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    Chapter 2, Episode 5 (April 27, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 4
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 4
    Grittil Rockstaff; Flaming Dwarf Cleric 4
    Splitterin Twain; Flaming Strongheart Halfling Druid 4
    Titanis Hedgepig; Flaming Orc (Titan Bloodline 1) Fighter 3

    Begin Log: Day 10 (Hammer 9th, 1370DR)).

    We walk down river for 3 days, days 10, 11, and 12.

    Day 12: (end of day of travel).

    At the end of the Day some of us hear wisps of song emerge from the ever-present roar of the forest fire.

    We hear coming from down-river that, that is where the voice is coming from.

    We proceed cautiously. We see a bridge and a tower atop it.

    we approach and see a single singing female.

    We approach her.

    She stops her song when she sees Titanus.

    She looks relieved, but then it quickly turns to surprise as four figures appear and attack Titanus.

    After a very hard fight in which several people fall unconscious we win, only after Kyzak appears and aids us.

    During the fight, something or someone drags Titanus and Tiljann away from the fight.

    We decide to give chase.

    End Log: End of Day 12 (Hammer 11th, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 2, Episode 6 (May 7, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling Spellthief 4
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf Evoker 4
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf Cleric 4
    Splitterin Twain; Strongheart Halfling Druid 4 RIP
    Titanis Hedgepig; Orc (Titan Bloodline 1) Fighter 3 RIP

    Begin Log: Day 12 (Hammer 11th, 1370DR)).

    We continue the battle... chasing down the bodies being dragged away.

    We eventually heal up and catch up to the fleeing Seela with Titanus and Tiljann's bodies.

    We confront them. In the fray one of them attempts to kill Tiljann, Nemis gives her a potion of healing in an attempt to heal her.

    Nemis does manage to save Tiljann's life.

    We lose sight of the last Seela rebel.

    Grittil heals Tiljann awake.

    We converse with Tiljann.

    The spirit of the great stag lies at the bottom of lake Seela.

    Her people are divided on what to do.

    She gives us some background on her people and Anaierial a hero who initially trapped the stag in the lake.

    Some believe that perhaps his spirit can keep her spirit alive. If they destroy the 'Trilith' spirit.

    She asks if we will accompany her to her village.

    Buhl told her that's there's something that he came across that could help her save her people.

    Buhl has been acting strangely as of late, but was an old friend of hers.

    The leader of her people is Papuvin, 'a great and strong leader' but he is stubborn in his ways of keeping the Stag trapped.

    She leads us to her village. Down a dried up path leading off the other river.

    We walk for a few hours. We plan to rest at the village.

    Up ahead the shores of river widen, fire still burns atop the cliffs above the distant banks.

    We can see the grey surface of a murky lake.

    The heat here is weaker.

    A haunting chorus pierces the air.

    The voices singing seem weary.

    The singers begin beating a loud drum as we approach.

    From atop the cliff we see Papuvin, their leader.

    Papuvin says we are welcome to stay in their village, take rest, and recover from our wounds. But do not interrupt the song.

    We rest for the evening.

    Day 13: (Hammer 12, 1370 DR)

    We wake.

    Tiljann greets us and brings us some food.

    She offers to take us around her village and introduce her to some people.

    It was her old friend Buhl who sent her to where she was attacked.

    She tells us that the 'Song of Forms' has always been sung.

    Dryad named Timbre who lives in the first tree, the oldest tree of the forest. The blade of the hero who pinned the Stag is cut from the wood of that tree.

    None have been able to speak to the Dryad for the past 40 years. If there was some way to make Timbre accessible we might be able to come up with a plan.

    She must warn us that her grove is inaccessible.

    There is also a nymph name Gwynevere at the other side of the lake. She may be able to help us.

    Grymtoe casts comprehend languages to listen to the song.

    Recovering the blade could be key to saving her people as it was cut from the first tree, and her people essence is tied to the first tree.

    She tells us that Gwynevere's pool is 4 miles from the village and shows us where it is.

    She then tells us where the Dryad's grove is.

    We head to the Nymphs pool, some 4 miles away.

    We come across a pool that is very beautiful.

    The water is 3 feet deep. Crimson flowers crackles atop the island in the centre of the pool.
    Scattered along the shore are bits of animal bones.

    We call out to Gwynavere. 'We come in peace, we are friends of the Seela. We come for your guidance.'

    A Bog Hag emerges from the water and hisses at us and attacks us.

    Titanus is brain addled, but we defeat the Hag.

    We use a feather boat token and paddle across to the cave.

    We head into the cave.

    At the back of the cave is a small shrine. We find an alter with a lock of hair. There is a full length mirror with a stone idol.

    Nemis moves in and detect magic about the room.

    We detect necromacy aura coming specifically from the mirror.

    We fish the body of the Hag out and search the body.

    We don't find anything on the body.

    We're deciding on our course of action.

    We decide to camp in cave and put a plan into action.

