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    If we have full set of actions, then Venakhad would move further inside too (O41)


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    Round 1, "Guard Station"
    Rohna, Goliath Fighter 8

    Rohna pushes strait forward through her fellow investigators, throwing the doors wide as she goes, looking to both sides as she moves. Her hammer is in one hand and her mundane heavy shield in the other, until something happens. "He's got to be around here somewhere. Are we going with the presumption that he already knows the layout of this place?"
    Combat Actions
    Free: Speak
    Minor: ...
    Move: double move to (N/36-O/37)
    Standard: ...
    Full Attack: ...
    Gore: ...
    Rohna—Female Goliath Fighter 8 Resist all 1
    Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15
    AC: 24 (26), Fort: 22, Reflex: 15 (17), Will: 17 — Speed: 5(6), 9 when mounted
    HP: 76/76 (0THP), Bloodied: 38, Surge: 19, Surges left: 13/13;
    AP: 1/1, Second Wind: Unused, Milestones 0
    Powers -
    Crushing Surge
    Pass Forward
    Practiced Rider
    Passing Strike
    Rhino Strike
    Hydra Charge
    Stone's Endurance
    Villain's Menace
    Rain of Steel

    Vanguard Mordenkrad +2 "Kordestad" (daily, )
    Flaming Warhammer +1 (daily, free)
    Onyx Dog (daily, standard)
    Antipathy Gloves (daily, standard)
    Olaf—Dire Boar 6
    Resist 10 all; HP 85/85 (0THP); Bloodied 42 AC 20; Fortitude 21, Reflex 17, Will 16, Speed 9. Property: Rabid Charger (while mounted by a friendly rider of 6th level or higher; at-will) Mount; When he charges, Olaf makes a gore attack in addition to Rohna's charge attack. Furious Charge; When Olaf charges, his gore deals an extra 5 damage, pushes the target 2 squares, and knocks the target prone on a hit. Death Strike (when reduced to 0 hit points); Olaf makes a gore attack. Powers: Gore (standard; at-will); +9 vs. AC; 1d10 + 4 damage, or 1d10 + 9 damage against a prone target.

    Gretta—Construct 4
    Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 13 — Speed: 8
    HP: 9/9(4); Bloodied 4

    (standard; at-will)
    +7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage.
    OoC: Squares around Rohna cost 2 movement for enemies to enter.
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    The guard captain runs with the group into the hallway next to the entrance hall. The large hallway is similarly decorated with banners of famous Brellish victories. The large statues which decorate this hall pay homage to the Dragonmarked Houses. The chimera of House Deneith flanks this large set of doors with the gorgan of House Cannith. Each statue towers in the hallway.

    As soon as the group reaches this hallway, the sounds of battle can be heard more clearly. Past the large stone chimera to the left, figures can be seen battling.

    The guard captain calls out, "Ricks! What's going on? Who is attacking?"

    He draws his blade and turns to the adventures.

    "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I need to help my men fight whoever snuck into the building disguised as Riork. You need to go into the main audience chamber and make sure nothing happens to the ambassadors. Don't worry,there should be a squad of men in the Greeting Hall to help protect them."

    He gives a nod before saying, "As you said before, 'Spire' shall identify us to each other."

    The veteran guard advances down the hallway before Rohna opens the door to the aforementioned Greeting Hall.

    Perhaps he wouldn't be so optimistic should he see the men assigned to protect the ambassadors laying down all over the room.

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    kal'Tarron moves with the group, but something distracts him and he is slow to react...

    OOC: Initiative (1d20+4=5)

    That's two natural 1s in a row (this and an attack in LPF)

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    History 20

    It is a tradition since the end of the war that representatives of the individual kingdoms bring presents of items or food to official or diplomatic gatherings. The bigger the event, the more the representatives try to impress with the degree of food, wine and presents.

    The Gathering Room appears to be a banquet hall. Four large tables are heaped with meats, wines, fruit and deserts. The foods seem to represent the different regions of Khorvaire.

    Fruit delicacies grown in northern Aundair sit opposite steak and pork from Karnath and desert delicacies and white wine of Thrane. Brellish breads overflow in a decorative cornucopia. Bottles of Karnathi wine has been opened and poured. Half eaten plates of food and wine sit on the edges of the tables.

    The guardsmen lay around the room in various locations. No blade wounds are obvious from your current location.
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    The priest hurries into the room toward the nearest guards and checks them for signs of life or cause of death.

    His mind searches those lying for signs of life.

    Heal (1d20+14=33)

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    GM: Nice roll.

    The priest easily detects the guard's shallow breathing. His system is significantly impaired. It is clear to you that these men have been drugged or poisoned. It is also clear that the guard had recently partaken in the food from this room.

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    "The food is poisoned. But these are all guards. Where are the guests?"

    @FourMonos, would healer's mercy or saving throw granting effects help the guard(s)

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    Czern ignores the fallen guards, looking instead for where the ambassadors may have been taken or gone. It is the soldier's duty to die for their country---and sometimes continue to fight.
    OOC: Other exits, scrape marks, etc? Perception 19 (not sure why it showed two; the bottom roll is always the first).
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    GM: The room you just entered is the Greeting Hall. Here's the map again for ease of use. The Greeting Hall has the four large tables in it from J - S, 28 - 37. There are a large set of double doors across from the entrance at M - P 38.

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