Misc. updates - Caves of Chaos, DDXP playtest articles, and more!
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    Misc. updates - Caves of Chaos, DDXP playtest articles, and more!

    This is a bit of a miscellany of news updates!
    • weem has used modern art software to recreate the Caves of Chaos adventure map. The Caves of Chaos is part of the classic adventure Keep on the Borderlands used by WotC for the D&D Next playtests last week at DDXP.
    • Initial Impressions of the New D&D is an article at Critical Hits which - well, it does what it says on the box. Based on the playtests last week.
    • Running the New D&D and Playing Games is a companion article to the above piece; it also covers some of the non-D&D content at DDXP, such as Magic: The Gathering and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.
    • Letter to Wizards about 5e is an open letter from a schoolteacher to WotC.

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    I don't really understand that letter. You never have to change what you are playing.

    Most intro boxed sets are, as the person found, limited. They are designed to be an easier on-ramp and then for the players and GM to move on to the regular game. But, bottom line, if using RPGs as a way to help disadvantaged kids is working well with 4E, then there is no need to change. If D&D Next is easier to learn for the same kids, then it is better - regardless of whether it has an intro box or not. I don't understand the hangup on a box set.

    In theory, what you really want is an easier to grasp game, regardless of an intro set. The Core of D&D Next may very well be a substitute for an intro box. Legends & Lore suggested that at one time, and anyone watching the playtest tables at D&DXP would see players jumping into the action very quickly. It would be a shame for someone not to try the game because it didn't have an intro boxed set - especially if it wasn't needed.

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    I took the point to be that this teacher wants WotC to provide a cheaper entry point into the game to help his economically-disadvantged kids start their own games, thus continuing the education and mental stimulation the game provides beyond this teacher's reach. Although I disagree with this person that the old red box was a continuously playable game, nor do I believe that choosing other less expensive options would be any less educational or mentally stimulating.

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    Yeah, I don't think the teacher was concerned with the complexity of the game, but more in WotC providing an affordable entry level product. It wouldn't have to be a box set - a single book covering four classes (C, F, R, W), four races, and enough monsters to provide five levels of content (or six or nine or whatever) would work just as well. The rules may indeed be more basic in the interest of conserving space and keeping page count down, but I would be all for a good beginner's set.

    Pathfinder did a great job with their basic set, though at $35 (better deals online) it still may be a little to high for a tight budget. However, it was LOADED with stuff - you could probably offer a more streamlined product for $20 and be in the right ballpark.

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