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    Block dimsdale

    Hmmm...this one is too close. The cleric shifts away from a demon, then side steps her allies to get into a safer position.Here looks good . She turns and surveys the battlefield, waiting to aide those who need healing.


    minor: none
    movement: sift to m8
    movement: n9-m10-L11

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    Block Son of Meepo

    OOC: @treex, it looks like the demons are up.

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    Block treex

    Dina and Artemis take the brunt of the force of the demon's counterattack, but remain relatively safe within their superior armor. However, a tricky maneuver from the one with the whip manages to trip Artemis over.

    The Portal Keys join the fight, but their wild swings never connect.

    The lizard opens it's mouth and hurls a huge blue fireball, which hits the floor and sends out little icicles in a radial manner. Most of the plink futilely against the iron and steel of the party but a particularly large chunk hits Nate squarely in the thigh and embeds itself rather deeply.

    While the party is distracted by the hail of icicles and with Artemis on the ground, the rider manages to land an actual blow.

    Finally, the arcanist finishes his chant and chains erupt from the "ground" and snake above the heads of the party. They slam downwards and manage to wrap themselves around the tiefling, the blink dog and the cleric.

    Damage Taken
    S1 DEAD
    P3 DEAD
    Demon Herder 40/63 BLOODIED
    Demon Rider 139/180 BLOODIED

    Monster Actions
    P1: Moves and attacks Dina
    P2: Moves and attacks Lilli (Neither of them hit)
    Standard Actions
    Wild Claw At-Will
    Melee; +10 vs AC

    Maw Swarm attacks Artemis: MISSES
    Standard Actions
    Swarm of Fangs At-Will
    +8 vs Reflex; 2d6+2 dmg, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
    Demon Herder uses Whip and Trip Up vs Artemis: Whip Misses, Trip Up HITS (Artemis falls prone)
    Standard Actions
    Whip (Weapon) At-Will
    Ranged 5; +10 vs AC
    1d6+6 and you slide the target one square
    Minor Actions
    Trip Up
    Ranged 5; +8 vs. Reflex
    Hit: The target falls prone.

    P4: Moves and attacks Artemis (who is now prone): MISSES

    Demon Rider
    Move Action: Shift
    Minor Action: Lizard's Fury @ Dina, Berry, Nate, Artemis (HITS Nate for 15 cold damage and takes ongoing 5 cold damage (save ends)
    Standard Action: Jousting Feint @ Artemis (HITS for 13 damage)
    Standard Actions
    Jousting Feint
    Melee; +12 vs. AC
    Target: 1 or 2 enemies
    Hit: 2d6+5 damage
    Minor Actions
    Lizard's Fury
    Close Blast 2; +10 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 2d8+8 damage and the target takes ongoing fire cold damage.

    Binding Chains @ M11 (attacks all but Lilli)
    HITS Malakai, Berry and Lerrick for 17 damage and is immobilized until end of Arcanist's next turn (I didn't change the amount of rolls, so it rolled 6 times, sorry)
    Standard Actions
    Binding Chains Encounter
    Close Burst 2 within 10; +8 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 1d8+10 damage and the target is immobilized until the end of your next turn.

    -Malakai, Berry and Lerrick take 17 damage and is immobilized UENT
    -Nate takes 15 cold damage and ongoing 5 cold damage (save ends)
    -Artemis falls prone
    -I got cruddy rolls (mostly 1s, 2s and 3s, if I'm lucky...5 :<)

    Party is up again. I apologize for the delay, busy student is busy.

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    Block Son of Meepo

    Dina turned to Malakai who looked like he was in a bad spot with the spectral chains that were wrapped around him.

    "Looks like you forgot to duck, Malakai. So who is it now that needs to be saved?"

    She knew the chiding would anger Malakai, and that rage was exactly what he needed to keep going in this battle.

    She then quickly turned to Artemis and implored him to strike at the rider, but she had failed to notice in the fog of battle that he was off balance. Still, perhaps all was not lost...