    Day 14 (Hammer 13, 1370 DR).

    We get the lock of hair, but not before Splitterin is cursed with the appearance of a Hag.

    Grymtoe searches the water of the pond.

    He finds the entrance to an underwater cave.

    We travel back to the Seela village.

    We look for Tiljann.

    She has a look of astonishment when we show her the hair. It's a lock of hair of the hero. This might be enough to convince the Dryad to speak with us.

    We rest for the evening.

    Day 15 (Hammer 14, 1370DR)

    A Seela asks us to come and accompany him to Bruhl's cave.

    He takes us to Bruhl's cave. Says we're being led astray by Tiljann.

    We meet a smiling Seela resting on some cushions on the back of the cave.

    There is a split in the population. Bruhl wants to let the spirit escape.

    The only way that you can fix things for everyone is to end the song and therefore release the Seela as well.

    The wrath of killing the spirit could be the doom of us all.

    "Tiljann cares only for herself and a minority of her people."

    We tell Bruhl we'll give it some thought. We tell him we'll keep his secret.

    We rest for another day.

    Day 16 (Hammer 15, 1370DR).

    We wake, and Titanus' daze seems to have broken.

    We travel to Timbre's grove.

    We find the gorge ends at a beautiful stone staircase.

    Apparently the grove is at the top is the staircase. The top of this hill is flaming quite strongly.

    Grittil casts some preparatory spells.

    We call out to Timbre, tell her we have a lock of hair and that we're here for her council.

    We don't think we were heard.

    We approach the top of the staircase...

    We get to the edge of the grove...

    2 Large flaming dire boars block our way. We see emerge from the tree a flaming Dryad.

    We convince her to talk.

    It is true that the Seela are the children of the forest. The elves who set fire to the forest came after.

    She came from the song of forms. The song was learned by the Seela from the rumblings of the very earth. The Shahalesti assaulted the elves of this forest. Timbre came to love their hero.

    As a gift, I gave him a branch from the first tree. The living blade. He led the crusade against the Shahalesti and killed them.

    But the forest was set fire. And a creature would not let it's natural course take place. Anariel died battling the creature.

    As for saving the Seela, they are more directly tied to her tree then to the forest. As long as a branch yet lives, the Seela will not die.

    The branch only lives when it is bonded to a lving creature. It is still bound to Anariel. It will need to be bound to a living person for the forest to yet live.

    That is the only chance for us to Save the forest and the Seela people. The consequences of that is that you will unleash Indomitability who will still be very formidable.

    We can kill him once he's freed. Our greatest task, and our greatest risk.

    The sword may keep our allies alive as well.

    She expects that she will die, but she cannot bear this torment any longer, and if it saves the Seela it is a fate she will accept.

    Now please, leave me be.

    For that she thanks us in advance.

    If Gwenevyre is already dead, then the lake is already draining.

    We thank her and head back to the village.

    We get back to the village and lake.

    The lake has drained quite significantly. But we remember there are Merrow who plague the village.

    We decide to hunker down outside of the city and rest there as opposed to returning to the village.

    We make camp and rest for a night.

    Day 17: (Hammer 16, 1370DR)

    We wake and prepare, and wait for the lake to drain.

    As we're watching the lake, we get a visit from Kyzak.

    We rest, watching for another night.

    Day 18: (Hammer 17, 1370DR)
    We head towards the lake as the levels look low enough.

    We speak to Tiljann along the way and fill her in. She tells us it is the Song that keeps Indomitability in his present form. If the song ends Indomitability would be a much more powerful.

    She will stand on the tower and sing from there. They will try and keep the song going as long as they can.

    We approach and trolls attack us, we defeat the trolls quickly.

    Kyzak appears to 'help' us.

    We attack Indomitability and Kyzak.

    Titanus is killed in the battle. RIP Titanis

    With the help of Nemis and Grymtoe, Grittil manages to pull the sword from Indomitability's body.

    Grittil, quickly uses the sword to finally dispatch Indomitability

    Grittil must channel positive energy to keep himself and Splitterin from fading now that Indomitability is dead. Grittil manages to ward off the draining effect on himself. However, he fails in his attempt to remove it on Splitterin.

    The forest Fires burn out all at once. The Seela sing in rejoice uplifting all our spirits in hope.

    Then, they break down in cheers.

    However, Splitterin eventually fades away and dies. RIP Splitterin

    We rest for the night.

    End of Chapter 2, Beginning of Chapter 3

    Day 19 (Hammer 18, 1370DR)

    We wake, and we heal Tiljann from unconsciousness.

    She asks what happened.

    We fill her in on what happened.

    She tells us she is forever in her debt.

    She asks to travel with us. We agree that she can accompany us.

    We decide to leave immediately.

    She leads us back to the river, and back to the main road. It's a much easier journey without all the burning debris and choking Ash.

    We travel all day.

    Day 20 (Hammer 19, 1370DR):

    We travel for the whole of this day.

