Admiral o' the High Seas - Only 6 Hours Left! [UPDATE: ONLY 30 MINUTES LEFT!]

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    Admiral o' the High Seas - Only 6 Hours Left! [UPDATE: ONLY 30 MINUTES LEFT!]

    If you were considering getting in on the Admiral o' the High Seas Kickstarter project, you'll need to be quick! As of the time of this posting, there are only six hours left! [UPDATE: NOW ONLY 30 MINUTES!]

    Admiral o' the High Seas is a sourcebook for naval adventures in your PATHFINDER or D&D 4TH EDITION games. It will help you to enliven your game with sea chases, boarding actions, broadsides, sea serpents and krakens, triremes capsized by hurricanes, galleons torn apart by maelstroms, windskiffs jousting with dragons, pirate ships prowling the seas for plunder, and maybe even a bit of merchants navigating to unseen shores to seek the booty of foreign lands, if you're into that sort of thing. Those who've only ever seen a masthead when they go to Wikipedia will find enough information about the nature of sailing to fake it in their games. And because we know gamers come in different styles, you'll have quick-to-play options as well as more tactical rules.

    So far we've reached our first and second goals, which means that the book will also include our awesome ship creation system! If we make our next goal before the six hours are up, it'll also contain the naval fleet rules for those big scale battles!

    So pledge your support before the deadline expires in just six hours from this post, and get cool rewards including color softback copies of the book, poster maps, ship naming rights, and more!
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