Best/Easiest website?

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    Best/Easiest website?

    I need to create a website (or at least web presence) for a graduate student project I'm involved with. We are working on designing a park for a local city, and the website is an interface between us and the community, showing what we are doing, why we are doing it, and so forth.

    It's something of an interim site; the contents will be rolled up into a larger site some time over the summer (when that site is redesigned). I don't know exactly what the content will be; lots of pictures, probably. We are not tech students, so it needs to be pretty simple.

    My first impulses are blogspot, google, or a wiki of some kind.

    Thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations?
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    Now that Blogger allows you to create ten static pages in addition to the actual blog, it might be worth checking out. It's free, fairly simple to use, etc.
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    I use Google Sites for mine. It's easy, but remember, any of these easy things have a fairly standard layout. You can't get all custom and wierd with them.

    Given that this site is more of project status/sharing site than the official promotional site, that's OK.

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    Could always try a WordPress site, I think the free hosting version is There are hundreds of free themes out there as well that can be fairly easily edited if need be. And AFAIK, there isn't a limit on the number of pages you can create with a WP free site, although I could be wrong. I use it on my own domain.
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    You might want to try and find out what the website is using that it will be rolled into in the summer (In theory they should know what CSM they are using), this will have a lot less headaches come time when you have to put them together. If they are using wordpress then to makes the end choice easy in reality but something that may be worth researching.

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    You could also try
    There you will find a design blog, new products and freebies.

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