    We make camp and set up watch.

    Day 21 (Hammer 20, 1370)

    We wake and continue our journey along the southern road which keeps us closest to the southern shore.

    We travel for 10 days.

    Day 30 (Hammer 29, 1370DR)

    We have traveled for the entire day.

    We emerge from the foothills just as the day is ending.

    We are currently traveling through Dassen. At Dassen's southern tip lies Sequen.

    We see in the distance that the road comes to and end. At the end of the road stretches a large vast swamp.

    Just as the road ends we see a small thorp.

    We head towards the settlement.

    As we approach we realize it's comprised of pretty ramshackle buildings in disrepair. Pop maybe around 100. We note that there is no tavern or inn. we learn the town is named Lydor.

    Different camps are set up of all different manner of people refugees, adventurers, etc.

    We do find a small storefront.

    No one's willing to help us.

    We make camp.

    Day 31 (Hammer 30, 1370DR).

    We wake and try the general store again.

    We learn that lots of refugees have been coming through here. Lots of mages. Folks who can afford a boat have already left. One Red Head hired some burly guys and left. We deduce this is probably Rantle's sister.

    Sometimes mages, get lost in the swamp and go crazy and start eating folks in the fog.

    Two weeks ago I overhead a big Orc speaking with a swamp woman.

    Leeto Moore, is the one selling us the boat.

    We buy a boat, 2 oars, a map of the swamp and portage to the end of the road.

    Within the hour a couple of locals throw a boat over their heads and say follow us.

    They lead us down the road towards the swamp.

    The road is fairly tame, about a 5' wide path.

    As we head south it gets lower, and swampier.

    The weather is also miserable and rainy.

    Eventually, a short while later we reach a run down shack at the end of the road. All the trees have been cut and a bunch of half-made rafts lay scattered about.

    'Stay in your boat if you can.'

    They say it should be 2 days through the swamp.

    It's the end of the day.

    We make camp with out porters.

    Day 32 (Midwinter, 1370DR).

    We wake and head into the swamp...

    By the end of the day, we're rather exhausted and look for a good place to rest for the night.

    We drag the boat up onto a little island and make camp there.

    We get attacked during the night by 3 Tiefling witches.

    The battle is long and difficult as we retreat from island to island, but eventurally we defeat the witches, but not before Tiljann is killed. RIP Tiljann

    We notice that the crocodile has a peculiar looking harness.

    We remove Tiljan's gear, and give her a proper burial.

    We finish off our rest.

    Day 33 (Alturiak 1, 1370DR)

    We pick up a slight trail through the reads and attempt to follow it.

    We see a small column of smoke billowing in the distance.

    We head towards the smoke.

    We find the witches' island. We see smoke coming from the middle hut.

    We see 13 boats scattered around the island. An old dock stretches into the water.

    We approach with our boat.

    We dock and get off on the island... we are greeted with a wave of skeletons. we quickly dispatch all 20 of them.

    We then explore the island.

    The doors are locked, so we search them and use the brass keys we found off the witches.

    In the first hut we see a huge cauldron and other implements.

    The second shack has sleeping quarters and a dead man hangs from one wall. Also empty vials on the floor.

    The third shack we find curled in one dried corner, a hostage, a very attractive looking woman. We see that she was trying to escape.

    In the fourth hut we find a storage room. And, a small figure bound on the floor. It looks to be a Halfling.

    We free the hostages and Nemis searches everything thoroughly.

    We find 300pp in Shahalesti coins, we find Katrina's gear.

    As soon as we un-gag the female she says 'it's about time.' We quickly deduce that this is Katrina.

    She asks about her brother and we give her the notes. And quickly leave the island. We watch her read the note with eagerness and then disappointment.

    We head to Sequin.

    We spend the rest of that day traveling and by nightfall we get to the edge of the swamp and find dry land.

    We make a camp.

    The Halfling awakens.

    We introduce ourselves to the Halfling.

    The Halfling claims to be Splitterin's brother, and Introduces himself as Crackerin.

    We rest...

    Day 34 (Alturiak 2, 1370DR)

    We wake to Katrina telling us we need to be on our way.

    We keep the boat with us for now.

    We notice a hawk above us that looks 'out of sorts'.

    A couple hours later we see the hawk again, this time it's accompanied by the sound of horns.

    And about 60 ft. behind it on the road are several humanoids.

    The lead humanoid yells 'halt.'

    Katrina says they are Shahalesti, be on your guard.

    My name is Thalan. I am from the Shahalesti ship Osprey.

    We are to ensure that no hostile forces enter Sequen. We are working to protect the region from infiltration from Ragesian spys and agents.

    They approach with fairly decked out soldiers with longswords and longbows.

    Thalan appears like more of a caster.

    'My ship the Osprey was one of a fleet sent to Sequen to offer an alliance with the forces in Sequen.'

    He tells us we're a couple of days walking yet at least.

