1: Near Midnight on New Year’s Eve (Nightal 30th, 1369 DR)….

    As a group we go to meet a new group of people who have started up as ‘The Resistance’.

    The rumor is that the leader of the Ragesians (Drakus Coaltongue) has been killed.

    With Coaltongue’s death there is a power struggle in Ragesia. The Inquisitors have claimed the empire. The inquisitors hate magic uses not allied with the Ragesians.

    Magic uses of Gate Pass are deciding to stay and fight or flee, as Ragesian armies are marching on Gate Pass.

    The council of Gate pass has remained undecided on what the best course of action is.

    This 'Resistance' group has been organized to defend the city. The group is trying to keep both the Ragesians and the Shahalesti out of the city.

    We’ve been called to a meeting with one of the leaders of the resistance named Torrent.

    Our role is mostly going to be as messengers.

    We’re meeting at the Poison Apple pub….

    We see a woman,

    We figure out it's Torrent

    We make our way to the side door and Nemis picks the lock.

    We head inside.

    Torrent greets us and asks us to sit while she explains our mission.

    ‘Our mission grows more pressing by the hour…’ Torrent tells us.

    The cities in trouble, the Ragesian army will be here by tomorrow.

    She tells us she used to study at a school called Lyceum in a town called Sequen.

    This school and the 'Resistance' want to stand against the 'Rage'. We need to just get a message to them.. But teleporting magic has gone awry, causing people that teleport to be burned to a crisp.

    They’ve sealed the gates of Gate Pass… only military people are allowed in or out.

    We have a mission tonight. We’re to meet her contact “Rivereye Badgerface” He has a case that needs to reach Lyceum . We need to get the case and get out of here to Lyceum.

    Torrent tells us that the Resistance know of a city councilman named Erdin Menash, who is sympathetic to adventurers and may help us get out of the city.

    Grymtoe knows that Gabal’s school may aid us if they are sympathetic to our cause.

    Travel to Lyceum is a fairly long trek, with only one clear path absent teleportation. It will lead us through an everburning forest.

    We hear the bells tolling midnight, on New Years Eve.

    Day 2 (Hammer 1, 1370 DR):

    There is an ambush… we hear noises upstairs as well as from the front door…

    We get ambushed by some half-orcs wielding saps, and their pet dog. Outside we encounter their commander. We kill them all but the commander who we take prisoner. We drag the bodies inside and take their gear.

    We take the prisoner to his own inn room, and interrogate him.

    We learn that he’s a bounty hunter who was trying to capture magic users for a bounty from the Ragesians.

    We decide to leave him manacled and unconscious in his own inn room and head to the meet point the depository tower.

    Splitterin heals a burned family along the way…

    Farther along, a huge dragon flies overhead, and the townsfolk in the streets are scared insanely and we all panic and bolt in various directions, but recover enough to continue.

    We make it to the Depository and are allowed to enter.

    We hear the hurried steps of a Gnome whom we assume is Rivereye.

    The gnome leads us to the 2nd storey, and says he knows why we’re here.

    The gnome leads us to one of the lockers…

    He says we just need to speak the password and we can get what we need.

    When Rivereye realizes we don’t know the password he bolts. We try to tackle him but he eludes us. We do kill his Lantern Archon companion.

    He gets away…

    End Log (Wee hours of Day 2). New Years Day (Hammer 1, 1370 DR)….
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