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    [LPF] Ties that Bind

    And here we are!

    My thanks to all of you for agreeing to play in this. It promises to be quite a fun group. Special thanks to Artur for a) asking me to help throw this party, and b) being patient while I prepared it.

    With that in mind: the adventure promises to be at least modestly long (although I always find it hard to tell). I'm going to do it in several parts, all of which have been outlined to some degree; depending on how things go on my end, there may be a bit of a break between acts so I can finalize the numbers.

    We're going to start off with Elenka and Audra traveling back from Martna (sorry I didn't mention it earlier, GE, given your post in the Mystic Pearl; oh well, no harm, no foul), and Fulgrim and Eanos in Venza. There are no big secrets to be kept from one group to the next, but they were divergent enough that I wanted to start separately. We should merge shortly.

    I'll put up the adventure information here shortly, but for now, I want to throw the thread and the first post up.

    @Artur Hawkwing

    Dragon Encounter: 1200 xp (300 each)

    Phedilo's Payment: 3000 gp (750 each)

    Deinonychus: 2400 xp (600 each), +1 Greataxe (2320 gp), Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (300 gp), 2 Potions of Mage Armor (100 gp), Scroll of Glitterdust (150 gp)

    Search/Heal Skill Challenge: 1200 xp (300 each)
    Horse rentals: 50 gp deposit each for Fulgrim, Eanos, and Audra, and 100 gp for Elenka. 50% due back on safe return of the horses, for a final cost of 25 gp per horse.
    Marching Order
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