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    OOC: Double move to P23, Diplomacy +12 if relevant

    The priest enters and motions toward the ambassadors with slight bow toward each.
    "Ambasadors, would please come back here in an orderly fashion so we can deal with this unpleasantness? Thank you." The speech would sound much better if ruined voice didn't grate on the ears, but the form has been followed.
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    OOC: I've included a copy of the map so that people do not have to go back 4 pages.


    "You think I cannot get to you?" Chael asks as she runs into the room, spewing stones that hit some of the changeling's allies.

    *Dusk, forward, but don't run.*


    Move plus Move: Double Run
    Minor:Twilight Shield
    Action Point Standard: Magic Stone on 8, 7, and 5.

    Vs. Reflex, 19 on 8, natural 20 on 7, 15 on 5, possible 12 damage on 8.

    A whopping 2 extra points of critical damage on 7 for a total of 14. Woo Hoo

    Push 7 to H6.

    @FourMonosIf 8 is hit, then push 8 to G7.

    Twilight Shield, Aura 1, partial concealment against ranged attacks around Chael.

    Immediate Reaction

    Chael will use Forceful Reversal (augment 1) if an enemy melee attacks her.

    Trigger: An enemy hits Chael.
    Attack: +14 vs AC
    Hit: 1d8+6 force damage, and Chael pushes the target 1 square.
    Effect: Chael doesn’t get her normal standard action on her turn.
    Augment 1:
    Hit: 1d8+6 force damage, and Chael pushes the target 1 square and then shifts 1 square to the square the target vacated. In addition, she gains combat advantage against the target until the end of her next turn.
    Effect: Chael gets her normal standard action on her turn.
    Augment 2
    Hit: 2d8+6 force damage, and Chael knocks the target prone. The target cannot stand up until the start of its next turn.
    Effect: Chael gets her normal standard action on her turn.

    stat block

    Chael - Female Longtooth Shifter Hybrid Battlemind | Sentinel Druid
    Advantageous Conditions: 5 temp hit points at the start of all encounters (Psionic Vigor), partial concealment twilight shield vs. ranged attacks
    Adverse Conditions: gives combat advantage due to running.
    Initiative: +4 Passive Insight: 26 Passive Perception: 26
    Senses: Low Light Vision
    Power Points: 3/4
    HP 66/66
    Bloodied 33
    Surge Value 17; Surges Per-Day 12/12
    AC 28 Fortitude 23 Reflex 19 Will 22 Speed 5
    Currently AC: 28, Fortitude: 23, Reflex: 19, Will: 22, plus partial concealment vs. ranged attacks, minus combat advantage for running

    Action Points: 0
    Second Wind: Not Used

    HP: 33 Senses: low light vision
    Speed: 6, Initiative: equal to Chael's
    AC: 21, Fortitude: 23, Reflex: 19, Will: 15
    Currently AC: 21, Fortitude: 23, Reflex: 19, Will: 15

    At will:
    Battlemind's Demand
    Conductive Defense
    Forceful Reversal
    Magic Stone
    Melee Basic
    Mind Spike

    Camouflage Cloak
    Guardian's Counter
    Healing Word
    Longtooth Shifting
    Psionic Vigor
    Second Wind
    Wind Wall

    Aspect Of Elevated Harmony
    Wall of Thorns

    Trained: 11 Athletics, 13 Endurance, 16 Insight, 16 Perception
    Untrained: 2 Acrobatics, 5 Arcana, 4 Bluff, 4 Diplomacy, 9 Dungeoneering, 9 Heal, 5 History, 4 Intimidate, 11 Nature, 5 Religion, 2 Stealth, 4 Streetwise, 2 Thievery

    Hybrid Talent
    Heart of the Blade
    Melee Training (Wisdom)
    Mark of Warding
    Longtooth Spirit Shifter

    Magic Items:
    Belt of Vigor
    Boots of Fencing Master
    Amulet of Protection +2
    Twilight Heavy Shield
    Blood Fury Longsword +2
    Dragonrider Scale +3
    Siberys Shard of the Mage
    2 Potions of Healing
    Companion Defender
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    Czern rushed to the side of the Karrnathi ambassador, shield and hammer ready. Behind me, stalwart. I am your shield.
    OOC: Double run. Grant CA TSNT.

