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    The second character originally wanted to start out on Earth. It took much convincing that this was a Bad Idea before he consented. Instead, he made an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence - a semi-growth capable AI) code-named Alexander that had seized the opportunity when a group of ballsy thrill-seekers going by the name "Earthwing" drifted a hulk on a into a decaying Earth orbit to avoid the killsats, then bailed out when it entered the atmosphere.

    Their target was unknown to Alexander, who was busy trying to keep the small rocket facility in which he had been trapped in since the Fall running amidst the ravaged wastes. When the Earthwing crew's programmed bot placed their cortical stacks (pea-sized spinal Ego backup units), into a rocket, he overwrote one of the member's stacks with his own Ego, escaping aboard the rocket the bot launched into orbit with the other members of Earthwing (how they got out from there, he doesn't know, since he was inert at the time).

    AGIs get huge bonuses to computer-related skills (not surprisingly) and huge penalties to social skills (again, not surprising). He sleeved his character in a Ghost Morph (designed to be the stealthiest thing out there) then spent an hour picking out augments and gear - though eventually got tired of it and so wasn't completely optimized. In the end, Alexander was a super-stealthy, super-hacking combat beast (think Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, but as a dude).

    The Morph wasn't his, of course, but the body the real Davin Newport (the guy whose body he stole) has stashed it at his backup facility for when the mission was completed. What happened when the facility woke up "Davin Newport" and found Alexander's Ego where Davin's should have been... well, that's how we started the first session.
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    Just wanted to dive in to say that as the Eclipse Phase rulebook got larger and larger, the NPC chapter was one that we had to cut. It's available as a PDF -- NPC File 1: Prime -- for only $5 (and is one of our best-selling and well-received PDF releases.)

    We'll be releasing a Print on Demand version of NPC File 1: Prime soon, as well. And like all Eclipse Phase releases, it's Creative Commons-licensed. :-)

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    Our game session kinda happened at the last minute, so our final player ended up picking one of the pregen characters from the book - the Ultimate Merc (Ultimate being a faction, not a reference to his mercitude).

    He's a pretty straight forward character; good combat skills, a variety of weapons, a decent array of gear and implants.

    In play, he ended up being perfectly functional stat and skill-wise, but paled somewhat in comparison to the heavily geared-out Alexander.

    Next post, when I get to it, I'll post the AAR for the first session to give a feel for what the game is like. I'm also half-way debating running a PbP game of it on ENWorld, but we'll see on that...

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    So, I was going to do an AAR of this game to show how it plays, but I think I'll do a Story Hour instead.

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