    Start of Turn: 5 damage from swarm aura
    Move: Shift to N9.
    Minor: Inspiring Word Inspiring Word (2d6+1=10)
    Malakai spends a healing surge and heals 21 hit points (46/46)
    Standard: Commander's Strike (Artemis uses Resplendent Blade with +2 to hit and +5 damage vs Rider)
    Resplendent Blade (1d20+13+2=19, 1d10+15+5=29)
    Result: Forgot to include the prone penalty. Artemis will miss unless he chooses to use Heroic Effort in which case he will hit the Rider for 29 radiant damage (168/180) and P4 for 3 radiant damage (dies).

    Dina's Stats
    Dina - Deva Artificer-Warlord 6
    Passive Perception 17, Passive Insight 17
    AC 21, Fort 15, Reflex 19, Will 22
    HP 44/49, Bloodied 24, Surge Value 12, Surges 7/7
    Speed 6, Initiative +11
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind []
    At-Will Powers: Magic Weapon,
    Commander's Strike
    Encounter Powers: Provocative Order [],
    Shocking Feedback [],
    Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes [],
    Use Vulnerability [x],
    Curative Admixture [],
    Inspiring Word [x],
    Adaptive Stratagem [x],
    Animate Helper [],
    Bold Victory Armor []
    Daily Powers: Punishing Eye [],
    Destructive Surprise [],
    Philosopher's Crown [x],
    Power Jewel []

    OOC: Wasn't paying close enough attention. @FourMonos, unless you choose to have Artemis use Heroic Effort, the attack Dina granted Artemis is going to miss. It's a big chunk of damage if you turn it into a hit, so I think it would be worth it.

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    Nathantiel Xiloscient (Protector Druid 6)

    Nate is still suffering the "burning" cold but manages to summon three pebbles of elemental earth that crash into the demons harder than sling bullets.


    start: take 5 cold damage
    Standard: Magic Stone
    end: save vs ongoing damage

    Quick Sheet

    Nathantiel Xiloscient
    Perception: 27 Insight: 18 Low-light Vision
    AC 23 Fortitude 17 Reflex 21 Will 21
    Initiative: +17 (sense threat)
    Hit Points: 36 / 56 Bloodied: 28
    Temporary Hit Points: -
    Saving Throw: -
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Milestones: 0.0
    Healing Surge: 14 Surges per day: 9 / 9
    At-Will Powers: Fire Hawk, Magic Stone
    Encounter Powers: Nature's Growth, Thorn Spray, Wind Wall, Camouflage Cloak, Amulet of Life
    Daily Powers: Summon Natural Ally 2/2, Seed of Healing (seed), (Summoner's Staff - not in hand)

    Condition: 5 ongoing cold damage (save ends)

    Berry Sheet

    Perception: 29 Low-light Vision
    AC 22 Fortitude 20 Reflex 20 Will 20
    Initiative: +7
    Hit Points: 11 / 28 Bloodied: 14
    Temporary Hit Points: -

    Conditions: bloodied
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    Block CrimsonFlameWielder

    Malakai struggles against the magical chains that wrapped around him, squeezing the life from him. And although Dina's healing magics kept him from passing out, her comments infuriated him more than the magical chains hurt him.

    "I NEVER..." he shouted, struggling to wriggle his dagger hand free from the binding chains, "ASKED TO BE SAVED!"

    While is the anger of his words were focused on Dina, the anger of his magic was released upon his nicely clustered enemies who, in their weakness and ineptitude, decided to distract themselves with Malakai's minions allies.

    "Caminus de Chaos, absumo immolatio tumultuarius!"

    A swirling current of fire appears in a circuit above the heads of the demons, growing darker with a fierce, angry, red power. At least it started to before the magic of the bag took over and protected itself, freezing the disk-like mass of flames into a solid block of ice. It fell to the "ground", threatening to crush the demons under its weight. However, before it could get that far, Malakai shouted his anger at the demons' binding chains, causing the block of ice to explode, sending shrapnel outward in a rain of icy death that shredded the rider and his mount, and nearly destroyed the entirety of the swarm of maw demons as well! On the outskirts of the blast, the portal keys took only minimal damage from the blast of ice.


    Standard: Ignition, area burst 1 centered at M7, which targets S2 and P1.
    No Action: Malakai uses Elemental Escalation to add R as a target of the blast, as well as add an additional 1d10 damage on any hit.

    +10 vs Fort
    P1: 24 hits for 29 (^) cold damage.
    S2: 23 hits for 45 (*)(^) cold damage, bloodying the swarm.
    R: 20 hits for 24 cold damage.

    * This includes the extra damage from vulnerability 10.
    ^ This includes the extra 1d6 damage from Malakai's Challenge-Seeking weapon property.

    The burst creates a zone that lasts until the start of Malakai's next turn. Any creature that enters the zone or ends its turn there takes 4 fire cold damage. A creature can take the damage from this zone only once per turn.

    AP Standard
    : Ignition, close burst 1 centered at O7, which targets S2, R, and P4.

    +10 vs Fort
    S2: 27 hits for 36 (*)() cold damage.
    R: 19 hits for 18 () cold damage, killing the rider and his mount!
    P4: 22 hits for 23 (^) cold damage.

    * This includes the extra damage from vulnerability 10.
    This includes the extra 2 damage vs bloodied enemies from Malakai's Crimson Determination.
    ^ This includes the extra 1d6 damag from Malakai's Challenge-Seeking weapon property.

    The burst creates a zone that lasts until the start of Malakai's next turn. Any creature that enters the zone or ends its turn there takes 4 fire cold damage. A creature can take the damage from this zone only once per turn.

    OOC: Summary:

    P1 takes 29 cold damage.
    S2 takes 81 cold damage and is bloodied. (81/89)
    R takes 42 cold damage and is killed.
    P4 takes 23 cold damage.

    Malakai's Stats

    Malakai - Tiefling Sorcerer (Elementalist) 4
    Passive Perception 12, Passive Insight 12
    AC 17, Fort 17, Reflex 13, Will 20
    HP 46/46, Bloodied 23, Surge Value 11, Surges 9/10
    Speed 6, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Elemental Bolt, Ignition
    Encounter Powers: Elemental Escalation (Fire) used 2 of 2 , Hellfire Heart, Shield of Flames
    Daily Powers: Diabolic Transformation, Black Wrath of Hell
    Item Powers: Chromatic Robe Power (Encounter)

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    OOC: I don't think it is necessary, but I would have used the Heroic Effort to make sure SoM's attack hit, so I'll consider it expended.

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    Block Neil1889

    Lilli stands her ground in the face of the Portal Key's clawing attack, her clothing suddenly shifting colours in a most distracting way. As the shadowy tendrils begin to disappear, Lilli doesn't take her eyes off her original target; the demon with the whip that just struck her friend Artemis down suddenly finds itself apparently whipped in turn by a glowing lash from the Gnomish wizard.

    Standard: Illusory Ambush at the Demon Herder.
    Total to Hit = 23, damage = 14.

    Illusory Ambush (At Will Standard Ranged 10 Arcane, Illusion, Implement, Psychic)
    Target: One creature
    Attack: +7 vs. Will
    Hit: 1d6+6 Psychic damage and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

    One of Lilli's feats will grant her combat advantage against this chap in her next turn.

    If it matters, Lilli doesn't provoke opportunity attacks as below.

    Shimmering Cloth Armour +1 (Property)
    Effect: +1 to AC. You do not provoke opportunity attacks when you make ranged or area attacks

    Some potential interrupt actions:

    If Lilli is hit by a foe and use of the Shield spell will make it the hit miss, she'll use this:

    Shield (Encounter Immediate Interrupt Personal Arcane, Force)
    Trigger: You are hit by an attack.
    Effect: You gain a +4 power bonus to AC and Reflex defense until the end of your next turn.

    If Lilli takes damage in this round from an attack that isn't from a swarm that makes her bloodied, she'll use:

    Fade Away (Encounter Immediate Reaction Personal Illusion (Racial Ability))
    Trigger: You take damage.
    Effect: You are invisible until you attack or until the end of your next turn.



    Female Gnome Illusionist Wizard, Level 5.
    Initiative: +2, Passive Perception: 13, Passive Insight: 18. Senses: Low-light vision.
    AC:18, Fort: 13, Reflex: 17, Will: 17.
    HP: 38/38, Bloodied: 19, Surge Value: 9, Surges left: 7/7
    Speed: 5 squares. Size: Small. Languages: Eladrin, Allarian, Draconic. Dwarven.
    Saving Throw Bonuses: +5 Racial bonus against illusions.
    Action Points: 1
    Fade Away
    Second Wind
    Ghost Sound
    Mage Hand
    Orb of Deception
    Use Vulnerability
    Illusory Ambush
    Nightmare Eruption
    Grasping Shadows - USED
    Horrid Whispers
    Maze of Mirrors
    Visions of Avarice [Visions of Avarice Secondary Attack]
    Majestic Word

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    The whip came out of nowhere, tangles his feet and takes the eldritch swordsman down in an messy heap. The tiefling's cold fire explodes right next to Artemis, the explosion blocking out all sounds for the moment.

    By the time Artemis climbs to his feet, the demon rider and his lizard lie dead.

    Artemis just grins, "I can see the path before us, the demons are done." With several broad strokes, he slices through the remaining maw demons, the radiant energy from each strike ends the demon next to it.


    Free: Dire Fate: Triggered by death of Rider. Gains a +1 to attacks TENT.

    Start: Take 5 damage.

    Movement: Stand

    Standard: Resplendent Blade vs. swarm: 1d20+13+1, 1d10+15 → ([18, 13, 1], [1, 15]) Roll. Hit AC 32 for 16 damage. That should kill the swarm. One enemy adjacent to swarm takes 3 radiant damage, so P1 takes 3 radiant damage.

    Atremis Harks- Male Human Hexblade 5
    Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16

    AC 21 (20): For: 16 Ref: 18 Will: 20
    Resist 5 cold

    HP: 24/42 Bloodied: 21 Surge value: 10 Surges/day: 8 Speed: 5 squares,
    Languages: Common, Primordial

    Action Point: 1

    Second Wind: unused

    Powers: Resplendent Blade, Eldritch Bolt, Dire Fate
    Wield the Warp 1 2, Heroic Effort, Spectral Fade
    Confusion of the Cosmos, Shard of Darkness, Inspiring Word, Frostwolf Pelt, Ironscar Rod, Lesser Planar Ally

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    Block dimsdale

    Lerrick shakes of the cold and focuses on the enemy closest to her. She closes her eyes and focuses on the demon in front of her. The mark on her forehead turns bright silver. Slowly she opens her eyes, now the same color as the mark, and pushes her hands forward. Wisps of silver circle the demon, now clearly annoyed by them.


    minor: bastion of health: Lerrick spends a HS for 13+4 =17 hp (bringing her to max)
    movement: none
    attack: astral seal 1d20+11 vs P2 reflex = hit

    P2 now has -2 to all defenses. The next ally who hits P2 before the end of Lerrick's next turn receives 5 temp hp.

    Lerrick's Statblock

    Lerrick- Female Half-Elf Cleric 6
    Status: None
    Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 18, Passive Insight: 23

    AC 21: Fort: 18 Ref: 17 Will: 23

    HP: 52/52 Bloodied: 26 Surge value: 13 Surges/day: 7/8 Speed: 5 squares,
    Languages: Common, Primordial

    Action Point: 1

    Second Wind: unused

    [ ]Astreal Seal
    [ ]Sacred Flame

    [ ]Channel Divinity: Favor of the Gods
    [ ]Channel Divinity: Healer's Mercy
    [ ]Knack for Success
    [ [Noble Presence
    [ ][ [Healing Word
    [ ]Hymn of Resurgence
    [x]Bastion of Health

    [ ]Life Transference
    [ ]Iron to Glass
    [ ]Moment of Glory
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