Suggest Your "Rule of Three" Questions for Next Week (4/17)
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    Suggest Your "Rule of Three" Questions for Next Week (4/17)

    A quick message from WotC, which is reaching out to the EN World community this week for its pool of "Rule of Three" questions. Rule of Three is a weekly article on D&D Insider where Rodney Thompson answers three questions - usually about D&D Next, occasionally about 4th Edition.
    Hey all. Usually we grab questions for the Rule of Three articles from ongoing conversations in the various D&D and RPG communities, but I wanted to try something different. This week I wanted to reach out directly and see if you guys had any questions about design or development for 4E or D&D Next.

    We can't really tackle questions about the business side of things (ex: Are you going to do something like the OGL for Next?) the future of digital tools or organized play, or specifics about future product releases. So we're sticking to design and development questions.

    With that in mind, please reply with whatever design and development questions you may have for 4E or D&D Next. It's unlikely I'll be answering any of them here, but I will be adding those that fit into the above criteria into the pool of questions Rodney takes a stab at for the weekly article.
    To make it easier for the WotC folks to sift through, please be aware that this is not a discussion thread. You are welcome to post questions in this thread, but we'll be deleting anything that's not a question. That way, WotC can simply look at an easy-to-read list.
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