    He demands to search us, but when we refuse they attack us.

    They drop entangle spells on us and attack us with ranged.

    Grittil is peppered with arrows and dropped.

    After a while we defeat their leader but the battle still rages.

    End Log (Day 34 (Alturiak 2, 1370DR)).

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    Chapter 3, Episode 2 (May 11, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 5
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 5
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 5
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 5

    Begin Log: (Day 34 (Alturiak 2, 1339DR))
    Day 35 (Alturiak 2, 1370DR) Continued....

    The battle continues....

    During the battle a warrior in plate and wielding a greatsword joins the fray on our side.

    We eventually defeat the elves, with the last elf surrendering.

    The human looking man in plate introduces himself as Kaotis Psylon, and says he's a member of the Resistance who'se been trackins us since Gate Pass.

    Katrina begins searching the Wizard Thalan.

    We stabilize the dying elves and tie up the surviving elf.

    We then heal ourselves up and loot the enemies.

    We gather up 4 stabilized and 1 conscious prisoner.

    We then decide what to do with the prisoners. We decide to leave them bound on the road, but Nemis sneaks back and kills them all. He apparently has a problem with Elves.

    It's fairly late in the day at the moment.

    We begin heading towards Sequen again.

    We travel for the rest of the day, and then we make camp, and set a watch order.

    On the very last watch, just as the sun is rising.

    Katrina and Nemis notice a small cadre of 10 goblinoid creatures watching us from a copse of trees.

    Day 36 (Alturiak 3, 1370DR).

    We wake the group with the goblins watching us and prepare to break camp.

    We hit the trail with goblins watching us.

    We travel for a couple hours...

    We notice that the goblins are trailing us. No only do they trail us, but they don't seem to be affected by the rough terrain.

    We decide to parlay...

    We approach them, trying to appear non-threatening.

    One of them stands forward.

    Grymtoe greets them.

    The Goblins tell the Wizards that we're not welcome in the Ukitaw territory. We're to tell the humans to stay out or they will be killed like the others. Says they've killed refugees. Say they've only killed the refugees that have resisted.

    We're to listen to the sounds of the swamp to know where there territory is.

    We agree to pass on that message.

    We resume our journey.

    Towards the end of the day the Goblins who were trailing us break off.

    Eventually, we reach a recognizable road. The swamp starts to fade into a rocky forest.

    Over the span of over just a few hundred feet the thick stench of swamp is replaced by salt and surf.

    Soon the road forks and we hear lumberjacks clear cutting the forest for a new road.

    The new road appears to be heading towards the southeast.

    We realize we've almost reached Sequen.

    We see a town that's population is swelling as we see a number of tent encampments surround the city.

    There's a lot of people still milling about, but it looks like people are trying to settle in for the night.

    There's no apparent interest or regard for our approach. The arrival of newcomers must be a constant occurrence.

    Katrina tells us she'll go to Lyceum and make contact. We agree and continue.

    We get into Sequen and find a couple of inns on the north shore strung out along the Waterfront. But it's quite clear there is no vacancies.

    We buy a crappy tent from a merchant.

    We're setting up our tent when we're approached by a common looking fellow. He approaches, looking to strike up a conversation.

    "Someone's been looking for you." "A few weeks ago a short blonde woman asked me to keep an eye out for you"

    We don't sense anything amiss.

    We ask where can we find this Jess.

    He tells us she's staying with some friends of his. He gives us a street name and address. She did say it's kind of urgent, and it's not too late to go now.

    We decide to head to the address he provides.

    We arrive at a fairly nice house. We see a middle aged man answer the door.

    He says, "What can I do for you?"

    He lets us in and leads us to another room...

    He ushers us up a flight of stairs and we see, gathered around a rather generous feast, 9 common looking men. Sitting at the head of the table is a very well dressed and good looking women, whom we assume is Jess.

    She says "I've been expecting you."

    And we roll initiative....

    End Log (Day 36 (Alturiak 3, 1370DR))

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    Chapter 3, Episode 3 (May 27, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 5
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 5
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 5
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 5

    Begin Log: Day 36 (Alturiak 3, 1370DR)

    We continue the fight against Jesz and her minions...

    After a long fight in which Grymtoe sets the building on fire with a fireball, we manage to defeat Jesz, who we believe is a Devil and all of her minions.

    As we flee the burning building with Jesz body we attempt to rescue as many of her minions as we can.

    We then kill the unconscious Jesz and leave her corpse.

    We flee the burning building.

    We head back to where we had set up camp.

    We set up camp and set a double watch.

    We heal up the one prisoner we bring back from the fight.

    We interrogate him, but we realize that she was probably coercing him magically.

    We make it through the night.

    Day 37 (Alturiak 4, 1370DR):

    We head to Lyceum.

    As we head there, we see Katrina just leaving as we're entering.

    Katrina says, "unfortunately it's going to be a couple of days before we can arrange a meeting with the headmaster, and to the council."

