D&D 4th Edition Wizards In Winter - High-Level Thread (DM: Son of Meepo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking) - Page 20

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    Block Son of Meepo

    The hunter tosses a javelin at Earth, but his toss goes wide.

    Start of Turn:
    Recharge Pinion (1d6=4)
    Minor: Draw Javelin
    Javelin Damage;Attack (Earth) (1d6+6+2=9, 1d20+17+2+2=24) (MISS)

    The wrath chanter rushes Martelai. His first swing misses, but the second connects, knocking him over.

    Charge Damage;Attack (Martelai) (2d8+7=12, 1d20+13+1=16) (MISS)
    Action Point: Smash Damage;Attack (Martelai) (2d8+7=18, 1d20+13=23) (HIT)

    The thug swings at Kauldron and then moves beyond the wall.

    Standard: Smash Damage;Attack (Kauldron) (1d12+3=5, 1d20+13=21) (MISS)

    The other thug smashes Brenwar and then moves next to Martelai.

    Standard: Smash Damage;Attack (Brenwar) (1d12+3=14, 1d20+13=26) (HIT)


    GM: Everyone other than Tarkus is up.


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    Son of Meepo

    @Son of Meepo:
    Immediate Interrupt: Delban's Deadly Attention vs WChanter Will; necrotic damage; extra damage (1d20+10-2=27, 2d8+8+2=24, 1d8+2=6) - chanter has a choice between taking 24 necrotic damage and doing half damage OR taking 30 necrotic damage and doing full damage.

    As the ettin slams into the warlock, shadows swirl around him, darkness lashing out over the club and arm, clutching at one of ettin heads, ultimate cold from the spaces between the stars seeping into it's soul.

    Martelai shakes his head and stands up, looking murder at the ettin thug next to him. He reaches up and out with his hands which burst in fire and shadow as he moves. He mimics setting down the crown on someone's head and the image of the crown appears on ettins brow, eliciting a howl.

    "Everyone! If you can, move that chanter toward the fire. Or this lout,"... he points to the crowned ettin..." if you cannot! Let's burn them in their own pyre!"


    Interrupt: Delban's Deadly Attention
    Minor: Mirror Darkly in W13, Martelai is insubstantial TENT
    Move: Stand up
    Standard: Flames of the Smoking crown vs Ettin Thug 1 Ref; Fire damage; curse (1d20+10-2=19, 1d10+5+2=8, 1d6=3) - ettin thug 1 get ongoing 5 fire (save -2 ends), at the start of every of it's turns it is slid 3...enemies adjacent to it at the end of the slide get ongoing 5 fire (save -2 ends)
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    Block MetaVoid

    "Not at the moment, but I can burn some in advance."

    Radiant rays shoot from the invokers hand, while he takes better position in preparation of unleashing the wrath of gods.

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    Earth takes a swing at the Ettin chanter with his rock hammer. He seemed to be aiming at the creature's legs, but instead, slams his hammer in the soil between them. As if stroking embers, the rock rises like flames from the ground to warp around the ettin's legs and bring it down. After that, Earth moves towards the nearby ettin, and fixes it with an empty eye's stare.

    OOC: Earthgrasp strike, if hit, knocks prone, and Ettin chanter can't stand up until Earth's next turn. When he stands up, he takes additional 1d10+4 dmg. He is also marked. Then shift to R17 and mark Ettin Thug too.
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    Brenwar's luck continues to bad as predicted as he fails to land any meaningful blows against the large Ettin. Brenwar tries to control the irrational anger that keeps welling inside his head, but it interferes enough that Brenwar's prayer alone is not enough to cleanse his ally's blindness.

