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    And Rob Liefeld is employed by DC right now so...
    I'm thinking you're totally out to lunch on this one. Find another form of foreplay that doesn't involve 3 hours of explanation and a pocket calculator.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwaxy View Post
    ...and the sorcerer chicks wears an annoying almost nothing in WINTER again. And the alternate cover looks like an ad for a magic whorehouse.
    You should see what DC comics have been doing with thier own characters of recent .

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    Unfortunately I did...
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    The art in this preview is pretty darn horrible. It's like some sort of flipper-baby offspring of Gene Colan and Edgar Ramos.

    I personally don't mind that level of gore since it goes along with the Dragon Age zeitgeist but I can't take ugly art. I would rather they went anime or any other direction than the one they took here.

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    Not entirely thrilled with the art style, but not exactly turned off either (I'll still take it over Rob L. ) I'll wait and see how the dialogue/narration holds up.

    The violence doesn't faze me in the slightest (I like my comics to be as graphic as the horror/mystery/dark, DARK fantasy that I read, and the games that I run as a kinda like early Cronenberg films mated with the exploits of Ed Gein, crossed with Cthulhu and Clive Barker creations). In fact, I'll go ahead and brand myself as a gore-hound and say, "Bring on the violence!". Sword and sorcery fiction should be rather grim and blood-spattered in my opinion.

    As for the female flesh quotient....meh, the sorceress in question has always been a walking, talking excuse for pulchritude, so while a part of me cringes just a bit, it's totally in character for Seoni (sp?). I grew up with french CBC late at night , so I'm used to an abundance of skin in my entertainment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy Bovine View Post
    Marvel employed Rob Leifield for years. I would have thought people living in glass houses wouldn't throw stones...
    Obviously he has pictures of someone important in a compromising position with farm animals.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShinHakkaider View Post
    And Rob Liefeld is employed by DC right now so...
    ... or pictures of several important comics people.
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    I wonder if these are going to be available electronically. I may want to check one out on the iPad.

    Although I do echo the other folks showing concern with the level of gore. I'm certainly not going to be able to share these with my kids, which is disappointing.
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    Not a fan of the interior art

    In the comic arena D&D clearly > Pathfinder
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    Ezren seems like an odd choice for party member when you already have Seoni.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgewood View Post
    What ever happened to having a working knowledge of human anatomy to draw comics? I recall when I placed submissions to Marvel and DC comics. They were almost tyrannical in their replies that I needed to improve my figure drawing and to display a working knowledge of human anatomy. Clearly, with this company, that's not the case.
    Please explain. I did not notice anything anatomically incorrect in the panel shown in this thread.
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