D&D 4th Edition [Adventure] Rift in a Bag (DM: treex, Judge ???) - Page 11

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    Malakai shakes his arms and hands, moving his head from side to side to loosen up his neck and shoulder muscles like a prize fighter readying for a fight.

    Feeling the magical might that coalesced around Dina, the tiefling cocks an eyebrow and stares at the Deva with a look of being impressed.

    "Yes! Keep filling me with power and we will crush these weaklings!"

    Turning to the battle, already at hand, Malakai takes in a deep breath, reaching into the depths of the chaos within his mind. As always, he searches for a pool of fiery or molten energy, bypassing the lesser elemental pools of metal, steam, water, and earth, before finally finding a suitable host for his powers.

    Surrounding a large mound of earth is a moat-like circle of boiling elemental lava. Pulling at the energy of that pool of fiery energy, Malakai is amazed at the ease with which its energy surges toward him. However, he is a bit disconcerted at the strange icy crystallization that appears, in the areas of lava where he has pulled energy, that don't seem to melt away afterward. Ignoring that as the strange effect Niks was referring to, Malakai shakes his head and gets back into the fight.

    With his hands out before him, one gripping his red-glowing dagger, he reaches toward the ground, stooping his back and gripping with his empty hand at the air. Looking past Artemis, Malakai spies an area just between the rampaging swarm and another creature near his warlock ally to serve as his conduit.

    "Succendo inimicus mei! Corporis suum extermino donec nihilum fragmen!"

    Thrusting his arms into the air and straightening his back, he releases the energy he stole from the elemental chaos, giving a primal growl as he feels the energy torn from his body.

    Instead of the usual burning sensation he was used to, an icy chill crept down his spine, threatening to break his concentration. But Malakai was prepared for something like this, thanks to Niks' warning about the nature of magic within the bag, and he pushed on, ignoring the immense pain the energy was causing him. Feeling the connection between himself and his conduit point, Malakai shoves all of his gathered energy and releases a shout, his spell completing itself.

    On the ground between the swarm and another foul demon, the ground begins to seethe and burn for a moment before the magic of the bag quickly reacts to protect itself. Instead of the wild eruption of fire and lava that would normally have occurred, the ground ices over in a wide circular area, and icicles shoot up through this circle in all 360 degrees, threatening to freeze and pierce anything in its area.

    Unluckily for the swarm of maw demons and the lizard-riding creature, the frozen spikes flow into their locations, piercing and freezing them with a icy hatred. After the icy tips of frozen icicles pierce their foes, they snap off and fall to the ground, shattering into thousands of tiny, sharp shards that lie on the ground. More icicles shoot up from the ground to replace the broken ones, reaching out toward Malakai's enemies and then falling apart after reaching maximum extension, creating a nice patch of death for anyone stupid enough to travel through or stay within.

    "Not my usual grand burst of flames... but effective I suppose.." he thinks to himself.

    Primordial Language

    "Feel free to walk through your new playground! It may not yet be a cold day in hell, but I'm sure you'll get my point!"


    Move: Move into the bag

    Standard: Malakai uses Ignition, creating a zone in a close burst 1, centered on Q10, which catches R and S1 in its area, hitting Fort 25 vs "R" and Fort 29 vs "S1" for 25 fire cold damage (including Dina's Magic Weapon bonus and Malakai's implement property).

    If the swarm is vulnerable to area effects, it will take more damage based on that vulnerability. If not, please let me know, as Malakai would take note of an enemies inherent strengths or weaknesses to his powers.

    The burst creates a zone that lasts until the start of Malakai's next turn. Any creature that enters the zone or ends its turn there takes 4 fire cold damage. A creature can take this damage only once per turn.


    Malakai's Stats

    Malakai - Tiefling Sorcerer (Elementalist) 4
    Passive Perception 12, Passive Insight 12
    AC 17, Fort 17, Reflex 13, Will 20
    HP 46/46, Bloodied 23, Surge Value 11, Surges 10/10
    Speed 6, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Elemental Bolt, Ignition
    Encounter Powers: Elemental Escalation (Fire) 2/2, Hellfire Heart, Shield of Flames
    Daily Powers: Diabolic Transformation, Black Wrath of Hell
    Item Powers: Chromatic Robe Power (Encounter)


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    Outside the bag in the second wave, can Lilli also have a free Move (stand next to bag when the other's go in) and then a Standard, Move (I suppose just appearing next to the inside's letter A in a vacated space), and a Minor?

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    The Bag
    It was my understanding that it takes a separate move action to cross from outside the bag to inside.

    Thus, the first wave (those already next to the bag) used a move action to enter and then had their standard and minor.

    The second wave has to spend a move action to move next to the bag, and then a second move action (your standard) to cross over, leaving you with only a minor action.

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    Yes, it takes up a move action to enter the bag. So there should be two...P...Cs...outside. Wait a sec, where'd Lerrick go щ(゚Д゚щ)

    Yes, the swarm takes half damage from melee and ranged attacks and has vulnerable 10 to blasts and bursts. These monsters are getting whipped D: By the way this is an n+0 encounter.
    Damage Taken
    Demon Rider: 43
    Swarm 1: 35

    Knowledge Checks
    Maw Demon Swarm: As before, these demons are fueled by the want to feed. These Maw Demons also have scars and they look terribly hungry.
    Demons: You identify these Demons as Firebark Demons, they come from a distant realm and have visited once briefly about 20 to 30 years ago. Their previous attempts at conquering the realm have been thwarted by another band of adventurers. They expand their community by corrupting various elementals and can reproduce through magical-artificial means.
    Herder: He appears to have no magical abilities, from what you can observe he is a cruel being.
    Portal Key: You identify the swirling mists as reagents for a portal spell, they appear to be separated through magical means. If they are combined, willingly or otherwise, you predict that a portal or teleportation spell will take effect.
    Rider: Her spear is magically enchanted but it's hard to tell what enchantment it has. The runes on the wall seem to be dulling your senses.
    Arcanist: He appears to be well-versed in the art of binding and gives off the same vibe that Niks does, so he probably is an enchanter as well.
    Lizard: A common steed of choice by the Firebarks, it is very loyal. There are no recorded instances of a name, but you know that these lizards choose their master and not the other way around. It is an honour to be chosen and the master-steed relationship usually fosters into great friendships.

    I'm sorry if I don't seem to be rewarding your knowledge checks, I
    m literally pulling this out of nowhere and writing down whatever that would seem interesting that has come ot my mind. (I kinda like the lizard now though)
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    After watching everyone enter the bag, Lerrick takes a deep breath and exhales quickly Here we go The cleric jumps into the bag. Once in the room she surveys the room. Woah! Not wanting be isolated she moves closer to members of her party.


    movement 1: move through the bag
    movement 2: move to current location
    minor: none

    initiative roll: 10
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    Nathantiel Xiloscient (Protector Druid 6)

    Nate conjures a wall of wind, hoping to disperse the demonic swarms a bit and give himself and his allies against ranged attacks.


    standard: Windwall on R12, Q11, P11 - P6 (leaves also a wall, but I don't know how to mark it on the map)
    slides S1 1 Sq to the right (P2 is now in its aura) Artie wants to stay in melee, right?
    Hits R & S1 for 18 damage (without possible resistances or vulnerabilities)

    Quick Sheet

    Nathantiel Xiloscient
    Perception: 27 Insight: 18 Low-light Vision
    AC 23 Fortitude 17 Reflex 21 Will 21
    Initiative: +17 (sense threat)
    Hit Points: 56 / 56 Bloodied: 28
    Temporary Hit Points: -
    Saving Throw: -
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Milestones: 0.0
    Healing Surge: 14 Surges per day: 9 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Fire Hawk, Magic Stone
    Encounter Powers: Nature's Growth, Thorn Spray, Wind Wall, Camouflage Cloak, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Summon Natural Ally 2/2, Seed of Healing (seed), (Summoner's Staff - not in hand)


    Berry Sheet

    Perception: 29 Low-light Vision
    AC 22 Fortitude 20 Reflex 20 Will 20
    Initiative: +7
    Hit Points: 28 / 28 Bloodied: 14
    Temporary Hit Points: -

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    Lilli looks at Berry, "Well, I'll go first then," and steps through into the bag, not really expecting a response.

    Move action = Move next to bag, E3.

    Standard action = Move through bag to M10.

    +2, +2 bonus for being near Dina: Total = 12.

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    OOC: Initiative for Artie is a 22, which includes +2 from Nate and +2 from Dina. If they don't stack, he only got a 20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourMonos View Post
    OOC: Initiative for Artie is a 22, which includes +2 from Nate and +2 from Dina. If they don't stack, he only got a 20.
    Dina's bonus is a power bonus, Nathantiel's in a racial bonus, so yes, they stack.

    EDIT: And remember, you get to choose the order they apply, so you should check to see if you get Nathantiel's bonus first before adding Dina's.

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