    Cast Fortune Rolls: 7


    Move Action:
    Move to Q17

    Minor Action:
    Divine Mettle on Dox (I won't use the cast fortune roll since Dox should be rolling it, but to save time here is the roll for him):
    Divine Mettle on Dox vs. Blind (1d20+5=8)
    Close, sorry @stonegod
    He had saved, but forgot to edit the status page
    Divine Challenge the Ettin Wrath Chanter

    Standard Action:
    Ardent Strike
    Attack Roll: [7]+13-2 for rage aura = 18

    Action Point:
    Valorous Smite vs. Wrath Chanter (1d20+11=15, 2d10+8=21)

    End Turn:
    39/71 HP

    Cast Fortune Rolls: 4, 18, 7


    Brenwar – Male Human Paladin 8

    Initiative: +3, Speed: 5 Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 25

    AC: 26 Fort: 19, Reflex: 19, Will: 22, Resist: 1/all, 5/fire

    HP: 39/71, Bloodied: 35 , Surge Value: 18, Surges Left: 10/13

    Action Points: 0

    Feats of Note:

    Whenever Brenwar spends a healing surge, he gains 4 resistance to all damage until the start of his next turn.

    OA Basic Melee Attack: +13 Virtuous Strike (Vanguard's Hammer) 1d10+6 Damage

    Powers At-Will Powers:Divine Challenge, Ardent Strike, Virtuous Strike, Lay on Hands (3/4 Remaining)

    Encounter Powers: Valorous Smite, Righteous Smite, Virtue, Channel Divinity, Deliverance of Faith, Heroic Effort, Divine Reverence, Shield of Devotion, Radiant Stride, Second Wind

    Daily Powers: Majestic Halo, Hallowed Circle, Healing Word

    Immediate Reaction

    I'll use Shield of Devotion to heal an ally that gets knocked low enough to drop below zero with another attack (up to DM discretion).
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    "Brenwar, Earth, you're blocking the way! Now I cannot get ettin next to the lying one."

    @Son of Meepo, at the start of ettin 1 turn, slide him to P15-Q16, please

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    @Son of Meepo, Cyr will use
    Demand Justice
    (Encounter Immediate Interrupt Ranged 10 ✦ Divine)
    Trigger: A creature within 10 squares makes a saving throw.
    Effect: The target re-rolls the saving throw and must use the new result.
    if ettin makes that saving throw in order to force him to re-roll

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    OOC: @Rapida, Dox saved vs blind last turn. Forgot to edit the page thingy.
    From nowhere, the unremarkable man is seen doing a remarkable thing... leaping behind the heads of the one of the two headed creatures. The creature, surprised, is too slow to react to the man clenching a tight hold around one of its throats with a garrote. As one head chokes, the other seems prepared to blurt out something... but then the nameless man unceremoniously elbows him in the nose, breaking it and staggering the monster at once.
    OOC: Warlock curse on Ettin Thug 2 (not an attack, so remain hidden), then use Garrote Strangle: Shift next to Ettin Thug 2 and attack: Hit, 16 dmg, and grabbed (While the grab persists, the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls against Dox and cannot speak). Dox has resist 3 all vs its attacks. Then use Low Blow to daze it TENT.
    Dox (Grabbing, resist 3/all vs ET2)
    Dox—Male Shade Son of Peresefa Executioner 7
    Initiative: +8, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 13
    AC: 22 (23 w/ TWF), Fort: 19, Reflex: 20 (21 w/ TWF) Will: 18 — Speed: 6
    HP: 42/58, Bloodied: 29, Surge: 14, Surges left: 7/9
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones: 0
    Powers -
    Garrote Strangle
    Poisoned Dagger
    Quick Lunge
    Hidden Stab

    Assassin's Strike
    Low Blow

    One with Shadow
    Darting Shadow

    Warlock's Curse
    Fleeting Shade

    2 Assassin Poisons (daily)
    Elven Battle Leather Armor (encounter)

    Dox - PCox (stonegod) - L4W Wiki
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    OOC: Sorry for the delay. Was extremely busy with my new job. Just adjusting to the schedule.

    Immediate Reaction
    Immediate Reaction: Infuriating Taunt
    -Trigger: An enemy within 5 squares of Kauldron misses him with an attack.
    -Target: Close burst 5; The triggering enemy in the burst. Ettin Thug 2 (F-G/14-15).
    -Effect: Until the end of the encounter, the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (including against Kauldron) until it hits Kauldron with an attack.