    She tells us that the Headmaster's name is Simeon Gohanach.

    Messages have been few and far between from anywhere near Gate Pass because of the impact of teleportation.

    She says that Gabal emerged from hiding and assualted the Ragesian camps outside of the gates. Unfortunately one of the Inquisitors negated her protections and a fire breathing dragon killed Gabal.

    But in the aftermath, the 2nd and 3rd armies breached the first district of Gate Pass.

    The 1st Ragesian army is pillaging the countryside of Sindair. A fleet is also heading to the capitol of Sindair.

    The third Ragesian army is heading south to Dassan.

    The fourth Ragesian army is around the mountains to Shahalesit.

    Leska seems to be foolishly splitting her forces. they're winning all their battles but they can't hope to occupy any land, just cutting a swath through the countryside.

    Shahalesti has been sending emissaries everywhere. But they were rebuffed in Dassen.

    The Sindair have begun to round up mages.

    She suggests we take a few days to learn what we can and explore the city.

    She tells us to meet back here in two days.

    We begin looking for stuff and attempting to sell stuff.

    End Log: (Day 37 Alturiak 4, 1370DR)

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    Chapter 3, Episode 4 (June 3, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 6
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 6
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 6
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 5

    Begin Log: Day 37 (Alturiak 4, 1370DR)

    We purchase pearls to ID our stuff.

    Grymtoe spends the morning IDing stuff.

    In the afternoon Nemis, Kaotis, Grittil and Grymtoe search for magic items for the remainder of the afternoon, but are unsuccessful in locating anything.

    Day 38 (Alturiak 5, 1370DR)

    Middle of day 38 we're done IDing.

    Crackerin goes about healing any random refugees he comes across.

    In Crackerin's healing he learns some information.

    He learns that a green dragon is attacking people and demanding that her eggs be returned. A guy by the name of Nathan Lowduke stole it.

    Then we hear about the goblins hurting refugees again.

    Then we also hear about a ship wreck with exotic animals. The captain is willing to pay us 600 gp to rescue his crew and recapture the animals.

    Miller goes to see the captain of the ship about the wreck, learns that the animals are Attercop Pouncers a type of vermin that can be used as an animal companion.

    Crackerin flies off as an eagle to inspect the shipwreck. He observes the spiders and flies back to inform the captain.

    In the afternoon after Grymtoe finished up IDing items, Grymtoe, Nemis, and Kaotis go and locate a wand for Nemis.

    End Log: Day 38 (Alturiak 6, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 3, Episode 5 (June 10, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 6
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 6
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 6
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 5

    Begin Log: Day 38 (Alturiak 6, 1370DR)

    We buy and sell treasure and provisions for the rest of the day.

    We rest.

    Day 39 (Alturiak 7, 1370DR)

    We set off to inspect the ship, we use our rowboats to get there faster.

    As we're approaching, we're set upon by spiders.

    We defeat most of the spiders and cage a bunch of them. 3 of them remain 'calmed' in the trees while we cage up the unconscious spiders.

    We decide what to do.

    We load everything up in our boats.

    Crackerin hears a loud shriek in the distance. He turns into an eagle and goes and investigates.

    He sees a Green Dragon in a cove, with a bunch of ruined buildings and a wrecked ship sunken in the cove.

    We set about making two trips,

    We take an assortment of animals back on our first trip.

    We tell Bonavin Vet that all the remaining animals are caged on the ship and ready for him to retrieve them.

    He gives us 300 gp now, and says he'll give us the remaining 300 when the rest are gathered up.

    This guy doesn't know Nathan Lowduke, but he thinks he's a ranger but he doesn't know where. Says he may be in the camps.

    He also tells us that there is a meeting set of the War Council of Lyceum.

    We make camp and rest for the night.

    As our fame grows we are visited by several through the night. Crackerin goes about spreading charity and healing.

    The night otherwise passes uneventfully.

    Day 40 (Alturiak 8, 1370DR)

    The next morning the drizzle has increased to a steady rainfall and wind seems to be picking up...

    We wake, as we're about to set off for Lyceum, a human male wanders into our camp. He's wearing a large brimmed hat with a feather plume. An odd looking fellow.

    'Ah, it is the famous Attercop retrievers?"

    "Lowduke is my name."

    We negotiate with Lowduke for the Egg.

    He doesn't have it on him, but for the right price he could be convinced to give him what you're looking for. 5000gp and he'll tell us where it is.

    We agree and Crackerin and Nemis decide to cover the cost. He says he wants 500 up front just to fetch it.

    We give him the 500gp deposit and tells us to meet him at his tent in one hour.

    An hour later he returns with a rather good size sack.

    Inside his tent he quickly reveals his cargo.

    He warns us that it's not to be done lightly in carrying around a dragons egg.

    We travel to the shipwreck with the dragons egg.

    Crackerin continues on in a boat to the Dragon's area, while the rest of us return to the ship to await his return.