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    Round 1, "Ambassador Building"
    Rohna, Goliath Fighter/Warlord 8

    A slow dark smile spreads across the face of the compact obsidian woman as she buries her heals into the plated sides of the testy dire boar, her massive hammer whirling in one hand creating the illusion of a second shield. Sparks fly up from the polished stone floor with each heavy step of the steel shod mount carrying her. The nails that attach the over-sized, blackened shoes protruding a good four inches out of the cranky animals hooves.

    When Rohna reaches the center of the room, Olaf rears up, and the battlerager smashes her spinning weapon onto her plain steel shield while bellowing like an enraged bear before dropping the shield to the ground. Olaf adds his own deep squealing roar to his rider's. The effect in the pristine meeting hall is like a clap of thunder announcing the arrival of a storm of metallic rain. The echoing peel of sound bounces around the lavishly appointed chambers, drawing the attention of everyone who could still turn their heads. The enemies look just in time to see every red vein in Rohn'a shiny black hide run silver, and her eyes become molten, glowing pools of mercury before she charges into the fray. The base of Kordestad's handle swings into her waiting empty hand as she closes on the assassins.

    Olaf doesn't even slow as he squeezes between the heavy stone tables, bringing his plated tusk down on the shoulder of the killer in the middle of the pack. Rohna's hammer and arms blur into 3 identical sets this time as she swings at every enemy within her considerable reach, before the blackened mordenkrad's snap back into a single weapon. The blur of attacks make it hard to tell if the first two strikes landed, but the third is accompanied by a sickening crunch as it lands squarely in the center of an enemy's spine from behind.

    Instead of taking the customary rest, the fighter just keeps on swinging again and again at both of the enemies in front of her. If there was any uncertainty of who was hit or missed before, there is no mistaking the damage they have all taken now. Her hammer finds the lighter armor of the assassin's limbs a much easier target, and still the littlest goliath rages on.

    She continues to set about herself with no regard for the puddles of blood and gore being ripped out of her enemies, bathing the ground around her like so much red rain. Each of her continuous strikes another crack of thunder in the typhoon of steel and blood she has unleashed. "You were all dead the moment my gaze found you! Take your last moments to make peace with whatever gods you hold sacred. But make no mistake... even your prayers won't save you from my wrath this day!"
    Combat Actions
    Free: Speak, drop shield
    Minor: Rain of Steel (affecting 5/7/8 at the start of their turns), 2d6.minroll(2)+2=12
    Move: to (M/15-O/16)
    Standard: Hydra Charge to (H/7-I/8), 1d20+15=AC19(21 if prone)v5, 1d20+15=AC17v7, 1d20+15=AC33v8, 2d6.minroll(2)+1d8+7=19
    5 and 8 -2 to hit UENT, 5/7/8 marked UENT.
    Action Point: Passing Strike v 5/7, 1d20+14=AC24(26 if prone)v5, 2d6.minroll(2)+7=13, 1d20+16=AC32v7, 2d6.minroll(2)+7=12
    Gore: 1d20+10=AC22v5, 1d10+9=12 #5 Knocked Prone.
    RohnaŚFemale Goliath Fighter 8 Resist all 1
    Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 15
    AC: 24 (26), Fort: 22, Reflex: 15 (17), Will: 17 Ś Speed: 5(6), 9 when mounted
    HP: 76/76 (5THP), Bloodied: 38, Surge: 19, Surges left: 13/13;
    AP: 0/1, Second Wind: Unused, Milestones 0
    Powers -
    Crushing Surge
    Pass Forward
    Practiced Rider
    Passing Strike
    Rhino Strike
    Hydra Charge
    Stone's Endurance
    Inspiring Word
    Villain's Menace

