Ok so we finally ran our "Pathfinder battle event at our FLGS "Gateway Games" here in Cincinnati. Needles to say it was a blast. The outcome of the event was a bit of a surprise however.

the CHAMPIONS in the event are in descending order.(all lvl 10)

human sorcerer ( dragon disciple)
nymph sorcerer
human Summoner
Ogre Barbarian
hobgoblin fighter(net/whip master)
human alchemist / fighter
dwarven fighter/stalwart defender
human monk
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73AcQbHY2Bw]Pathfinder Arena Event - YouTube[/ame]

overall it was a great time, and we got to try alot some strange builds/combinations..

more pics on my blog also....