    The Dragon emerges, "who dare be so bold to enter Nyzala's lair?"

    Crackerin says he has news of her egg.

    "Bring me my egg and I'll let you live."

    Crackerin asks for assurances that she will not harm the prisoners.

    She's willing to agree to the terms if she can meet that deadline.

    Crackerin makes the deal, says he'll be back by noon.

    Crackerin leaves the boat and returns through the air as an eagle so that she can't follow very easily.

    We all row back in our remaining boat.

    We see a rather large shadow flying overhead.

    She comes flying over and grabs the egg from us.

    She then returns carrying the limp forms of 3 wounded men, which she drops into the water near by.

    We retrieve them form the water.

    The dragon says she'll keep up her end of the bargain.

    She then says if we bring her Lowduke alive she has more she can offer us.

    We start rowing back to the first shipwreck.

    During the trip back, the sailors tell us that Lowduke betrayed their entire crew by stealing the egg, and leaving the crew to die.

    They also tell us about a magic Lyre that the Dragon possesses which can quickly build buildings.

    We return to the first ship wreck, and we see that all the animals have been recovered and that there are people there working on fixing up the ship.

    Crackerin helps with their repairs using his woodshape spells.

    We then head back to town.

    The sailors ask to be put up until they can make their own way.

    We tell them to make themselves at home in the camp.

    When we get back Katrina is waiting for us.

    "Come quickly, the war council is waiting for us."

    We follow her to the Lyceum compound.

    It's surrounded by a low stone building and grey stone buildings. The central tower is called the Orad tower, and 8 storey 60 foot wide tower.

    We are led into a chamber and introduced to Headmaster Simeon Goenock.

    He invites us all into an adjoining room shaped like a lecture hall. It is well lit.

    In walks a Dwarf named Keirnen Steckert, introduced as the head of the War Dept.

    He ensures us that no one can endanger us as long as they remain within 20' of the centre of the room.

    Besides ourselves, there is Simeon, Keirnan, Lorn Votgard, Lee Sidoneth, Giorgio, Dassen Embassedor Kee... a lot of important people.

    Simeon presents an introduction, and then begins.

    "Lets keep it brief and to the point. We have a great task ahead of us, to save the lives of all our friends, families...

    Ragesians have set about conquering all of its neighbours.

    He then takes a seat and asks each individual to speak in turn...

    Lorb Votberb, Magistrate of Sequen, he speaks against the refugees. Wants to bring in every refugee for questioning so that they can get a hold of things.

    Lee Sidoneth. a bald hydromancer. In charge of matters of sea safety. Thinks it's probably best so that most of the ships not be peered, says north harbor is too crowded.

    Commander Xavias Foebane is an ambassador of Dassen, a Dwarf who wants Sequen to form an alliance with any country that will stand against Ragesia. Wants to use Sequen's mages. Wants to locate the torch of the burning sky. He believes that Leska has already begun searching for it. He has a group in mind who can search for it. But these warriors serve Dassie's king.

    L'Aurelbeck Adelsberg is an eagle riding holy warrior. Speaks about her desire to make a difference in the war, but not allowing their forces in tearing themselves apart. Makes reference to the Erinyes that we killed. Cites problems with shortages of food water and shelter and religious differences. Doesn't like how refugees are seen as outsiders and a burden on the city. She starts to go into specifics, but Votberg interupts.

    Giorgio the flamboyant Wayfarer presents the Wayfarer's knowledge have about the dangers of teleportation. With a smile he says they're willing to break their neutrality and side with Sequen if it looks like Sequen can actually beat Ragesia. He also presents everyone with a ticket to a play they are putting on in a few days time.

    The ambassador from Dassen. Says that King Steppengard is displeased with all the refugees traveling through their land. But thinks it wiser to get a pact of neutrality with Ragesia.

    Ambassador from Sindair is an aged Gnome, who wants to resist Ragesia, but can't support Sequen as it will be too dangerous to risk an attack from Ragesia. As for the torch, he believes it is in the old emperor's castle named Korstul located in the centre of a fire storm.

    Ambassador of Ostalin finally speaks. She is a Half-Elf who is only interested in aiding Sequen if it is profitable for their nation. But is willing in lending his armies if people will trade their land for the kings armies supports.

    Katrina stands and extols our virtues to the council. Reminds everyone that we are a thorn in the Ragesian's sides.

    She looks to us and says we have new and vital information to provide the council in the effort against the Ragesians.

    We proffer the book of military information. It starts an argument.

    Suddenly the door opens and we see a human mage into the room. But is thrown back.

    The mages comes too, and says that a group of elves are approaching the council chamber.

    Simeon says we should greet them politely, but just in case, be prepared for a fight...

    End Log. Day 40 (Alturiak 8, 1370DR).

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    Chapter 3, Episode 6 (June 14, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 6
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 6
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 6
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 5

    Begin Log: Day 40 (Alturiak 8, 1370DR)

    We await the arrival of the elves.