    Rain of Steel

    Vanguard Mordenkrad +2 "Kordestad" (daily, )
    Flaming Warhammer +1 (daily, free)
    Onyx Dog (daily, standard)
    Antipathy Gloves (daily, standard)
    OlafŚDire Boar 6
    Resist 10 all; HP 85/85 (0THP); Bloodied 42 AC 20; Fortitude 21, Reflex 17, Will 16, Speed 9. Property: Rabid Charger (while mounted by a friendly rider of 6th level or higher; at-will) Mount; When he charges, Olaf makes a gore attack in addition to Rohna's charge attack. Furious Charge; When Olaf charges, his gore deals an extra 5 damage, pushes the target 2 squares, and knocks the target prone on a hit. Death Strike (when reduced to 0 hit points); Olaf makes a gore attack. Powers: Gore (standard; at-will); +9 vs. AC; 1d10 + 4 damage, or 1d10 + 9 damage against a prone target.

    GrettaŚConstruct 4
    Initiative +7; Low-light, Passive Perception 17
    AC: 16, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 13 Ś Speed: 8
    HP: 9/9(4); Bloodied 4

    (standard; at-will)
    +7 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage.
    Squares adjacent to Rohna cost 2 movement for enemies to enter, and enemies beginning their turns adjacent to Rohna automatically take Rain of Steel damage.

    Damage Summary:
    (Total damage if all attacks hit)
    #5 (56!)
    Gore: AC 22 for 12dmg and knocked prone on hit
    - if hit all following attacks are at +2 to hit from CA
    Hydra Charge: AC 19 for 19dmg
    Passing Strike: AC 24 for 13dmg
    Rain of Steel: 12 dmg

    #7 (43)
    Hydra Charge: AC 17 for 19dmg
    Passing Strike: AC 32 for 12dmg
    Rain of Steel: 12 dmg

    #8 (31)
    Hydra Charge: AC 33 for 19dmg
    Rain of Steel: 12 dmg

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    Malehan move forward and get closer to the action, choosing his next target.

    Move: Walk to M23
    Standard: Walk to J16
    Minor: Oath of Enmity on 9

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    Alexia moves quickly but carefully into the chamber.

    Double move to J20.

    mini stat block
    Alexia Madgearu - Vryloka* Bard 8
    *Insight DC 29 to notice she's not human.
    Initiative: +4 | Passive perception: 20 | Passive Insight: 22
    AC 25 | F 20 | R 19 | W 22
    HP: 65/65 | Bloodied: 32 | Surge value: 16 (14 when bloodied) | Surges: 10/11
    Resist: 9 necrotic
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Common, Dwarven
    AP: 1 | Second Wind: not used
    MBA: +11 vs AC, 1d8+3, +2d6 on crit
    Powers: Cutting Words, Guiding Strike
    Lifeblood, Majestic Word (2/2), Words of Friendship, Essence of Death, Divine Challenge
    Shout of Triumph[/s], Rally the Spectral Host, Unluck
    Stirring Shout, Satire of Bravery
    Inspire Confidence, Ode to Sacrifice
    Performer's Longsword, Screaming Drakescale, Symbol of Scorned Fate


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    Quote Originally Posted by KarinsDad View Post

    @FourMonos If 8 is hit, then push 8 to G7.
    GM: Only assassin number 7 was hit on that attack.

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    GM: @Vertexx69 You missed #5 with the hydra charge. Isn't Olaf's Gore attack dependent on the successful charge attack? It doesn't appear to be on the character sheet. I may need some judge feedback on that.

    #8 was hit with hydra charge and #5 and #7 were hit with passing strike.

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    Venakhad makes an effort to be heard over the din of the battle. He repeats the message mentally to everyone in range, urging them to repeat it in louder voice then he can

    "Czern, everyone, ambassadors had enough time to move out! Be wary of the attack from the back! Even victim guards are suspect!"

    OOC: Only Dusk is currently in range (not like he'll shout anything ), Rhona was when I thought of this, but couldn't post before

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    OOC: The exact text is: When it charges, the dire boar makes a gore attack in addition to its riderĺs charge attack; see also furious charge. There's nothing about it being conditional on a hit, or even what order the attacks happen in. I'm reading it as when the dire boar charges, it's rider also gets to make her charge attack otherwise it would start with "when its rider charges". The wording is a bit funky but its the exact same way in the griffon mount power description.

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