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Thread: Nikita

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    So, it's now close to the end of the second season and finally I'm starting to enjoy Nikita. I only really watched it when boredom was the only other option and every so often one of the episodes was actually decent, but on the whole I wouldn't go out of my way to catch up on it.

    But this second season has developed a surprising saving grace: Percy.

    I don't find any of the other characters particularly compelling. Nikita is kinda boring, Alex is whiny, Amanda uses too much make-up, Seymour is yet another geek stereotype and Michael is a snore-fest.

    But Percy? Percy ROCKS! Best. Evil. Dude. EVAR!

    The most recent episode where it ends on him saying, "I told you, Division is mine or no-ones! You had your chance," was pretty awesome. He's the ultimate chess-player, thinking ten moves ahead. If they ever kill him off, I'll probably stop watching, but for now, I want to see him get Division back and see what he does with it


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    It was much the same way for me in the nineties show where the core team evil pretty much rocked (with the exception of Michael who I wanted to die from minute one), and everyone else was kinda meh.

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    Thought the show was interesting last year, but my DVR screwed up the first two episodes this past fall, so I never got around to watching anything this season.

    Will need to catch up eventually.
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