    A group of elves walks in, led by a very attractive female elf.

    She offers to take over Sequen... for its own protection.

    Simeon says he won't hand his town over to anyone.

    The elf looks not surprised. The admiral has its orders and the fleet will remain. No travel will be allowed by sea into or out of Sequen.

    Simeon asks the elves to leave.

    The elves leave...

    Everyone else begins to leave. Simeon speaks to each of them individually.

    It's then our turn to leave and Simeon asks to look at the book. Or come back tomorrow.

    "In the meantime, could you deal with our other apparent blockade. The goblins have become more of a problem." He'll leave that with us.

    He thinks that we should speak with the goblins again.

    Crackerin then gets approached by L'Aurelbec about working toward building a united temple so that all the religions will benefit in town.

    Need to figure out how to get all the religions to agree, as well as a way to build the temple quickly.

    L'Aurlbek Adelsberg tells us we can find her in the Sindarese refugee camp.

    We also have tickets to go to the Wayfarer's play 3 weeks from now.

    Katrina also tells us that Lee Sidoneth has some connection to the Gate Pass resistance. She says that he lives in the North harbor in his island home.

    We head back to our camp.

    Then we try and find Nathan Lowduke to ask him if he'll try and steal the Lyre the dragon has for us.

    We find him in his tent.


    We parlay with Lowduke, but he is unreceptive of the prospect or returning to the dragon lair.

    We go to leave his tent, but as we're attempting to leave some Shahalesti warrior ambush us.

    Lowduke's Dire Tiger quickly dispatches Grittil, Nemis flees, Grymtoe goes invisible, Kaotis tries to fight his way free.

    After a long battle, where Grittil and Crackerin fall, the group manages to defeat Nathan, whence his animal companion flees.

    We search everything.

    We bind Lowduke.

    Nemis tries to open the chest but the trap on it is too strong for him.

    We then search the remainder of the tent looking for a way into the tent.

    Don't find anything else.

    We prepare Kaotis so that he can open the chest. He causes an explosion which unleashes some kind of fire creature.

    We defeat it.

    End Log: Day 40 (Alturiak 8, 1370DR)

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    Chapter 3, Episode 7 (June 21, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 6
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 6
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 6
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5, Master of Many Forms 1
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 6

    Begin Log: Day 40 (Alturiak 8, 1370DR)

    It's late in the day and we clean up from the battle with the fire creature.

    We find some gems and a metal tube.

    Nemis figures out how to open up the tube. We find a blank sheet of paper and a map of this area.

    The map highlights the various camps throughout the refugee areas. Also each of the districts.

    But more interestingly, it has a map of a route to the goblin encampment.

    We also gather up a bunch of the paper that was burning in the explosion. We are able to deduce that there a number of letters written in Goblin. They are addressed to 'the Toad' who is the chieftain of the Goblins. The letters suggest that the goblins were being paid by Nathan to blockade the refugees and steal their goods.

    We also see a number of landmarked areas; including Lee Sidoneths, the Wayfarer's theatre, a shop called Tatoomancy, the Battle Royale.

    We head back to our camp with Lowduke.

    As we get back, we notice that one of the buildings nearby seems to be burning....

    We learn that there has been a number of fires lately, and it's a mystery. One person claims to have seen some fire breathing rats. But most believe that person to be crazy.

    We set up a normal double watch.

    We wake...

    Day 41 (Alturiak 9, 1370DR)

    We load up our rowboats with Nathan, and we head towards the shrieking delve and look for the dragon.

    We park our boats nearby and approach via land... just in case.

    We make our way to where we think the dragon's lair is... We see a pool surrounded by various destroyed buildings that look almost identical in appearance.

    We try and negotiate the trade of Lowduke for the Lyre...

    After a few moments of negotiating, she takes Crackerin too her lair apparently to retrieve the Lyre.

    "We leave the scoundrel with her for 10 days. If we return the Lyre within the 10 days we can have him back alive."

    We agree to those terms....

    There is a few rounds of arranging the trade, but eventually we succeed in making the deal.

    We head back to the village.

    We head back to camp and rest for the evening.

    We wake...

    Day 41 (Alturiak 10, 1370DR)

    We search out the Paladin and advise her about the Lyre.

    We tell her that we have it for 10 days. She asks if we know how to use it? We say no, and that it will take someone proficient in it.

    "She tells us that there is a Ragesian refugee called 'stow-away' who may be able to use it. Perhaps he can use it."

    We enquire about Giogio and she tells us they are too busy.

    "She says we're probably best to search among the refugees. As the townsfolk don't really have a vested interest in this.

    We had to the Ragesian refugee camp and ask around for 'stow-away'

    We would put the number of Ragesian refugees somewhere in the number of 2000, with no clear leader and a lot of infighting. They are generaly avoided by the other refugee groups.

    We spend the day searching for the 'stow-away' with no luck.

