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    [4e][OOC] Clash of Steel [13th level]

    I've been kicking around the idea of running a 4e game in a somewhat arcane-centric setting -- the only 'magic' will be arcane; religion will exist, but there's no defiitive evidence for the existence of deities or nature spirits. However, if I go ahead and do this, I'll need to flesh out the setting a bit, and find a good free or Dungeon adventure (heroic tier, should not feature actions by gods or demons or their servants as the major plotline) to run.

    Character Creation Rules:

    allowed races: eladrin, elf, halfling, human, dragonborn, drow, half-elf, gnome, shardmind, changeling, warforged, genasi, pixie, satyr, Hengeyokai, Hamadryad

    allowed classes: any arcane or martial (but not martial and something other than arcane; so skalds are okay, but hunters are not) or shadow; also barbarian (reflavor as martial) and invoker (reflavor as arcane), warlocks cannot be infernal pact, vestige pact, star pact, or sorcerer-king pact

    Level: 13th

    no setting-specific feats, themes, backgrounds, or paragon paths except for Eberron Dragonmark/Dragonmarked House specific feats, paragon paths, and backgrounds (so FR and Scales of War backgrounds, and Dark Sun themes are out)

    Dragonmarks are allowed; product of riturals, not inborn, not tied to races. In 'good' countries, aberrant marks are only available from criminal organizations, and possesion of an aberrant mark is considered grounds for imprisonment (and exile or deportation if you cannot be found guilty of any other crime).

    all characters get one Expertise Feat and Improved Defenses for free

    swordmages also get Intelligent Blademaster for free (if I were allowing any other melee classes that didn't have a good melee basic attack, I'd do something for them too)

    The current characters are
    - eladrin warlord
    - pixie wizard (mage)
    - half-elf sorcerer (elementalist)
    - genasi swordmage
    - dragonborn warlock (hexblade)
    - gnome bard
    - Hengeyokai assassin
    - human figher|ranger hybrid

    More details about the party can be found at the Campaign Manager site.
    - Character sheets
    - Characters section of the Wiki
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