On January 9th, 2012, WotC officially announced that it was working on a new edition of D&D, although it was late 2010 that WotC first seriously started thinking about a new edition. This was prompted by divisions in the RPG community: "First, we had a divided audience. Second, if we kept altering the core of 4th Edition, the division would only become more apparent." - Mike Mearls.

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This book summarizes everything we know about this new edition, and is updated regularly. Keep checking back for new information! Notes on format:

  • The source is linked to where possible.
  • Where no source is linked, the info came from one of the DDXP seminars. See this page for links for full transcripts.
  • Items in italics are considered unreliable third party sources. They are included for completeness' sake, but take with a grain of salt.
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