    We head back to our camp and rest for the evening.

    Day 42 Alturiak 11, 1370DR:

    We search about again. We're told that most 'storey-telling' types can be located at the Battle Royale. It's a point central in the sunken ruins. It is a tavern where duelists have at each other.

    We head to the Battle Royale.

    We find the place...

    It's a three storey tall building that is quickly creating a pecking order of combatants. With only the most accomplished warriors allowed on the top floor. There are hot-springs and surrounding the building has been set up various combat arenas.

    We look around for this 'stow-away'...

    We see someone who fits the bill.....

    We approach him.... He seems to be entertaining a small group of people when we approach.

    We talk him into following us for a 20gp retainer... He agrees to follow us.

    We head as quickly as we can back to L'Aurelbec Adelsberg.

    We introduce the two.

    Laurelbec says to check back in a few days to see their progress.

    After that we decide to head to Lee Sidoneth as we were pointed in his direction as someone who once knew Torrent, our deceased companion.

    When we arrive, we get a clear vantage of the Elven blockade... Lee's house is located on a small rock island near the north harbor.

    We head across the boardwalk to his island.

    The path descends to a dock, or ascends rock hewn steps to his home.

    We are welcomed by Lee Sidoneth himself.

    "Can I get you a drink?"

    He gets us drinks. He returns with 2 half-orcs and a 3rd strange looking person who has some unusual bodily alterations....

    The two half-orcs usher the freak out of the house and head towards the city.

    We tell him that Torrent was killed by an Inquisitor.

    He is remorseful, and thanks us for the news....

    Then we turn our conversation about the blockade...

    We ask if there is a way to alleviate some of its affects on Sequen. He hasn't come up with a concrete solution yet. But he's hopeful that after a time something will come up.

    He says a fight will help no one.

    He thanks us and asks us to leave.

    We return to camp yet again and rest.

    Day 43 Alturiak 12, 1370DR

    We head into the swamp, looking for the Goblins...

    We get into the swamp....

    We get attacked by some goblins who refuse to negotiate so we lay waste to them. A few of them escape into the swamp.

    We manage to bandage one of the battle leaders, but three hunters escaped into the swamp.

    End Log: (Day 43 Alturiak 12, 1370DR)

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    Chapter 3, Episode 8 (June 28, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 7
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 7
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 7
    Crackerin Twain; Strongheart Halfling, Druid 5, Master of Many Forms 1 RIP
    Kaotis Psylon; Elan, Psychic Warrior 6 RIP

    Begin Log: Day 43 (Alturiak 12, 1370DR)

    We decide on our course of action, pertaining to the unconscious battle leader.

    We wake the Goblin and try to talk some sense into him.

    He says he'll lead us to the chief goblin. He says they only attacked us 'cause we were on their land.

    We follow the goblin...

    We follow him down the trail for about an hour.

    The sounds of the frogs in the swamp become increasingly loud, the ground becomes more sodden and the terrain becomes harder to traverse....

    Everything begins to 'feel very close'

    Eventually we get to a point where we're not even on a trail, we're just picking our way through the swamp.

    We wander into the heart of the goblin village and are set upon by hordes of goblins...

    The battle is long and deadly... As the battle progresses, Grittil steps up to heal the group with his ring of blades whirling and kills Kaotis dead!! RIP Kaotis Psylon.

    We begin to turn the tide, but then Crackerin falls for good. RIP Crackerin Twain.

    Grymtoe also falls unconscious, but Grittil manages to drop the remaining hunters.

    Then the female bard calls out and says please don't kill the innocents. She says she'll take us to her husband.

    The woman, Heselin, says she will take us to her husband and his minions, and she will heal us up so that we can face him in his madness...

    We end the combat, and the Goblin female explains that her husband became overzealous with the opportunity for pillaging...

    We explain that we need to regroup before we can continue...

    End Log: Day 43 (Alturiak 12, 1370DR)

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    Chapter 3, Episode 9 (July 5, 2011):

    Nemis Figstone; Srongheart Halfling, Spellthief 7
    Grymtoe Stronghand; Dwarf, Evoker 7
    Grittil Rockstaff; Dwarf, Cleric 7
    Robyn Strongheart Halfling Rogue 4, Fighter 2, Druid 1

    Begin Log: Day 43 (Alturiak 12, 1370DR)

    We just finished the battle at the Goblin camp and are deciding on our next course of action regarding the female Goblin's proposal.

    We decide to rest.

    We rest for 24 hours...

    Nemis summons his Quasit familiar from the deepest depths of the Abyss.

    Day 44 (Alturiak 13, 1370DR)

    We move into the cave looking for Ogatar the toad. As we're entering we encounter a halfling bat-rider who just escaped from 'the Toads' clutches and he agrees to join our fight.

    We move into the cave and get ambushed by some Goblin hunters.

    We quickly dispatch them...

    End Log (Alturiak 13, 1370DR)

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