Recently listening to a podcast on critical hits about skill challenges, I was given a lightbulb above my head when I heard the interviewee mention an example of a boring skill challenge - crossing a rickety bridge, vs. its more fantastical counterpart - same said bridge is on fire and thePCs are being chased by trolls.

In my upcoming session on Sunday it is very likely that my PCs will engage in a skill challenge with the Narrows Twins - two tiefling villains that I augmented from the lady of the shadows adventure in the FR campaign guide. As it happens, most likely they will say the wrong thing when they approach these twins at a local crossroads - an area where caravaners and merchants set up camp and stands to solicit their wares to travelers. And then , a chase will ensue, both twins running in opposite directions forcing the party members to decide which one they will chase.

So here's my question - what sort of fantastic elements could I add to the setting that would add spice to the SC and also allow for more varied skills to be used to catch these guys?

Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks.