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    Quote Originally Posted by trancejeremy View Post
    Well, no, because I just don't think you need game mechanics to play a "leader" character. That's something that should be roleplayed.

    And realistically, if you let someone who doesn't have real world leadership skills try to play a character that does boss others around, it's really not going to work well - lots and bickering and such.
    Obviously you're not a player of 4e. You'd be amazed at how well player characters fall into line following a character's lead when he gives them bonuses to attack/damage/saves/hp to obey.

    That's why the Warlord has such affection among 4e players. It takes what should be an obnoxious premise, and it works.

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    Why does all of the talk of D&D Next sound like Fantasy Craft? I am sure it will be a lot simpler than FC but dang it does sound like they are channeling it. I looked it over once (FC) and decided against purchasing it. While the customization sounded awesome I figured it would have been entirely too much work for the Dungeon Master to work out all the details and make player's handbooks. I also figured you best not let your min-maxers ever look at that core book because they would want to use a lot of stuff you as DM didn't want.

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    Just because it's called a warlord doesn't mean it plays anything like a 4E warlord. Except in concept. That he's a sort of social fighter type. Like a tactician.

    Warlord was neat anyway.

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    3.X Added a new class (sorcerer) and it was awesome. The warlord concept is awesome and deserves a class. New D&D editions sometimes get us something new, or even cast raise dead on things we thought were gone for good (monk*, I'm looking at you). What I don't want is to have to choose between druid/bard and warlord. In this case, tradition gets the edge.

    On that regard, races are an entirely different deal. If I ever see a dragonborn or warforged (and I really like the later) in the Player's Handbook, I know that's an edition of D&D I won't be running. Men (even more awesomeness if that's used in place of humans), dwarves, elves and halflings (the plump ones, please) are the races I want in the core rules. I can see a case for gnomes and half-dudes, but that's where it ends. Everything else goes to optional modules.


    *While I really like monks, I want a new Oriental Adventures book to be released, and I want monks to be there, on the spotlight, together with ninjas and samurais.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferratus View Post
    Actually, vis a vis the Warlord, I have a theory that it isn't the class at all, but like the noble, a roleplaying classlet for those who want more combat leadership options attached to their existing class.

    In other words, I'm guessing that the Warlord has become a 4e-style theme. So I'm predicting 5e fighter warlords, but also wizard warlords, cleric warlords, and so forth.

    If instead of being a class, it is the character archetype for bossing people around.... would that turn the frowny emoticons upside down for those that don't like the warlord?
    I think you may be on to something here. Notice how the picture of the warlord sheet has the top half of it cut off? This could very well be some kind of "kit" or "sub-class".
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    I'm liking what I hear so far.

    I expect that we'll see a lot of what we currently think of as classes as builds/kits/subclasses under classic-core "umbrella" Class headings.

    I'm hoping "role" (as in 4e) is kept as a concept but nixed as an intrinsic part of a given class and made more of a "You take this box of optional class features you will be playing a (role)"

    I really like a lot of the ways that a shallow power-curve (with respect to level) can improve the game. Easier encounter balance. Characters of differing levels playing together. Monsters being viable without tweaking at a wider level range.

    I like the sound of making tools to enhance the use of Social Encounters and Exploration to the level we've enjoyed Combat at.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
    Okay, that's true. I guess my argument isn't constructed too well. You know, I guess I just need to come to the realization that I've been playing this game for about 33 years and that I'm a die-hard fan of classic fantasy and Gygaxian game design, and that my taste in what I expect D&D to be just aren't gonna manifest in any new books nowadays, and that I should just keep on enjoying the D&D that I already have and like. There'll be less disappointment that way.
    OR you could just try it when it comes out and keep an open mind.

    But play what you want, that's for sure!

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    "Instead of the fighter getting a better and better attack bonus, he instead gets more options to do stuff as he goes up in level, and his attack bonus goes up at a very modest rate. I think it offers a better play experience that the orc/ogre can remain in the campaign, and people can know how the monster would work from a previous experience, but they remain a challenge for longer." - Monte Cook

    I think this is the most encouraging thing I've heard about the new edition. I was really hoping they'd do something to reduce the drastic scaling from levels, so that not only do lower-level monster remain relevant, but you could also throw in a higher-level monster against lower-level players and they'd have a reasonable chance to fight it. It sounds to me like the new edition will be alot more like playing an e6 game, and that makes me happy.

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    In general there are waaaay too many positive vibes in this thread. Is everyone feeling OK? It is kinda freaking me out.

    But heck, count me IN with the positive. Devil is always in the details, but so far what they are saying is Good and Spiff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lidgar View Post
    In general there are waaaay too many positive vibes in this thread. Is everyone feeling OK? It is kinda freaking me out.

    But heck, count me IN with the positive. Devil is always in the details, but so far what they are saying is Good and Spiff.

    Yes this. It seems that this is a trend in a lot of venues. I like it a lot.

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