    *Kauldron raised his shield, and idly blocked the blow meant for him.*

    Oi! Where were you aiming, yee stickin lug?! I'm down 'ere! Running already? For such a big guy, yee sure is afraid of someone as short as I.

    *He taunted the Ettin as he advanced towards him. Then Dox appearing out of nowhere, as he usually does gave him the opening he needed. Kauldron rushed the ettin as it struggled to free itself from Dox's grasp. Lunging forwards Kauldron struck out with his blades and landed a solid blow to the beings rib cage. Flames engulfed the placement of the blow upon the ettin and branded him with a glyph of pain. The ettin now wracked with pain, driven mad with frustration, and being caught up in a garrote was rendered almost entirely useless for the time being.*

    Move: Move to E14.

    Minor: Channel Divinity: Divine Strength
    -Effect: Apply +4 as extra damage on Kauldron's next attack this turn.

    Standard: Enfeebling Strike
    -Target: Ettin Thug 2 (F-G/14-15)
    -Attack: +16 vs. AC (Hit; 26)
    -Damage: 1d8+13 damage. (18 damage)
    -On a Hit: If Kauldron marked the target, it takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of his next turn.

    Kauldron- Male Goblin Paladin 8
    Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 14

    AC: 30 (Bloodied 29), Fort: 26, Ref: 23, Will: 24

    Attacks 6 or More Squares Away from Kauldron
    AC: 31, Fort: 28, Ref: 25, Will: 26

    Resistances: Fire 5, Lightning 5, Ongoing Damage 3

    Saving Throws: If Kauldron is dazed or stunned, Kauldron can make a saving throw at the start of his turn to end that effect, even if the effect doesn’t normally end on a save.

    Initiative: +6
    Speed: 5

    HP: 55/71, Temp HP: 0
    Bloodied: 35, Surge Value: 17, Surges left: 10/12

    Divine Challenge
    Enfeebling Strike
    Goblin Tactics
    Virtuous Strike

    Action Point (Demonskin Tattoo) [X]
    Blade of Light [ ]
    Call to Challenge [ ]
    Channel Divinity [X]
    Giantkind Gloves [ ]
    Infuriating Taunt [X]
    Running Slash [ ]
    Second Wind [ ]
    Strength from Valor [ ]
    Student of the Sword [ ]
    Valorous Smite [X]

    Gift of Fire [ ]
    Hallowed Circle [ ]
    Lay on Hands [ ]
    Majestic Halo [ ]
    Potion of Healing [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Symbol of Brawn [ ]

    Javelin [2]
    Sling Bullets [18]
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    Block Son of Meepo

    Ettin Hunter

    The hunter moves closer to the shaman and tosses another javelin at Martelai, injuring him slightly.

    Start of Turn: Recharge Pinion (1d6=3) (FAIL)
    Minor: Draw Javelin
    Standard: Damage; Attack (Martelai) (1d6+6+2=12, 1d20+17+2=28) (HIT)

    Ettin Wrath Chanter

    The shaman then channels the spirits of Anger into Earth again, who lashes out at Martelai.

    Standard: Invoke Fury (Earth uses a free action to make a basic attack against Martelai).
    Damage; Attack (Martelai) (1d10+7+2=11, 1d20+13-2=30) (HIT)

    Ettin Thug 1

    The thug is singed by flames, but avoids being blinded. It skirts the bonfire and brings its club down on Martelai.

    Start of Turn: 5 fire damage.
    Slid into the fire, 10 fire damage. Smoke (Thug 1) (1d20+10=18) (MISS)
    Move: Shift
    Standard: Damage; Attack (Martelai) (1d12+3+2=11, 1d20+13+2=27) (HIT)
    End of Turn: Saving Throw (1d20-2=15)
    Demand Justice: Saving Throw (1d20-2=9) (FAIL)

    Etting Thug 2

    The last thug is too preoccupied to attack Martelai, instead it powers out of the shade's deadly grasp.

    Move: Escape Grab Escape (1d20+9=24) (ESCAPED)

    GM: Tarkus' turn and then another round for the ettins.


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